Sinovation, cofounded by the ex-head of Google China, nabs $50M from BBVA for its $500M AI fund

It’s not often that you hear many details about the limited partners that feed money into a venture capital fund, and even less so when it’s about Western money being channelled into Chinese VCs, but today comes news of how one of the more interesting funds out of China is shaping up,

Tumblr booted from App Store due to child porn

Tumblr’s app was booted out of the iOS App Store a few days ago due to an issue with child pornography getting its way past the app’s filtering technology, according to a report from CNET, which Tumblr then confirmed. The app’s disappearance was first spotted on November 16, 

500 Startups Vietnam grabs $14M to invest in local companies

Vietnam is one of the most rapidly-expanding tech ecosystems in Southeast Asia.

Amazon Echo devices can now make Skype calls

Video chat was always one of Echo Show and Spot’s biggest selling points. But until now, the products have been tethered to Amazon’s own software. This week, however, the company took another big step in its ongoing relationship with Microsoft by adding Skype calling to mix.

Elon Musk just renamed SpaceX’s Big F** Rocket

BFR, the monster rocket that will cost SpaceX roughly $5 billion to develop, has a new name. SpaceX CEO Elon Musk tweeted late Monday night that he has renamed the company’s largest (and yet to be built) BFR rocket to Starship. Or more precisely, the spaceship portion will be called Starship.

The WT2 in-ear translator arrives in January, with real-time feedback coming soon

Timekettle was eager to show us the progress it’s made on the WT2 since it first showed us its wearable translation device at TechCrunch Shenzhen, this time last year. Unlike their 3D printed state at last year’s event, the crowdfunded earpieces are now ready to ship.

Read the mud-slinging pitches Facebook’s PR firm sent us 

Facebook’s latest PR crisis has cast a lurid spotlight on a GOP-led publicity firm called Definers Public Affairs, after a New York Times investigation revealed last week the firm had sought to discredit Facebook critics by, in one instance,

Xiaomi gobbles up selfie phone brand Meitu as revenue jumps 49%

Xiaomi is diversifying into a new range of phones as the Chinese smartphone maker announced impressive growth with its latest financials. The company announced it will take over selfie app maker Meitu’s smartphone business to go after new demographics, particularly women,

Microsoft built its own custom Linux kernel for its new IoT service

At a small press event in San Francisco, Microsoft today announced the launch of a secure end-to-end IoT product that focuses on microcontroller-based devices — the kind of devices that use tiny and relatively low-powered microcontrollers (MCUs) for basic control or connectivity features.

Bird, Lime and Spin receive cease-and-desist letters from SF City Attorney

San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herrera has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bird, Lime and Spin for operating their shared electric scooter programs in San Francisco, the SF Examiner first reported. “We have just received it and we are reviewing it,

Elon Musk’s Boring Co. raises $113 million to chase a pipe dream

Elon Musk’s tunneling startup The Boring Company has raised $113 million to fund its vision of the near/distant future of transportation, according to newly-filed SEC docs first spotted by CNBC. The startup, which is centered around the goal of creating underground tunnels,






C++中的名字重整技术 - lizhenghn

C++ 一直为人诟病之一的原因是他的二进制模块兼容性不好,即ABI(Application Binary Interface)问题。对于同一源代码,不同编译器,甚至同一编译器不同版本都不兼容,其编译出来的ABI不能相互使用。


首先来回答搂主正文中的问题。答案是:不明,视情况而定。 如果这个具有线束保护功能的垫片是在设计中未被考虑进去的,那么,应该是工程设计开发的责任。


第一张图:百度指数         百度指数是指“iPhone”这个关键词在百度的搜索规模有多大,一段时间内的涨跌态势以及相关的新闻舆论变化。趋势很明显吧。  



React Native:Facebook出品,可用JavaScript开发移动原生应用

近日,在React.js 2015年大会上,Facebook公布了即将开源的React Native,它基于开源框架React.js,并可用来开发iOS和Android原生应用。目前,Facebook已经将React Native投入到了实际生产环境中,并开发出了基于iOS平台的聊天工具Groups。

Jawbone与American Express携手,打造手环支付功能

近日华尔街日报透露Jawbone与American Express已经达成合作,未来在特定商户支持手环支付。此前Jawbone和竞争对手Fitbit的手环均只支持检测卡路里消耗、走路距离和其他物理活动数据。

Is Windows Phone one of Satya Nadella's "tough choices"?

Today, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella emailed the troops as the company comes to the end of the fiscal year, revealing that "Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more" is the new official mission statement, and going on to lay out a worldview,

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