Application breaches jump 50pc as DevOps security bites

Massive data breaches serve as catalyst for DevSecOps investments.

Are marketing clouds finally ready to get social media right?

Software leaders are once again tipping their toes into social media but this time they're being considerably more cautious.

We must take data more seriously to deliver greater productivity

It's high time businesses and consumers realise the value of data.

SMEs look to RPA to improve GDPR compliance and staff productivity

It seems that many SMBs are already unlocking the power of RPA to improve efficiency, allowing them to use their best asset - their employees – to focus on and undertake more transformative activities.

Data: transforming the energy sector and generating customer loyalty through AI

AI and data analytics can provide energy service providers with greater insight into the wants and needs of their customers.

NHS to get £500m tech investment

Health secretary Matt Hancock stresses need for digital transformation in healthcare.

Too human? Keeping the personal touch in customer contact

Through automation and AI, contact centres can deliver even greater personalisation while reducing strain on employees.

Technology doesn’t mean you can forget the basics of customer service

There is no excuse to forget the basic rules of customer service; technology can be used to enhance this – not replace. So, what are these rules - and how can businesses get them right?

Symantec boosts online threat detection

Symantec leverages AI to identify truly targeted attacks.

Machine learning: why experience beats rules for producing better ads

Reinforcement learning can provide marketers with the adaptable decision-making needed to deliver the best ads.

UK would consider cyber-attack on Russia

Russia's recent cyber campaigns have gained the attention of the UK and Germany.

LG Promotes G Flex With a Totally Bizarre Video Ad

LG's first curved phone, the G Flex, is out, and the company wants you to know it's the "most human phone ever." Apparently, the best way to do that is with a very odd ad, with facial hair and other body parts making an appearance in unsuspected placesLet's get something straight:



Forrester Research:预计2020年全球公有云市场规模达到1910亿美元

Forrester强调,Amazon Web Services是去年的关键领导者。不过,可能是由于最近大幅降价所点燃的新一轮大战,分析指出这个市场的竞争正日益激烈——特别是来自于“传统IT合作伙伴”,例如IBM、惠普和微软。

消息称Surface Mini已投产 只是发布延期

在本周的Surface发布活动中,最大的失望就是微软竟没有发布Surface Mini,毕竟有很多关于该设备的传言和泄露曝光。曾几何时Surface Mini的发布几乎已成定论。难道是这些消息源和业内人士全都错了吗?事实可能不是这样。



Xiaomi’s New MIUI 6 Won’t Help It Fend Off Copycat Accusations

Xiaomi has released the latest version of its operating system, MIUI 6. With an design that features iOS 7-like flat icons and gradient rainbow colors, the Android UI won’t help Xiaomi ward off accusations that it copies hardware and software designs from Apple and other competitors.

小米 Note 官方圖集

小米 Note 剛剛發表,在欣賞其他官方圖片前,unwire 讀者們幫忙投個票:你會否考慮購入 ?還是不買呢? …The post 小米 Note 官方圖集 appeared first on UNWIRE.HK 流動科技生活.

惠普对Autonomy前CEO提起诉讼 后者将发起反击

据路透社报道,英国IT企业家麦克·林奇(Mike Lynch)于周二表示,其将对惠普的诉讼发起反击。就在一天前,惠普对林奇及其以前的同事苏硕文·侯赛因(Sushovan Hussain)提出51亿美元的索赔。

New Firefox mixes private browsing with tracking protection

Nearly every modern browser offers some variant of browsing that does not leave traces on your computer. Now, Firefox took that concept a step further,

Obama visits American mosque for first time as president

As the 2016 presidential race has worn on, voters have heard some Republican candidates become increasingly explicit in their anti-Muslim rhetoricIt seems President Barack Obama has also been listeningSee also: Why George W.

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