Application breaches jump 50pc as DevOps security bites

Massive data breaches serve as catalyst for DevSecOps investments.

Oracle slammed for underpaying women and minorities

Company alledgedly saved $400 million by paying women and people of colour less.

UK schools unequipped to teach a digital future

Teachers believe technology helps with learning, but many don't feel confident using it

McAfee finds entirely new ransomware strain

Anatova is asking for DASH.

Over half of PC software is out-of-date

In many cases, the operating system itself is outdated.

Universities lead the way in public sector cloud adoption

Educational institutions are enjoying the scalability and agility cloud provides.

2018 hacks indicate importance of threat detection

Companies continue to fail to detect anomalous network activity, but it’s not often this kind of activity has been going on for so long without being flagged.

Why a ‘single-pane’ work experience is critical for enterprise success

Less is more when it comes to employee engagement, which is why businesses should consider implementing strategies that pull disparate systems into one destination.

Symantec boosts online threat detection

Symantec leverages AI to identify truly targeted attacks.

Machine learning: why experience beats rules for producing better ads

Reinforcement learning can provide marketers with the adaptable decision-making needed to deliver the best ads.

UK would consider cyber-attack on Russia

Russia's recent cyber campaigns have gained the attention of the UK and Germany.

Man, look how crazy close Blue Angels fighter jets fly together

Absurd. Like seriously. Look at this fleet of Blue Angels fighter jet planes fly in a perfect pattern in a practice session. The flight pattern they were practicing, I'm assuming here,



Making Hot Air Bread Balloons With An Industrial-Strength Blower

Here is the most fun way to make bread: Prepare a massive pile of dough, brightly colored with natural dyes; cut off a small section and flatten it out; place that pizza-like sheet on top of an industrial-strength blower and watch it inflate into a toasty, instantly edible balloon. Read more...

加班不给钱 LinkedIn挨罚600万美元




Facebook 才是 HERE 地图的用武之地?

对关心诺基亚的人们来说,此前一个颇为遗憾的消息是,由于资金问题,曾被认为是诺基亚最具前景的业务 HERE 地图正在寻求出售。


一篇成功文章的开头皆需寒暄几句:大约一个半月以前,ME Workshop知名逗比马丁· 胃发表了一篇关于QC+Origami 动效设计的文章,引来无数...


北京时间 2 月 27 日早间消息,估值 45 亿美元的人力资源创业公司 Zenefits 正陷入危机。该公司周五宣布,销售和招聘部门已裁员约 250 人,占员工总数的约 17%。  在 CEO 及创始人帕克康拉德(Parker Conrad)被 ... ...

完成众筹不等于最终成功:5 年前的爆款众筹产品今何在?

福特汽车公司的发言人 William J. Cameron 曾经说过,「有钱不会带来创意,有了创意才能赚钱。」这句话用来形容众筹是再合适不过了。当一个项目在众筹平台上筹到了钱之后会如何?网上众筹出来的产品能满足用户现实的需求吗?或者它们只是一些看似充满创意创新却华而不实的玩意,不过是为了得到资金而提出的一次性解决方案?鉴于在 Kickstarter 众筹平台上项目完不成融资目标的项目仅有 9%,那么提出这个问题就很有意义了,哪些筹资成功的项目到底是不是在浪费钱财?

1985 Newspaper spookily predicts prices of everyday items in year 2000

Few things about the future captivate us like tech innovations, potential historical events and, especially, supermarket prices.Redditor LDM312 found an old, San Francisco Bay Area newspaper from 1985 that predicted what the prices of common, everyday items would be in the year 2000,

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