Facebook acquires LiveRail to boost video ad revenue

The social media giant has purchased the tech startup in an undisclosed deal, as the company looks to reinforce its online advertising portfolio. Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/03/facebook-acquires-liverail-boost-video-ad-revenue/

相关内容: more Facebook million will their marketers year ha

AgTech Is The New Queen Of Green

Before Monsanto acquired Climate Corporation in late 2013 for nearly $1 billion, few investors gave much thought to technological innovation in our agriculture system. What a difference a year can make. In what can be described as the Netscape moment for agriculture technology (AgTech),

Instagram Is Ready To Print Money With New Marketing Partner Program

Reflected in our glazed-over eyes, pretty images dance with ads in between. If that sounds like television, you’ll understand why marketers are so excited about Instagram’s coming of age. Two years after Instagram first introduced ads,

The New Dynamics Of Unicorn Startup Acquisitions

The rumors of a possible $3.2 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics by Apple spread far and wide last week, and rightfully so.

$30M Later, Struggling JavaScript Platform Famo.us Pivots

Famo.us’ 15 minutes of open source fame have come to an end. JavaScript rendering engine Famo.us has pivoted out of its hardcore open sourced engineering platform which had raised over $31 million.

Social Network Tsu Is Hacking The App Store’s Pay-Per-Download Rules

A newer, much-debated social network called Tsu has launched a workaround to Apple’s longtime ban on “incentivized” app installs (aka pay-per-installs). Technically, users are being rewarded for creating content on Tsu and inviting others to join,

New Startup Construct Tackles One Of Brazil’s Most Inefficient Industries

Construct co-founders Drew Beaurline and Patrick Albert are taking on one of the nation’s most corrupt and bureaucratic industries – possibly a job only twenty-something foreigners with no particular background in construction would be naïve enough to attempt. Read More

31 Flavors of Bullshit: Your Horror Stories of Working At a Startup

We asked for your nightmare tales of startup employment. Did you ever deliver—sending narratives of woe, scams, drugs, psychotic managers, drinking at your desk and more hookers than a venture capitalist could handle. Read more...

The Antiviral Guide to the Worst Hoaxers and Liars on Facebook

Our friends over at Gawker's Antiviral are calling bullshit on the flood of lies and fakery on Facebook. Part one: "satire" news sites. Check it:Read more...

The Deadly Legacy of HIV Truthers

AIDS was a terrifying mystery, and then we solved it. When researchers identified the human immunodeficiency virus as the reason why young, previously healthy people were developing rare cancers and wasting away, it was a triumph of medical science.Read more...

11 Reasons Email Is the Worst

Email is one of those things that's just a part of your life, period. Most of us know someone who has closed their Facebook account or refused to join in the first place in a little foot-stomping stand by their ego,

Putting security and performance on a level playing field

Is a compromised user worse than a non-productive user?

Setting DevSecOps free with pervasive visibility

The demands of facilitating a secure continuous service delivery pipeline can often mean that DevSecOps is required to build, test, integrate and deploy several new releases a day.

Citizen developers: The future of automation in the workplace

Agile is now a recognised practice of iterative small improvement across the business. Think of the possibilities if automation could be applied across other parts of businesses.

Europe making good progress on open data

However more work still needs to be done, report claims.

Microsoft could face major EU GDPR fine

Report claims Microsoft has secretly been collecting EU user data on usage of Office products.

SE Asia set for major internet explosion

Internet economy in Southeast Asia will hit $240 billion by 2025, Google report claims.

Black Friday security alert as hackers spoof popular brands

Shoppers need to be extra careful during the holiday season, report warns.

Project Ara: Google reveals the first hundred beta testers, and five are from the UK

Those who were the most avid testers with the DScout app have been picked out by Google to receive one of the phones.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/03/project-ara-google-reveals-the-first-hundred-beta-testers-and-five-are-from-the-uk/

5 tips for maintaining the corporate network during World Cup 2014

There are a number of easy ways to deal with the issue while remaining flexible and allowing the workforce to stay connected to their favourite event. Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/03/5-tips-for-maintaining-the-corporate-network-during-world-cup-2014/

Application intelligence: THE driving force in network visibility

The ability to monitor application flows based on application type provides the insight that is desperately required to get more visibility into what is happening on networks.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/07/03/application-intelligence-the-driving-force-in-network-visibility/

html5.js 通过扩展js的prototype 让不支持html5的浏览器支持html5函数 (持续新增) - kkdashu


Why Does Google Want to Deliver Dog Food in Rural Australia?

Google made waves on Thursday by revealing its secret project to deliver dog food to areas of rural Australia via dronesBut why would Google, a company that has worked on projects like driverless cars, personal jet packs and a space elevator,

Battle of the Status: If Facebook Were More Like 'Street Fighter'

That humblebrag Facebook status isn't just annoying — it's a sonic boom to your News Feed.Director Dennis Liu and comedians from Upright Citizens Brigade imagine how brutal Facebook would be if it were more like the game, Street Fighter. Watch the video, above,

New Tesla D Features Revealed Before Announcement Kicks Off

Elon Musk has yet to kick off the Tesla event in Los Angeles to unveil new features for the Model S electric sedan, but details have already leaked online.The all-wheel drive versions of the Model S is set to have a maximum driving range of 275 miles, 10 miles more than their rear-drive vehicles,



[图]挪威政府将启用新护照 紫外线下可见北极光


CES 2015:聯想展出E-ink穿戴式裝置Vibe Band VB10




Jolla 再一次承诺,他们不会像 Android 一样售卖用户资料

Jolla 的特殊背景让他们在甫于 Indiegogo 上出现就大获成功,而集资的主角 Jolla Tablet 也有现身 MWC 上。这次 Jolla 的主要目的并不在推出新装置,而是主打预载在新平版上的 Sailfish OS 2.0。

John Oliver wants to remind you that voting rights are still a work in progress

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver dove into the twisted web of United States voting rights — specifically, the fact that American citizens in U.S. island territories still don't have the right to vote"Deep down,

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