Where have all the pilots gone?

You’d think everybody would want to fly. It’s been a universal human dream since the first cave person saw the first pterodactyl¹. You’d think better technology, greater demand, economic growth, and population growth would mean more and more pilots. But the surprising,

War Robots Don't Have Minds of Their Own 

War, as structured state-sponsored fighting and dying, has given rise to venerated professions to manage its risks and bound its ethical dilemmas. The nature of those professions, and the meaning of their experiences, changes when the human body is no longer present in the fight,

Interviews: James Cameron and John Bruno Answer Your Questions

Last week you had the chance to pose questions to James Cameron and director John Bruno about their film, Deepsea Challenge 3D. We included some of those questions when we sat down with them to talk about the submersible and the movie. Below you'll find that conversation.

The First Commercially Available Car Navigation System Was From 1981

The Global Positioning System constellation of satellites has been helping lost travelers find their way for a while now, but they only really started showing up in cars in the mid- to late- 1990s, and in big numbers even later than that.

10 Rules Successful Startups Should Follow

Having launched over 35 startups in our decade of operation, we’ve been fortunate to be involved with our share of ‘unicorns’ (Palo Alto Networks, Nimble Storage) and really nice white stallions (Sumo Logic, Trifacta and Snowflake Computing).

Alligator fat can be made into biodiesel (and, yes, they have a lot of fat).

Alligator fat can be made into biodiesel (and, yes, they have a lot of fat). Extreme cavers descend into the dark and dangerous depths of Earth's deepest cave. And we tour the original, long-lost SeaWorld that never was. It's time for the week's Landscape Reads! Read more...

How To Win In A Dogfight: Stories From A Pilot Who Flew F-16s And MiGs

Lt. Col. Fred "Spanky" Clifton is one of the most experienced aggressor pilots ever, having flown the F-15, F-5, F-16 and the notorious MiG-29. He's been in dogfights with pretty much every fighter out there and he's an instructor at the prestigious Fighter Weapons School.

Confessions Of A US Navy Blue Angel

They are one of the most iconic performance groups in existence, amazing millions yearly. Their shows feature seemingly super-human levels of precision. Now, one of them is going to tell you what it's like to don the blue flight suit as part of the elite of the elite,

With $2.5M In Seed Funding, Digit Saves Money For You So You Don’t Have To Think About It

The concept behind Digit is pretty simple: You create an account, give Digit access to your online banking account credentials, and over time the company gradually transfers funds from your checking account and into a non-interest bearing but FDIC-insured Digit savings account. Read More

'Better Call Saul' Episode 2 Recap: Break a leg ... or two

LOS ANGELES — The second part of Better Call Saul’s two-night series premiere on AMC picks up where the pilot episode left off — in the home of Tuco’s Abuelita, who remains wholly naïve to her grandson’s psychotic ways. As an Abuelita does.Tuco, homely apron and all,

The 'Radio Network of Things' Can Cut Electric Bills (Video)

We all love 'The Internet of Things.' Now imagine appliances, such as your refrigerator and hot water heater, getting radio messages from the power grid telling them when they should turn on and off to get the best electricity prices. Now kick that up to the electric company level,

E-moto startup Alta Motors reportedly powers down

Brisbane, California based e-motorcycle startup Alta Motors has ceased operations, TechCrunch has confirmed.  Earlier today Asphalt and Rubber — and several subsequent outlets — reported the company stopped operating this morning, fired its staff, and may be looking for a buyer.

The space pen became the space pen 50 years ago

Everyone knows about the space pen. NASA spent millions on R&D to create the ultimate pen that would work in zero gravity and the result was this incredible machine. Well, no.

Knotch launches Blueprint to help marketers find the best publishers of sponsored content

When I last wrote about Knotch, the company had just patented its color-based feedback system that helps advertisers measure the effectiveness of their sponsored content. Since then, it’s added a competitive intelligence product and now Blueprint,

Amazon says it will add 1,000 more employees in the UK, bringing the total to 28,500, bucking the Br

A lot of uncertainty hangs over the UK as continues its slow march out of the European Union, but today one of the world’s biggest companies announced plans to expand its presence in the country. Amazon today said it would add another 1,000 workers in the UK,

Disruptive technology and organized religion

At a recent Vatican-sponsored conference, I learned that disruptive technology and organized religion have more in common than not.

6D.ai opens up its beta

After wrestling with the development of a technology that would create a three dimensional map of the physical world for over a decade, the team at 6D.ai is finally ready to open up its toolkit to developers that the company says has done exactly that.

MoviePass is under investigation for securities fraud in New York state

More bad news for MoviePass . At the direction of New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood, MoviePass parent company Helios and Matheson is now the subject of a fraud probe in New York state. “We’ve launched a securities fraud investigation into ⁦@MoviePass⁩’ parent company,

Pivotal CEO talks IPO and balancing life in Dell family of companies

Pivotal has kind of a strange role for a company. On one hand its part of the EMC federation companies that Dell acquired in 2016 for a cool $67 billion, but it’s also an independently operated entity within that broader Dell family of companies — and that has to be a fine line to walk. […]

BigID lands in the right place at the right time with GDPR

Every startup needs a little skill and a little luck. BigID, a NYC-based data governance solution has been blessed with both. The company, which helps customers identify sensitive data in big data stores, launched at just about the same time that the EU announced the GDPR data privacy regulations.

In the NYC enterprise startup scene, security is job one

While most people probably would not think of New York as a hotbed for enterprise startups of any kind, it is actually quite active. When you stop to consider that the world’s biggest banks and financial services companies are located there,


etcd是一个高可用的键值存储系统,主要用于共享配置和服务发现。etcd是由CoreOS开发并维护的,灵感来自于 ZooKeeper 和 Doozer,它使用Go语言编写,并通过Raft一致性算法处理日志复制以保证强一致性。

Mac 機行 Windows 必用 - Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac 正式開售

想在 Mac 機上運行 Windows 或 Linux 嗎?Parallels Desktop 這個虛擬化軟件或者可以幫到大家手。而今日官方更正式推出最新的 Parallels Desktop 10 for Mac,現時已於官網有售。



【Soundmatters】foxL Dash 7迷你藍牙喇叭讓你打造最小的HiFi家庭劇院


[WinForm] DataGridView绑定DataTable,ComboBox列绑定Dictionary - Memento

一 需求介绍 一般像枚举类型的数据,我们在数据库里存储着诸如(1、2、3、4…)或者(“001”、“002”、“003”…)此类,但是界面上我们想要显示的是具体的文本内容,以便用户理解使用。


美国科技网站The Verge今天撰文称,虽然16GB存储内存的手机显得有些捉襟见肘,但如果能充分利用各种云计算服务,依然不会因为存储空间有限而导致实用性下降。


作为支撑百亿级数据量业务的基础服务,京东云数据库在可用性及高性能方面有极高的要求。本期我们的采访嘉宾是京东资深架构师张成远,本文根据采访整理而成。 By 龙永昕


编者按:本文作者为 Peter Rizun,首发于 Coindesk。Peter R Rizun 博士是 Ledger 的执行总编,这是首个致力于比特币和加密货币研究的同行评议学术期刊,Ledger 创刊的提交截止日期为2015年12月31日。本文译者为巴比特资讯(微信号:bitcoin8btc)。 四年前,Reuben Grinberg发表了第一篇关于比特币的学术文章,“比特币:一种创新的替代数字货币,” 该论文发表于2011年发行的黑斯廷斯科技与法律期刊。 此后,比特币研究的步伐开始加速,它也迎来了自己的同行评议期刊:Ledger。

Nikon 新旗舰 D5 发布!搭载 20.8MP 感光元件、感度突破三百万...

传统相机厂的最新 DSLR 旗舰 Nikon D5,在逛完了橱窗之后已经回到了它原本该登上的新品发布舞台 -- 乖乖跟着前代 D4s 一样在 CES 舞台上登场。不意外地,新一代的 D5 依然强调着旗舰级的拍摄速度与精确性,并带来 153 点的高精确对焦点,其涵盖范围比起以往更大,而借由 Expeed 5 影像处理器的威力,更是让连拍速度来到了 12fps(追踪对焦)与 14fps(对焦锁定)。接着来到了真正令人掉下巴的规格部分了,相对于以往一直龟步在 16MP 以下的分辨率,这次 Niko...

Amber Rose aces her response to Kanye West diss; Internet freaks out accordingly

Muva has arrivedAmber Rose hopped onto Twitter Wednesday to respond to Kanye West's screed against Wiz Khalifa, her ex-husband and father of her son Sebastian. West went on a spree insulting the rapper and invoking Rose,

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