Where have all the pilots gone?

You’d think everybody would want to fly. It’s been a universal human dream since the first cave person saw the first pterodactyl¹. You’d think better technology, greater demand, economic growth, and population growth would mean more and more pilots. But the surprising,

War Robots Don't Have Minds of Their Own 

War, as structured state-sponsored fighting and dying, has given rise to venerated professions to manage its risks and bound its ethical dilemmas. The nature of those professions, and the meaning of their experiences, changes when the human body is no longer present in the fight,

Interviews: James Cameron and John Bruno Answer Your Questions

Last week you had the chance to pose questions to James Cameron and director John Bruno about their film, Deepsea Challenge 3D. We included some of those questions when we sat down with them to talk about the submersible and the movie. Below you'll find that conversation.

The First Commercially Available Car Navigation System Was From 1981

The Global Positioning System constellation of satellites has been helping lost travelers find their way for a while now, but they only really started showing up in cars in the mid- to late- 1990s, and in big numbers even later than that.

10 Rules Successful Startups Should Follow

Having launched over 35 startups in our decade of operation, we’ve been fortunate to be involved with our share of ‘unicorns’ (Palo Alto Networks, Nimble Storage) and really nice white stallions (Sumo Logic, Trifacta and Snowflake Computing).

Alligator fat can be made into biodiesel (and, yes, they have a lot of fat).

Alligator fat can be made into biodiesel (and, yes, they have a lot of fat). Extreme cavers descend into the dark and dangerous depths of Earth's deepest cave. And we tour the original, long-lost SeaWorld that never was. It's time for the week's Landscape Reads! Read more...

How To Win In A Dogfight: Stories From A Pilot Who Flew F-16s And MiGs

Lt. Col. Fred "Spanky" Clifton is one of the most experienced aggressor pilots ever, having flown the F-15, F-5, F-16 and the notorious MiG-29. He's been in dogfights with pretty much every fighter out there and he's an instructor at the prestigious Fighter Weapons School.

Confessions Of A US Navy Blue Angel

They are one of the most iconic performance groups in existence, amazing millions yearly. Their shows feature seemingly super-human levels of precision. Now, one of them is going to tell you what it's like to don the blue flight suit as part of the elite of the elite,

With $2.5M In Seed Funding, Digit Saves Money For You So You Don’t Have To Think About It

The concept behind Digit is pretty simple: You create an account, give Digit access to your online banking account credentials, and over time the company gradually transfers funds from your checking account and into a non-interest bearing but FDIC-insured Digit savings account. Read More

'Better Call Saul' Episode 2 Recap: Break a leg ... or two

LOS ANGELES — The second part of Better Call Saul’s two-night series premiere on AMC picks up where the pilot episode left off — in the home of Tuco’s Abuelita, who remains wholly naïve to her grandson’s psychotic ways. As an Abuelita does.Tuco, homely apron and all,

The 'Radio Network of Things' Can Cut Electric Bills (Video)

We all love 'The Internet of Things.' Now imagine appliances, such as your refrigerator and hot water heater, getting radio messages from the power grid telling them when they should turn on and off to get the best electricity prices. Now kick that up to the electric company level,

After raising $125M, Munchery fails to deliver

On-demand food delivery startup Munchery is shutting down, the startup announced in an e-mail to customers on Monday.

Original Content podcast: We conquer clutter with Marie Kondo’s new show

On the surface, “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” sounds like a simple show: Over the course of eight episodes, organizing guru Marie Kondo helps a variety Los Angeles residents sort through their belongings and clean up their homes. But for some,

Politiscope, an app to track Congressional voting records and bills, launches on android devices

Last September, two former National Football League players launched an app called Politiscope to track the voting records of members of Congress and the bills that they were introducing — and provide non-partisan information about what those bills and votes would mean to voters.

Roger Dickey ditches $32M-funded Gigster to start Untitled Labs

Most founders don’t walk away from their startup after raising $32 million and reaching 1000 clients. But Roger Dickey’s heart is in consumer tech, and his company Gigster had pivoted to doing outsourced app development for enterprises instead of scrappy entrepreneurs.

Youth-run agency AIESEC exposed over 4 million intern applications

AIESEC, a non-profit that bills itself as the “world’s largest youth-run organization,” exposed more than four million intern applications with personal and sensitive information on a server without a password. Bob Diachenko, an independent security researcher,

Shodan Safari, where hackers heckle the worst devices put on the internet

If you leave something on the internet long enough, someone will hack it. The reality is that many device manufacturers make it far too easy by using default passwords that are widely documented, allowing anyone to log in as “admin” and snoop around. Often, there’s no password at all.

Samsung could release three variants of the Galaxy S10

According to a leaked image from Evan Blass, Samsung’s new flagship device could come in three different versions — the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the Samsung Galaxy S10E. That new leak lines up with previous leaks. As you can see on the photo,

Pivotal CEO talks IPO and balancing life in Dell family of companies

Pivotal has kind of a strange role for a company. On one hand its part of the EMC federation companies that Dell acquired in 2016 for a cool $67 billion, but it’s also an independently operated entity within that broader Dell family of companies — and that has to be a fine line to walk. […]

BigID lands in the right place at the right time with GDPR

Every startup needs a little skill and a little luck. BigID, a NYC-based data governance solution has been blessed with both. The company, which helps customers identify sensitive data in big data stores, launched at just about the same time that the EU announced the GDPR data privacy regulations.

In the NYC enterprise startup scene, security is job one

While most people probably would not think of New York as a hotbed for enterprise startups of any kind, it is actually quite active. When you stop to consider that the world’s biggest banks and financial services companies are located there,





5 things the GOP wants to do now that they control Congress

Republican lawmakers will control the House of Representatives and the Senate starting Tuesday,


北京和上海2015年2月4日电 /美通社/ -- 2月4日,中国领先的在线休闲旅游公司途牛旅游网(NASDAQ:TOUR)宣布正式推出“牛对兑”服务,成为业内首个推出线上外币兑换服务的在线旅游公司。

What happens when you play table tennis every day for a year

Anyone can become an expert in table tennis in one year.At least that's what Sam Larcombe, a ranked table tennis player and coach, believes. To prove it, he took novice table tennis player, Sam Priestley, and challenged him to get ranked in England's top 250 best players by the end of 2014.

「髮型師在 HK 原來稱不上專業人士」- 日本頂級 Salon Stylist 來港儲 7 位開舖辛酸背後

置身在一個買樓成了夢想的城市,「夢想」變得這麼近、那麼遠﹘近得可以用金錢去量化; 遠得我們也許忘卻了其實可以擁有更偉大的夢與想。2 8歲的針原步,卻偏偏選擇在這個荒謬的城市,作為實踐夢想的第一步。

AppRaisin gets comments, transparent Live Tile and full interaction in App News history

AppRaisin is a Windows community-based app that chooses which new apps and games need to be noticed, and the app was recently updated with a transparent Live Tile, comments, and other features and fixes.The post AppRaisin gets comments,


工具学习总是伴随着痛苦和煎熬的,因为学习本身就伴随着巨大的孤独感,“哎呀这个效果怎么出不来?”,“我明明已经把 ...


赫斯特集团,被称作是全球 “最大的多元化媒体及信息集团之一”。如果以创始人威廉·兰道夫·赫斯特的名字第一次以所有者的名义登上《旧金山考察家》报的时间,也就是1887年3月4日来算,这一以报纸发家的巨头已经拥有128年的历史。然而,时间倒是没有带来”意料中”的衰退,在不少传统媒体都在大呼日子不好过的当下,这一集团的媒体部门却似乎得以幸免于难。事实上,据美国网站 WWD 报道,赫斯特报纸业务已连续盈利四年,同时美国市场的杂志业务也连续第二年实现盈利,广播电视部门销售收入创下纪录,旗下时尚杂志《Harper’s Bazaar》更是于2015年创下了盈利新纪录。

未经允许 微软自动为用户安排Win 10升级?

早在 2015 年中期,微软为所有在官网预订了 Windows 10 系统免费升级的用户,提供了一个“获取 Windows 10”的应用,该功能主要没有升级到 Windows 10 的用户,提供一系列的升级指导,包括扫描整台电脑的兼容性问题,并为用户下载 Windows 10 预安装程序,以及指引用户如何一步一步的升级到 Windows 10 等等。  但是,过了一段时间之后,“获取 Windows 10”应用成为骚扰用户的工具,因为该工具在未经用户允许或不知情的情况下,竟然贸然升级 Windows 10 操作系统。对于那些希望坚持使用 Windows 7 或者 Windows 8.

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