So you cleaned out your closet. Now what?

This post is part of Mashable's Spring Cleaning Week. Just a little something to distract you from the eternal dread of constantly wiping all those fingerprints off your screen. Congratulations! If you're reading this,

To Clean Up Your Startup’s B.S., Bring Sales into the Leadership Team

The “coin operated idiots” mindset toward sales is a mistake for a number of reasons… An outstanding and involved sales force can often make or break a company. Read More

Happiness Is These Futuristic Washing Machines

Washing machines aren't sexy until you have to choose between two hours or 20 bucks to get your underwear clean. After nearly a decade of that racket, I'm not ashamed to admit I lust for laundry unit of my very own. As it turns out, science is hard at work helping my mundane wet dream come true.

#Love: Unfollowing Exes

One month ago, I got dumped. It was the third in a series of failed, long-term relationships over the past five years. All relationships end differently. Some exes stay friends, or fail to stay friends, or continue hooking up, or cut each other out entirely.

Coding Sucks: Why a Job in Programming Is Absolute Hell

Every friend I have with a job that involves picking up something heavier than a laptop more than twice a week eventually finds a way to slip something like this into conversation: "Bro, you don't work hard. I just worked a 4700-hour week digging a tunnel under Mordor with a screwdriver."Read more.

How to smoothly migrate from Windows Server 2003: 12 best practices outlined

We’ve got a heap of good advice straight from the trenches when it comes to the reality of migrating from Windows Server 2003, an OS which is now on death row.Read more:

More Nightmare Stories of Your Worst IT Jobs Ever

After we published reader IT job horror stories , we received more than a 1000 comments, and you kicked it up to a whole other level. From finding porn on church systems to working IT in actual warzones, you’ve been to computerized hell and back. Read more...

#Love: My ‘Friends’ Don’t ‘Like’ Me

Kim Stolz is the author of a new book called Unfriending My Ex: And Other Things I’ll Never Do, which focuses on social media’s influence on our personal relationships.

Y Combinator Demo Day Winter 2014, Batch 2 – The Dating Ring, Unbabel, Pushbullet, AirHelp, And More

Today's Y Combinator Demo Day started a little differently. Co-founder Jessica Livingston presented YC's former leader and her husband Paul Graham with a pair of his own shorts signed by all of this batch's companies to commemorate Graham passing the torch on to new YC president Sam Altman.

9 Facts About Computer Security That Experts Wish You Knew

Every day, you hear about security flaws, viruses, and evil hacker gangs that could leave you destitute — or, worse, bring your country to its knees. But what's the truth about these digital dangers? We asked computer security experts to separate the myths from the facts. Here's what they said.

An Easy, Affordable, Effective Guide To Preparing For A Disaster

Emergency preparedness tends to get creepily paranoid. Here's some basic advice for everyone. It won't protect you from zombies, but it will keep you comfortable, warm and safe. Read more...

'Ibiza' is the perfect movie to kickstart your summer

A few years ago, every movie studio wanted the next Bridesmaids. Last year they chased the success of Rough Night and Girls Trip. Netflix's Ibiza will be compared to all three, but it also reveals the secret: There will never be enough of these movies.Directed by Alex Richanbach,

It doesn't have to be assault to be bad, Morgan Freeman

Recently, celebrities accused of sexual misconduct have started to issue a new kind of defense: at least they didn't commit sexual assault.Morgan Freeman adopted that reasoning for his second apology this weekend, after eight women accused him of sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior,

Lo-fi video game about New York City's subway woes spells out a fix

Did Elon Musk secretly make this video game?A simple, new browser game from called MTA Country (from Everyday Arcade) offers a very pro-business solution for fixing New York City's beleaguered subway system: Hand its management over to private interests.SEE ALSO:

Jeff Bezos personally announced that Amazon saved 'The Expanse' and the crowd went wild

Another day, another streaming service swooping in to rescue a TV series that couldn't cut it on cable.For weeks, fans of Syfy's The Expanse have been held in suspense over the show's abrupt cancellation and subsequent hints of a pickup, a la Brooklyn Nine-Nine. That suspense is now at an end,

'Sesame Street' producer sues movie featuring violent, ejaculating puppets

As far as most of us are concerned, Sesame Streetpuppets don't have bodily fluids like blood and semen. They are made of felt and giant hugs. And the show's producers are willing to take legal action to defend that position.The Happytime Murders, which carries the tagline "NO SESAME, ALL STREET,

Thanks to historic turnout, Ireland votes to end abortion ban

Ireland, once seen as one of the most socially conservative countries in Western Europe, is poised to end its highly restrictive abortion ban.The decision came after a historic vote, in which a landslide majority of the country voted to repeal the country's Eighth amendment,

Han Solo's lucky dice still don't mean a damn thing after 'Solo'

There are light spoilers ahead for both Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Solo: A Star Wars Story. Proceed with caution if you haven't seen them yet.Disney, please stop trying to make Han Solo's lucky gold dice a thing.

Apple will replace batteries on some MacBook Pros

Apple is again saying it will replace batteries on some of its devices. This time, though, the issue isn't an iPhone — it's a MacBook. Specifically, 13-inch non-Touch Bar MacBook Pros, which Apple says could have a defect that causes the battery to "expand."SEE ALSO:

Gmail accounts appear to send out spam, and their owners are baffled

Something is not right in the land of Gmail. Numerous account holders woke up Sunday morning to discover a raft of spam emails sitting in their sent folders, and that even after changing their passwords the emails kept going out. At least some of these people, including a Mashable editor,

Beyoncé lights up Coachella once again with round two of #Beychella

A much more at-ease Beyoncé graced the Coachella stage on Saturday night for her second festival performance in as many weekends.Her two-hour set featured few surprises, repeating the previous week's guest moments for Jay-Z, Solange, and a Destiny's Child reunion.

DataVeryLite入门教程(二) Entity篇 - 怡盛

DataVeryLite 是基于.net 4.0的数据库持久化ORM框架.目前支持的数据库有Sqlserver,Mysql,Oracle,Db2,PostgreSql,Sqlite和Access.最好先阅读DataVeryLite入门教程(一) 配置篇,然后再阅读本篇。如果你觉得麻烦也可以跳过。En...

带你了解Tizen的世界 Samsung Z上手体验

安锋网 6 月 3 日消息,经历数次的跳票之后,三星的首款 Tizen 系统手机终于发布了,这款手被三星命名为 Samsung Z,运行的是最新的 Tizen 系统,外媒就在第一时间发布了这款手机的上手体验视频,让我们来看一下吧。  



苹果iCloud Drive服务各级别价位最终确定

(威锋网 9 月 10 日讯)在 iPhone 6、Apple Watch 等新品发布之后,相对应的一系列服务的准备也逐渐到位。就在不久前,苹果公布了 iCloud Drive 服务的最终套餐价。  

Teen Social Network Let Raises $600K

Let, a teen social networking app with a focus on gamification, is announcing that it has raised $600,000 in seed funding. That’s not a huge amount of money, but the funding is interesting in the context of Let’s history. When I first met founder Pascal Lorne a few months ago,

微信企业号在企业中的应用(1):功能概述 - 小钊^^




国外iOS大牛:开发Apple Watch应用我犯过的错

在探究Apple Watch防盗、防水等性能究竟如何的同时,Apple Watch版应用开发也在摸索前进中。在本文中,来自国外的知名iOS开发大牛就Watch版应用开发过程中遇到的问题以及犯下的错误进行了分享。

Firefox 39发布

Mozilla上周末发布了Firefox 39。主要新特性包括:Firefox Hello视频聊天系统的社交分享工具,简化第三方社交平台的聊天邀请分享;钓鱼和恶意程序检测工具支持检测下载文件;支持Unicode 8.

LOGO改版实战!聊聊Medium 2.0新Logo背后的设计故事

龟途漫漫:Medium最近换了一个新LOGO,褒贬不一,想知道内幕,不如来看看这家专注于生产优质文字的网站是如何通过新Logo 表达自己的改变与创新的...

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