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LinkedIn will now tell you if you’re a match before applying to a job

The professional social network can now use your profile info to tell you if you’re a match before applying for a job on LinkedIn.

Confessions Of A US Navy Blue Angel

They are one of the most iconic performance groups in existence, amazing millions yearly. Their shows feature seemingly super-human levels of precision. Now, one of them is going to tell you what it's like to don the blue flight suit as part of the elite of the elite,

Speakers At The Europas Conference And Awards Reflect Europe’s Diversity, June 16, London

The Europas Conference & Awards for European Tech Startups, on June 16 in London, is an annual celebration of Europe’s brightest tech companies. From a small bar in central London in 2009, it’s become a fixture of the European scene, with it’s highly curated daytime speakers and audience,

Windows 10 Twitter PWA picks up ability to upload videos, see profile cards with hover

The Twitter PWA on Windows 10 recently picked up both the ability to upload videos and also see a profile card with a hover

Microsoft takes Store shopping cart feature offline, says it will return in the next few weeks

Microsoft's Brad Rossetti just announced today that the feature is now going offline, and will return in the next few weeks.

Microsoft releases Windows 10 Redstone 5 build 17741, here’s what’s new

The preview build 17741 is bringing more minor fixes and improvements today, and Microsoft highlighted that it's now easier than ever to get started with the Your Phone app with a new desktop pin that will take you directly to it.

Skype Preview app adds new option to archive conversations

Microsoft is adding a new Archive feature to its new cross-platform Skype app, for the times when you want to hide conversations instead of deleting them.

The Wider Web: Google’s Location History, Twitter tightens 3rd party access, and more

As usual, there’s lots happening in the tech world, and not all of it involves Microsoft. Of course, there was some big cross platform news that did involve Microsoft and Amazon, as the long awaited connection between Alexa and Cortana is finally live in preview.

Microsoft fixes log in and activation issues in Office 365

Microsoft announced that it has fixed an issue preventing Office 365 users to log in or activating their Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android also gets book annotations, breaking news alerts

Microsoft Edge Beta on Android is also getting book annotations, breaking news alerts, and other features from the iOS version.

After FTC complaints, Microsoft updates its warranty policy

Since they were all given warnings and told to adjust warranties within 30 days to avoid future legal action, Microsoft has accordingly broken their silence on the product warranty issue.

The BioShock trilogy, Borderlands and 17 more games will leave Xbox Games Pass on May 31

After adding eight new games to the Xbox Games Pass catalog this month, Microsoft will remove 21 of them on May 31 including several classics such as Borderlands and the BioShock trilogy.

Windows 10 Mail app now has new signature options, are you seeing them too?

Microsoft has updated the Windows 10 Mail app with new signature options.

The Undercover Agents You Didn't Even Know Were on Your Flight

In the past decade, the number of U.S. air marshals has increased exponentially, from 33 to an estimated 3,000 to 4,000 agents.But while there's a one in 20 chance that your flight has an air marshal aboard, you're unlikely to realize it: Marshals wear regular clothing to "blend in with passengers,

Has Microsoft set a dangerous precedent on the Windows XP security front?

Support for Windows XP ended a month ago, yet Microsoft still patched up the big IE vulnerability on XP recently – setting a dangerous precedent?Read more:





AT&T宣布向客户提供Sonim XP5三防手机


Windows 10 messaging app will reportedly be missing when Windows 10 launches

Microsoft has never truly been a company that has mastered messaging. The company has muffled press conferences, confused developers and agitated consumers from time to time when trying to get their messages across.

This is how Microsoft went about building Flight Arcade to showcase Edge capabilities

The origins of flight simulator games can be traced back some 30 plus years ago, to the Apple II and Commodore 64 days. Back then the simulators were used to lure tepid PC users into purchasing a PC for more than crunching numbers and spitting out office spreadsheets.

Stephen Colbert snoozes, but not before a bedtime story about America

As the new host of the Late Show, it's no surprise that Stephen Colbert wants to drift off to sleep (while wearing a tie) after hearing a relaxing story about corporate greed in America.Fortunately, author Jonathan Franzen stopped by the show on Wednesday to read Colbert a classic.Sweet dreams,

Vimeo’s iOS app gets a big makeover aimed at improving discovery

Vimeo, the video network and underdog to the global behemoth that is YouTube, has given its mobile application a massive redesign today aimed at making it easier to upload, discover and play videos. A key part of the revamp involves new,

佳能EOS 1300D入门单反曝光:支持无线传输

近日外媒曝光了佳能新一代入门相机EOS 1300D的参数和外观谍照,从命名规则来看,新品应该就是EOS 1200D的升级机型。从曝光的谍照来看,外观上1300D基本与1200D保持一致,传感器依旧使用了祖传的1800W像素CMOS传感器。谍照中机身右下角有一颗无线状态指示灯,新机应该搭载了Wi-Fi与NFC功能。

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