It’s official: Insider Dev Tour coming to a city near you

This year, Microsoft says that it’s extending the tour to even more locations across the world and there are more than 41 different sessions listed on the dedicated website.

Windows Insider preview 18298 (19H1) includes resolved Settings crashes and deletion of Windows.old

The latest Fast Ring Insider preview build dubbed 18298 and while it brings some nifty new features to test, it also has its list of known and fixed issues.

Windows 10 19H1 build 18292 is out with new File Explorer icon, Start Menu improvements and more

After a week without a new Windows 10 build, the Windows Insider team has a surprise for Fast Ring Insiders today in the form of the 19H1 build 18298.

New privacy bug forces Google to shut down Google+ earlier than planned

Just a month later the company found an additional flaw that will now force it to shutter the service much sooner than its August 2019 timeframe.

Forza Horizon 4: Fortune Island achievements list revealed ahead of December 13 launch

The list of achievements for the Fortune Island expansion has been published today and it includes 20 new achievements worth 500 Gamerscore points in total.

Looking for gift ideas? Here are our top 4 Xbox games for the holidays

Now that the holiday season is here, you might be wondering what the best games to get right now on Xbox One. I wanted Fallout 76 to be able to make this list, but I am appalled at what Bethesda did to this game and ultimately destroyed my trust in any future Fallout game. So […]

Microsoft Teams gets support for Chrome notifications

Some time last week Microsoft pulled the lever on a Chrome web notification support for Teams

Ashen is still coming to the Windows 10 Microsoft Store following Xbox One launch

Both both Game Director Derek Bradley and the ID@Xbox team confirmed today that Ashen is eventually coming to the Windows 10 Microsoft Store.

Microsoft creates a gaming bunker for State of Decay 2 release

To celebrate the release of the zombie survival game, the Xbox team has created the world’s first Xbox Gaming Bunker inside of an authentic WWII-era location.

Microsoft notifies gamers about information they share with publishers

Microsoft is now taking action and is notifying some gamers about the information the company shares with publishers on Xbox.

Microsoft Planner now lets you copy tasks to another Plan

Microsoft Planner has just gained a new copy Task feature, which lets you easily copy task to the Plan of your choice.

10 Sleeping Tips for a Dream-Worthy Snooze

The elusive good night's sleep is something we can only dream about.Though we always plan to get a full eight hours of rest, something (read: Netflix) keeps us awake. But if you have serious goals about sleeping better,

苹果为欧洲区App Store添加七个全新版块

一周之前的 WWDC 主题演讲大会,苹果宣布 App Store 将会在今年秋季进行改版,介绍了 iOS 8 App Store 中的多项新功能,其中包括新的“Explore”标签,强化应用发现性能、应用捆绑以打折、内置测试功能等。



Paleofuture Flying Car Company: China Desperately Needs Flying Cars | Sploid Watch a sneak preview o

Paleofuture Flying Car Company: China Desperately Needs Flying Cars | Sploid Watch a sneak preview of the new Monty Python show opening tonight | Regressing Nazi Insults Spike On Twitter When Germany Plays Other Teams,

香港航空跟 G-Link 合作,为乘客提供在港台泰三地的免费 Wi-Fi 试用服务

如果大家会在这个暑假裡乘搭香港航空就要留意了!香港航空宣佈由 7 月 25 号至 8 月 31 号期间,会跟 G-Link Mobility 合作试行一个免费的 Wi-Fi 服务计划。在这段期间,如果大家由杭州、...

[图]售$329.99 香槟金版Moto 360亮相摩托罗拉官网

继此前在亚马逊网站短暂上线之后金色版Moto 360终于在摩托罗拉官方网站亮相。根据页面显示22mm皮革表带标准版售价为$249.99,23mm金属表带售价为$299.99,18mm纤细金属表银色版本售价同样为$299.99,18mm纤细表带香槟金版售价为$329.99.

LG 65英寸4K OLED电视 顶级画质和高价结合体


Rani Therapeutics获得C系列融资

投资将加快突破性口服生物治疗药物平台的开发 加州圣荷西2015年5月27日电 /美通社/ -- Rani Therapeutics今天宣布完成了C系列融资。


11月3日,京东向工商总局实名举报,状告淘宝行业垄断,双十一来了; 苏宁一大波“老板若是真的强,头条何须老板娘 ...

Facebook无意涉足支付领域 愿与苹果等合作

据科技网站AppleInsider报道,当地时间周三,Facebook首席执行官马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)在财报分析师电话会议上重申,该公司不会推出支付产品,他认为Facebook不是“支付公司”,并称Apple Pay是支付领域的创新者,愿意与其进行合作。  Facebook目前提供多种电商服务,例如企业网页上的“购物”按钮、购物频道,目的是延长用户访问其各种服务的时间。去年,Facebook在旗下Messenger中推出了P2P转账服务。  扎克伯格说,“对于支付,我们基本的策略是为用户清除交易中的障碍,尤其是在Messenger等产品中。

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