Quip raises $10 million for electric toothbrushes and dental care

The mouth tech industry is continuing to pick up steam with electric toothbrush startup Quip’s latest $10 million funding round from Silicon Valley Bank and its acquisition of dental insurance startup Afora. 

Google employees demand the end of forced arbitration across the tech industry

On the heels of an employee-led protest against Google, a group of 35 Google employees is banding together to take it a step further and end the practice of forced arbitration across the entire tech industry.

US tech giants decry Australia’s ‘deeply flawed’ new anti-encryption law

A group of U.S. tech giants, including Apple, Google and Microsoft, have collectively denounced the new so-called “anti-encryption” law passed by the Australian parliament last week.

Google Fit gets improved activity logging and a breathing exercise

Google Fit, Google’ s activity tracking app for Android, is getting a small but meaningful update today that adds a few new features that’ll likely make its regular users quite happy. Some are pretty basic, like the launch of a Fit widget for your Android home screen,

Krisp reduces noise on calls using machine learning, and it’s coming to Windows soon

If your luck is anything like mine, as soon as you jump on an important call, someone decides it's a great time to blow some leaves off the sidewalk outside your window. 2Hz's Krisp is a new desktop app that uses machine learning to subtract background noise like that, or crowds,

Pew: Social media for the first time tops newspapers as a news source for U.S. adults

It’s not true that everyone gets their news from Facebook and Twitter. But is now true that more U.S. adults get their news from social media than from print newspapers. According to a new report from Pew Research Center out today,

AR startup Blippar in danger of becoming a blip as shareholders fight over future funding

Blippar, the U.K.-based AR startup that raised more than $130 million, may be nearing the end of the road. The company has been burning through cash in a bid to pivot in search of a profitable AR business model,

Voyager 2 joins its twin in interstellar space

Voyager 2, the multi-planetary exploratory probe launched in 1977, has finally entered interstellar space, some six years after its twin, Voyager 1, did the same. It's now about 11 billion miles from Earth, the second-farthest-out human-made object in space.

Lemonade wants to rewrite the insurance policy itself

Lemonade has made some big moves in the world of insurance. The company uses AI and bots to sell insurance, and has flipped the business model to ensure that Lemonade is never in conflict with customers filing insurance claims. But the product itself, the actual insurance policy,

Tencent profit jumps 61% to $3.7B as its mobile gaming business surges

Warnings that Tencent, Asia’s highest-valued tech company, might suffer a rare poor quarter of business proved unwarranted after the company smashed analyst expectations for its latest earnings thanks to its fast-growing mobile games business. The company reported a net profit of 23.

One week left to get a free ticket for TC Hackathon at VivaTech

One final shout-out across Europe to all the creative coders, hackers, programmers and tech makers who suffer from severe procrastination. This is your last chance to register for a spot in the next TechCrunch Hackathon,

Edward Burtynsky摄影作品:拆船厂

Edward Burtynsky,加拿大摄影师,出生于1955年,官方网站:http://www.edwardburtynsky.com/人类工业生产所改变的自然景观是Edward摄影的重点,他的作品大多拍摄工业废墟,油田,矿产,铁路,采石场等。

Lookout Fights Back Against Smartphone Thieves

Lookout rolled out several new features to its mobile security app on Wednesday, but unlike many of the app's existing features, which focus on protecting users from digital threats like malware and spyware, the newest version of the app helps its users protect against thieves.


1、可视性:正确的操作部位必须显而易见,而且还要向用户传达出正确的信息。例:加关注 2、概念模式:一个好的概念 […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs the iPhone 5S: Specs Comparison

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was announced at IFA earlier this week, but how does it compare to Apple's most most recent smartphone, the iPhone 5S?Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/09/05/samsung-galaxy-note-4-vs-iphone-5s-specs-comparison/



Ello, the social network that won’t sell your data, gets $5.5m investment

The platform, which launched back in August, has also become a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning that its promise to never display advertising must be kept even if purchased.Read more: http://www.itproportal.com/2014/10/24/ello-social-network-wont-sell-your-data-gets-55m-investment/

Ecuador pretended it was Costa Rica. Costa Rica was not amused.

Ecuador has a lot to offer as a tourist destination, and it wants its citizens to realize that. So local tourism officials resorted to a stunt.In order to appeal to Ecuadorians who prefer to travel outside their own country,

法国要求谷歌提交机密搜索算法 违规将重罚


Toddler basketball team just can't deal with picture day

There's no crying in basketball.Well, unless you're a toddler who's terrified of the camera. Then you can cry about pretty much anything. Reddit user justgivemepizza shared his friend's photo of her daughter's basketball team,


深圳2015年11月18日电 /美通社/ -- 11月16日,第十七届中国国际高新技术成果交易会在深圳隆重举行,以“创新创业 跨界融合”为主题,共设有主题展区、会议论坛、专题活动、高新技术人才与智力交流会、不落幕的交易会五大板块,总展览面积达15万平方米,来自28个国家和地区的3000多家参展商、1万多个项目参加展示、交易和洽谈。

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