PicoBrew’s new machine does everything from kombucha to craft beer

Craft beer appliance maker PicoBrew is eyeing some bold new directions in drinkables. The company’s taken to Kickstarter with the Pico U, a new machine that’s capable of brewing up a pretty broad range of different beverages. That list includes, but is not limited to:

Data breach exposes trade secrets of carmakers GM, Ford, Tesla, Toyota

Security researcher UpGuard Cyber Risk disclosed Friday that sensitive documents from more than 100 manufacturing companies, including GM, Fiat Chrysler, Ford, Tesla, Toyota, ThyssenKrupp, and VW were exposed on a publicly accessible server belonging to Level One Robotics.

Indie gem Stardew Valley will get multiplayer on August 1st

Stardew Valley, the popular indie farming simulator (it’s more fun than “farming simulator” makes it sound, I promise) is quite possibly the chillest game of all time. But, without any multiplayer aspect, it can get … a bit lonely. From farming, to fishing, to exploring mines,

CowryWise micro-savings service opens high yield government bonds to everyday Nigerians

In emerging market countries where economic volatility is a way of life, there aren’t a lot of relatively safe options for members of the burgeoning middle class to park their money. For instance,

What next? Oh yes, turning a luxury car into a non-fungible token

We’ve seen more than one project use the immutability of blockchain to verify important physical things. So, for instance, a pioneer in the space, Verisart, has brought blockchain certification of high art to leading galleries worldwide, and other players are now entering this growing market.

What should competitive Fortnite look like?

Last weekend, Epic Games put forth its first true effort at official competitive Fortnite Battle Royale. It was a disaster. The private hosts used for the tournament were about as laggy as could be, with pro players getting eliminated simply because they couldn’t move.

Wilson is like Longreads for podcasts

Meet Wilson, a new iPhone app that plans to change the way you discover and listen to podcasts. The company describes the app as a podcast magazine. It has the same vibe as Longreads, the curated selection of longform articles. With its minimalistic design and opinionated typography,

YouTube CEO’s latest update details its growth, glosses over content problems

YouTube highlighted its growth and promised better communication with creators about its tests and experiments, the company announced today in its latest of an ongoing series of updates from CEO Susan Wojcicki focused on YouTube’s top five priorities in 2018.

Gfycat starts rolling out 360 degree GIF content

GIFs offer a way to compress a ton of information into a small amount of space, and while Gfycat has positioned itself as more of a short-form video centric platform, it’s going to take a step further to see what a step beyond a standard GIF looks like. The company today said it would be […]

Quip raises $10 million for electric toothbrushes and dental care

The mouth tech industry is continuing to pick up steam with electric toothbrush startup Quip’s latest $10 million funding round from Silicon Valley Bank and its acquisition of dental insurance startup Afora. 

Lemonade wants to rewrite the insurance policy itself

Lemonade has made some big moves in the world of insurance. The company uses AI and bots to sell insurance, and has flipped the business model to ensure that Lemonade is never in conflict with customers filing insurance claims. But the product itself, the actual insurance policy,

Extraordinary eggs and caterpillars are as beautiful as the butterflies

These microscopic photos of butterfly eggs by National Geographic, Prüftechnik Uri, and the University Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland are truly fascinating. I find them even more beautiful than the adult insects. Same goes for their incredible caterpillars.Read more...

爱马仕丝绸CEO “跳槽”万事利 助力民族品牌国际化

上海2014年7月7日电 /美通社/ -- 在7月2日下午,杭州洲际酒店国际厅,万事利集团董事局主席屠红燕捧着一本特别定制的丝质聘书,将其郑重地颁给身边,一位风度翩翩的法国籍男士。





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谷歌最近模块化智能手机项目Project Ara,已经吸引了大部分人的目光,但他们不是唯一在这方面努力工作的开发者。

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David Cameron definitely doesn't know what FFS stands for

LONDON — David Cameron doesn't have a great track record when it comes to the modern English language.See also: British MPs freak out after David Cameron's incredible 'masosadism' gaffeThere was that time he accused Ed Balls of "masosadism",

Daniel Radcliffe regrets lack of extra underwear during his 'Fallon' appearance

Thing got sloppy on the Tonight Show Tuesday when host Jimmy Fallon brought out guest Daniel Radcliffe for a simple game of War. The catch: The winner of each round gets to dump a glass of cold water over the loser's head"I'm going to [a] premiere after this,

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