PicoBrew’s new machine does everything from kombucha to craft beer

Craft beer appliance maker PicoBrew is eyeing some bold new directions in drinkables. The company’s taken to Kickstarter with the Pico U, a new machine that’s capable of brewing up a pretty broad range of different beverages. That list includes, but is not limited to:

Samsung adds ‘The Incredibles’ to its AR Emojis

Samsung’s AR Emojis were met with a…lukewarm reception when they launched alongside the Galaxy S9. The augmented reality avatars were regarded as a me-too response to Apple’s Animojis — and more to the point, were downright creepy. But at launch,

Upstarts emerge to chase Tesla’s lead in electric vehicles

A slew of well-funded new entrants backed by massive amounts of capital are chasing Tesla’s lead in an effort to power the next generation of the electric vehicle industry. Electric vehicle startups have raised more than $2 billion in the U.S. over the first months of 2018 alone,

Representatives rip FCC Chairman Pai’s ‘lack of candor’ and double down on net neutrality questions

13 members of Congress have written to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai criticizing his "repeated evasive responses to our inquiries" and "outright refusal to respond to some of the members of this Committee." Unsatisfied with the answers or evasions he has offered to date,

Apple offers a $50 credit for some out-of-warranty iPhone battery purchases

If you bought a battery replacement for an out-of-warranty iPhone last year, you may be eligible for a $50 credit from Apple. The company issued a new support page post this week, announcing the rebate policy, which applies to purchases made at authorized locations.

50 tech CEOs come to Paris to talk about tech for good

Ahead of VivaTech, 50 tech CEOs came to Paris to have lunch with French President Emmanuel Macron. Then, they all worked together on “tech for good”. The event was all about leveraging tech around three topics — education, labor and diversity. At the end of the day,

Ring’s Jamie Siminoff and Clinc’s Jason Mars to join us at Disrupt SF

Disrupt SF is set to be the biggest tech conference that TechCrunch has ever hosted. So it only makes sense that we plan an agenda fit for the occasion.

Vivo’s all-screen phone with a flip-up camera could arrive in June

The all-screen smartphone is an inevitability. The question at this point, really, is who will get there first and how they’ll accomplish that feat. I spoke to a LG rep at the G7 launch, who suggested that the notch is going to be fact of life for the next couple of years, but a number […]

Gfycat starts rolling out 360 degree GIF content

GIFs offer a way to compress a ton of information into a small amount of space, and while Gfycat has positioned itself as more of a short-form video centric platform, it’s going to take a step further to see what a step beyond a standard GIF looks like. The company today said it would be […]

Quip raises $10 million for electric toothbrushes and dental care

The mouth tech industry is continuing to pick up steam with electric toothbrush startup Quip’s latest $10 million funding round from Silicon Valley Bank and its acquisition of dental insurance startup Afora. 

Lemonade wants to rewrite the insurance policy itself

Lemonade has made some big moves in the world of insurance. The company uses AI and bots to sell insurance, and has flipped the business model to ensure that Lemonade is never in conflict with customers filing insurance claims. But the product itself, the actual insurance policy,


今年的 WWDC 大会门票购买不再是靠抢的,而是靠随机分配的。苹果上周已公布获得购买资格的开发者。但是没有入围购买资格名单的开发者也不是完全没有希望。苹果今日给这批“落榜”开发者再次购买门票的机会。  

[图]配2K屏幕 Galaxy S5 Prime版现身三星官网

同往年发布会不同的是三星在推出新旗舰Galaxy S5的时候并未展示包括“Active”或者“mini”等衍生系列,不过除了这些系列之外种种迹象表明公司有望将会推出“Prime”新的衍生系列。



国产旗舰Nubia Z7和迷你Z7 mini通过工信部认证

两天之前,有关新旗舰智能手机 ZTE Nubia Z7 的各种详情基本已经被曝光出来了,包括真机谍照,并且基本上确认很快将于 7 月 8 日在北京召开的发布会上正式公布。

05-0. 求序列前N项和(15) - aexin

本题要求编写程序,计算序列 2/1+3/2+5/3+8/5+...的前N项之和。注意该序列从第2项起,每一项的分子是前一项分子与分母的和,分母是前一项的分子。输入格式:输入在一行中给出一个正整数N。



See Jake Gyllenhaal's Worm Turn in New 'Nightcrawler' Trailer

"If you want to win the lottery, you've got to make the money to buy a ticket."So says Jake Gyllenhaal, who couldn't be more right, at least as far as playing the lottery is concerned, in this new trailer for Nightcrawler. Well, what remains of Jake Gyllenhaal, anyway,


在华盛顿学表演时,我的角色是一个焦虑型依恋人格的前厌食症患者,《Collected Stories》里的莉莎。名校,年轻,聪颖,时时刻刻想要讨好自己的写作老师,也就是她创作上的女神。

百度地图 api 功能封装类 (ZMap.js) 本地搜索,范围查找实例 [源码下载] - Weiseditor

相关说明1. 界面查看: 吐槽贴:百度地图 api 封装 的实用功能 [源码下载]2. 功能说明: 百度地图整合功能分享修正版[ZMap.js] 实例源码!ZMap.

css3实践之摩天轮式图片轮播+3D正方体+3D标签云(perspective、transform-style、perspective-origin) - 子迟

本文主要通过摩天轮式图片轮播的例子来讲解与css3 3D有关的一些属性。 demo预览:摩天轮式图片轮播 (貌似没兼容360 最好用chrome)3D正方体(chrome only)3D标签云(css3版 chrome only)3D标签云(js版 chrome only)前文回顾 在前面的...

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