Amazon daily deals for Wednesday, May 16: HP laptops, Bose headphones, smart plugs, and more

If you or someone you love has come down with a dreaded case of "heading off to college soon," they're gonna need a laptop to cope. Check out this refurbished touchscreen convertible laptop, which is great for taking notes (or watching Netflix — we won't tell). SEE ALSO: Best cheap laptops:

'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse' unveils three more Spider-People, including Spider-Ham

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is not done adding Spider-People.At Comic-Con's Hall H Friday, Sony unveiled dazzling new footage that included our first glimpses at three new Spider-Folks: Spider-Man Noir, voiced by Nicolas Cage; Peni Parker, voiced by Kimiko Glenn; and, last but not least,

Facebook confirms it's building an internet satellite

It looks like Facebook is indeed building an internet satellite. The social network is working on a new satellite project that will provide broadband internet connections to "unserved and underserved areas," according to FCC documents uncovered by Wired.SEE ALSO:

M. Night Shyamalan drops extremely creepy 'Glass' trailer at Comic-Con

M. Night Shyamalan's latest brings together the stories of two of his movies —2000’s Unbreakable and 2016’s Split.SEE ALSO: An 'Unbreakable' sequel? The internet is buzzing over M. Night Shyamalan's 'Glass' posterFollowing the events of Split,

Another effort in the fight against fake news: WhatsApp tries to stop messages from going viral

WhatsApp is taking its most dramatic step yet to cut down on fake news.The app is testing a new feature that places limits on how many times a single message can be forwarded, WhatsApp announced Thursday. The update comes as Facebook scrambles to fight the messaging app's fake news epidemic,

Facebook suspends yet another analytics company

Stop me if you've heard this one before: Facebook allows a third-party analytics company access to user data, conducts poor oversight of said company, and then is caught flat-footed when asked about the situation by a journalist. Yeah, it's happened again. And no,

Spock is coming to a Star Trek TV show for the first time in 50 years

It's official: For the first time since 1969, Lieutenant Spock will appear in a new Star Trek TV show.Spock appears in the second season of Star Trek Discovery, executive producer Alex Kurtzman revealed at San Diego Comic Con. Is Spock coming?

20 things you need to survive life in a college dorm

Whether you're a wide-eyed freshman or an experienced senior, moving into a residence hall is stressful. No matter how many times our parents reminded us to pack more than one towel, we still always managed to forget.

There's footage of John Travolta dancing with 50 Cent and it's priceless

Cannes is a celebration of achievement in film. Apparently, though, it's also a place where celebrities can show off their heinous dad-dancing.SEE ALSO: Kristen Stewart ditches heels,

Meghan Markle's old high school threw a super cute pre-wedding celebration

It's not everyday that someone from your high school marries a member of the British royal family. SEE ALSO:

Debate rages about whether saying you're a 'proud Slytherin' really makes you a Hufflepuff

Time to get to the bottom of this once and for all.SEE ALSO: Snapchat's new Harry Potter lens lets you practice your wizard skillsA tweet about people claiming fealty to Hogwarts houses went up on Tuesday, and has caused some conversation among Potterheads.

未来趋势!设计师必看的Android Wear设计指南

这一年高科技产品不断迭代更新,更有诸如 Tesla、智能手表、谷歌眼镜等未来热门的新产品出现,上次优设那篇《惊艳十足!超酷炫的智能手表概念化设计》里提...


3D地图Recce和Google Map有些不同——它不仅把城市绘制的更像个游戏,让你可以一眼就找到那些地标性建筑、停车场和酒店,还能实时显示打折信息、城市中的活动、以及穿梭在街道里汽车和公交车。


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最近网上盛传的各种谣言可真是数不胜数,每一条看起来似乎都是有模有样,让人不得不信服。不过这些谣言在传到一定程度的时候总会被制止,我们作为个人想去阻止传播可能心有余而力不足,但有央视出面就不同了。  ... .

Mirror Prank Shocks People With Horrifying Demonic Reflections

October 31 has come and gone and it's now time to start thinking about turkey and stuffing and shopping, but not before mentioning this wonderful Halloween prank by Pepsi that had moviegoers seeing more than just their faces reflected in these special haunted bathroom mirrors.Read more...

Google 试水合约模式 爱尔兰用户签两年可获赠 Nest

Google 于爱尔兰试水合约模式,用户只需与爱尔兰电力供应商 Electric Ireland 签订两年合约,便可免费获赠一款 Nest 智能控温器。目前 Nest 市场价为 250 美元。



Win 10应用可主动要求安全软件查杀恶意程序

据InfoWorld 网站报道,Windows 10将包含一种新机制,使软件开发者能整合他们的应用和用户计算机上安装的反恶意件软件。新的AMSI(反恶意件扫描接口)的目标是让应用把内容发送给设备安装的反病毒产品,查杀恶意件。  

摇篮网与《爱上幼儿园》合作 发布《宝贝入园大调查》报告

北京2015年6月18日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,全球母婴生活服务平台摇篮网与金鹰卡通卫视旗下大型原创宝贝成长观察秀热播节目《爱上幼儿园》达成合作。

This man has been traveling the world with his upright piano for 5 years

The world is your oyster when you've got a furry companion, a piano and about 10,000 friends.In 2010, New York City native Dotan Negrin quit his day job to pursue his dream of traveling around the world with nothing but the essentials — and one upright piano.See also:

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