Amazon daily deals for Wednesday, May 16: HP laptops, Bose headphones, smart plugs, and more

If you or someone you love has come down with a dreaded case of "heading off to college soon," they're gonna need a laptop to cope. Check out this refurbished touchscreen convertible laptop, which is great for taking notes (or watching Netflix — we won't tell). SEE ALSO: Best cheap laptops:

Nightmare two-headed snake found in Virginia just in time for Halloween season

'Tis the season for nightmare fuel, and one fascinating but unsettling discovery is getting into that fall spooky spirit.A woman in northern Virginia found an extremely rare baby copperhead snake in her neighbor's yard recently, complete with not one but two heads. Because, ya know,

Internal memo from Google's CEO insists search results are free from political bias

Google chief Sundar Pichai wants the people working for him to understand this clearly: Google's search results aren't influenced by political bias.That's the message Pichai focused on sending in a Friday email to all employees.

Bananas donated to a Texas prison turn out to be $18 million of cocaine

No, this is not an episode of Breaking Bad. This is real life.On Friday, Sept. 21, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) posted on Facebook about a drug mix up that sounds like it has just as wild a story behind it as the hit AMC TV series.

Silicon Valley’s hottest job is styling helpless tech execs

The casual uniform of the millennial techie is a running joke by now, but some are starting to swap in their t-shirts and worn jeans for actual adult clothes.

Disney re-did the art for a princess in 'Wreck-It Ralph 2' after whitewashing criticisms

For once, it seems the story of a big Hollywood studio facing criticisms over poor representation ended with a happily ever after.In the months since teasers for Wreck-It Ralph sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet, started showing a Disney princess reunion scene,

Japan's Hayabusa2 successfully deploys two rovers on the surface of an asteroid

It's just like the movie Armageddon, but without the apocalypse scenario.The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has reason to celebrate after successfully deploying a pair of robots on the surface of an asteroid. The mission, which played out on Friday,

Period tracking apps taught me more about my flow than sex ed

The internet has changed how kids learn about sex, but sex ed in the classroom still sucks. In Sex Ed 2.0, Mashable explores the state of sex ed and imagines a future where digital innovations are used to teach consent, sex positivity, respect, and responsibility.

There's footage of John Travolta dancing with 50 Cent and it's priceless

Cannes is a celebration of achievement in film. Apparently, though, it's also a place where celebrities can show off their heinous dad-dancing.SEE ALSO: Kristen Stewart ditches heels,

Meghan Markle's old high school threw a super cute pre-wedding celebration

It's not everyday that someone from your high school marries a member of the British royal family. SEE ALSO:

Debate rages about whether saying you're a 'proud Slytherin' really makes you a Hufflepuff

Time to get to the bottom of this once and for all.SEE ALSO: Snapchat's new Harry Potter lens lets you practice your wizard skillsA tweet about people claiming fealty to Hogwarts houses went up on Tuesday, and has caused some conversation among Potterheads.

隐私优先?还是为iBeacon清除障碍?iOS 8 在扫描WiFi信号时使用随机MAC 地址来减少跟踪

在其他公司拼了命地为广告投放开发用户发现技术的时候,苹果的 iOS 8 来了一次小小的逆流而行。当 iOS 8 设备在扫描 Wi-Fi 信号时,系统会使用随机的伪装 MAC 地址直到用户确认与某个信号建立连接为止。








博格华纳本地生产的采用集成电子技术的顶置式点火线圈可提升发动机性能,提升燃油经济性和减少排放 密歇根州奥本山2015年2月3日电 /美通社/ -- 2015年1月28日博格华纳(BorgWarner)在其位于墨西哥拉莫斯-阿里斯佩(Ramos-Arizpe)的工厂致力于生产采用集成电子技术的顶置式点火线圈,主要用于大众汽车公司在墨西哥制造的的第三代2.

音效厂商Camel Audio或已成苹果囊中之物

威锋网 2 月 25 日消息,外媒报道根据企业注册网站 Companies House 上显示的信息,苹果公司已经收购了知名音乐插件和音效厂商 Camel Audio。

Elon Musk Promises An End To Range Anxiety This Thursday

Elon Musk says he's "about to end range anxiety" through a software update to the entire Tesla Model S fleet. It's happening this Thursday, and the sound you hear is the Speculatron5100 grinding to life as everyone tries to figure out what the hell Musk is planning.Read more...

“唱吧” 首次涉足硬件,很自然地做了一款麦克风

去年,我们报道过唱吧与麦颂合作的第一家线下 KTV 开业,这个做软件起家的公司似乎一直在试图将线上 K 歌这件事与线下场景结合得更紧密一些。

Egypt's top prosecutor dies in bomb attack

CAIRO — Egypt's official news agency says the country's state prosecutor has died of wounds sustained in a bomb attack on his convoy in a Cairo suburb.MENA says the 65-year-old Hisham Barakat died in a Cairo hospital on Monday after undergoing a critical surgery.

Straws latest updated brings Bing Image integration for visually dynamic surveys

The fast-paced iteration of polling app Straw continues. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen Straw jump from being Windows Phone exclusive to a multiplatform app. Straw has also gained features and performance fixes...

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