Save $600 (yes, you read that right) on a refurbished HP Envy convertible laptop

There are plenty of things that college kids will need before classes start, but one of the most important is a laptop for taking notes, writing papers, and binge-watching Netflix. (We won't tell.) Luckily,

Morgan Freeman will now be the voice of the Vancouver transit system

If you've always wanted the voice of God to spice up your daily commute, you're in luck. Morgan Freeman might not actually be God, but he's the closest mouthpiece we've got. Freeman has a new gig as a the voice of Vancouver, Canada's TransLink. SEE ALSO:

This drone raised more than $3M on Indiegogo, but you can pick it up at its lowest price yet

When a creative crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal, that usually means that people find the prototype promising enough to part with their hard earned money and donate to the project. But when a startup raises 3000 times more than its goal?

'Overwatch' pro team forces players to train to an unhealthy degree

The Shanghai Dragons have yet to win a single game in the first season of Overwatch League, and to appease fans who may be wondering what exactly is going on behind the scenes, the team's manager revealed the Dragons' practice schedule.

Mark Zuckerberg testified before the EU Parliament, but the hearing's format left MEPs with no answe

Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on May 22nd to discuss data protection. The hearing's format had all the EU lawmakers asking him questions for about an hour straight, leaving Mark Zuckerberg with only a few minutes to answer all of them.

It's the end of the road for Uber's self-driving cars in Arizona

Uber is shutting down its self-driving car program in Arizona. The move comes in the wake of a fatality that occurred in March, when an Uber vehicle in autonomous mode struck and killed a woman crossing a street.

The NFL's new anthem rules are here and, yep, they're terrible

After a few seasons of pearl-clutching and horror over players expressing their First Amendment right, the NFL has approved new rules for behavior during the playing of the national anthem which solve absolutely nothing.SEE ALSO: Colin Kaepernick may be exiled from the NFL,

Turtle sex videos, ranked

May 23 is World Turtle Day.On this of all days, we celebrate turtles — and we especially celebrate turtles making more turtles, so we can, in turn, celebrate those new turtles.Following that logic, we should celebrate turtle sex. Specifically,

Amazon daily deals for Wednesday, May 16: HP laptops, Bose headphones, smart plugs, and more

If you or someone you love has come down with a dreaded case of "heading off to college soon," they're gonna need a laptop to cope. Check out this refurbished touchscreen convertible laptop, which is great for taking notes (or watching Netflix — we won't tell). SEE ALSO: Best cheap laptops:

There's footage of John Travolta dancing with 50 Cent and it's priceless

Cannes is a celebration of achievement in film. Apparently, though, it's also a place where celebrities can show off their heinous dad-dancing.SEE ALSO: Kristen Stewart ditches heels,

Meghan Markle's old high school threw a super cute pre-wedding celebration

It's not everyday that someone from your high school marries a member of the British royal family. SEE ALSO:

Microsoft Updates Azure With Deeper Visual Studio Integration, Puppet And Chef Support

Microsoft today announced a slew of new features for its Azure cloud computing service at its Build developer conference in San Francisco. Scott Guthrie announced that Azure users will now be able to manage and deploy their apps from Visual Studio,

GNOME 3.14稳定版本将在2014年9月份发布

GNOME 3.12已经在上个月发布,GNOME开发者们已经在为下一个发布版本3.14桌面环境工作。现在还没有关于Gnome 3.14更多功能上的介绍,但我们可以确定的是下一个版本将增强对Wayland的支持。

Even In Digital Photography Age, High Schoolers Still Flock To the Darkroom

v3rgEz writes: In the age of camera-equipped smart phones and inexpensive digital cameras, many high schoolers have never seen a roll of film or used an analog camera — much less developed film and paper prints in a darkroom. Among those that have, however,

在 Twitter 工作是怎样一番体验?

Twitter在全球各个地方都设有办公室,我现在在San Francisco Headquarter Office实习,就主要说一下SF HQ办公室的生活吧。- 日常公司包三餐和零食,没有Dropbox那么夸张不过个人感觉还不错啦。

给你的网站添加 console.js - 颜海镜

console.js 与console就想html5shim于html5,仅此而已,如此简单。




编者按 : 埃里克·普瓦里耶(Eric Poirier)是 投资管理软件公司 Addepar 首席执行官。 戈登·盖柯(Gordon… Read More

终于不再是盒子:Jaunt 发布 NEO,可拍 360 度视频

一个月前的 Google I/O 2015 上,一款由 16 台 GoPro 组成的相机阵列成功地“喧宾夺主”,出尽风头。现在,又有另外一款功能相近,用于拍摄虚拟现实(VR)视频的相机阵列破土而出——Jaunt 推出的 NEO。


索尼,微软或者是任天堂,谁才是家用游戏主机的老大?一份来自欧洲咨询公司 Euromonitor 的报告,索尼的 PlayStation 不仅拔得头筹,而且大有以一敌二的势头。

The Best Way To Make it to Mars? Go Back to the Moon.

Getting to the Moon was one of the greatest accomplishments in human history. But now, the Moon may be reduced to a mere pit stop for space travelers headed elsewhere. A Mars mission might be much easier, say researchers at MIT, if we use the Moon as a refueling station.Read more...

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