The OnePlus 6 already looks like the best Android value of 2018

I always get giddy like a kid whenever OnePlus tells me they’ve got a new phone to show me.This explosion of uncontainable excitement now happens twice a year. And this time the new phone that has me looking like the emoji with two hearts for eyes

Tributes pour in for late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's death has prompted heartfelt tributes from tech luminaries, but he's also been lauded for his work in sports and philanthropy.Allen passed away on Monday, his family confirmed, after complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.SEE ALSO:

The 'Same Energy' meme oddly makes perfect sense

You know when you see two vastly different photos that just ...give off the same energy?It's been a year for describing things by their vibes, from BDE to horse girl energy. The latest: comparing images that inexplicably give off the same energy. SEE ALSO:

Jeff Bezos is totally cool with governments investigating Amazon

The world's richest man is spending a billion dollars a year helping to launch the human race into space. Next to that goal, the threat of a government antitrust investigation into his trillion-dollar company is no big deal. 

Facebook cracks down on voter suppression ahead of U.S. midterm elections

Facebook is expanding its fight against fake news and tackling the most direct way it affects elections: voter suppression.In a post titled "Expanding Our Policies on Voter Suppression,

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died from cancer

Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, passed away Monday. He was 65.His death was confirmed by a statement from his company, Vulcan Inc, reports CNBC, and was the result of complications stemming from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.SEE ALSO:

Chrissy Teigen's 9 best viral moments

Chrissy Teigen has proved countless times over that she's a social media genius. She's become known for her quick-witted remarks, pointed clap backs, and endless roasts of her  husband, John Legend.

Everything is not 'awesome' at Facebook, says Instagram co-founder

Everything may be awesome and cool when you're part of a team, as The LEGO Movie taught us. But apparently that doesn't apply to the team at Facebook.

New Captain America meme wants to talk to you about your questionable life decisions

Captain America is a stand-up type of guy, always motivated to do the right thing. It only makes sense that he is the spokesperson for morality, sitting you down to question bad decisions you've made.SEE ALSO:

Thandie Newton's Cannes dress paid homage to black Star Wars characters

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Thandie Newton is amazing and her unique dress at the Cannes Film Festival screening of Solo only further cements it.SEE ALSO: 'Solo' is something new in Star Wars. Old-school fans will love it.On Tuesday night,

Why Microsoft might be looking to make cheap Surface tablets again

Stop me if you've heard this one: Microsoft, beaten to the tablet market by Apple, wants to build an alternative, one that runs Windows and gives more bang for the buck.That, of course, was the whole strategy behind the original Microsoft Surface that launched with Windows 8 in 2012.

App Annie完成首笔收购,对象是它的竞争对手Distimo

移动应用数据分析公司App Annie刚刚完成了它成立以来的首笔收购交易。这家公司刚刚宣布收购了它的竞争对手之 […]



Google 宣佈 Chromebook 将可以直接运行 Android app!

新一代 Nexus 10 的消息就暂时没有了,不过大家以后可以用 Chromebook 来做大 Android 平板可做的事啊。Google 的 SVP Sundar Pichai 在台上宣佈,他们有一项开发了很久的功能,就是将连行 Android app 的能力带到 Chromebook了!



Apple App Store switches 'Free' label to 'Get'

If you perused the Mac App Store or iOS App Store on Wednesday, you might've notice something different.Applications that are free to download no longer carry the "Free" designation. Instead, they say "Get."See also: 5 can't-miss apps: Photo Editor by Aviary, 'Space Age,


威智网11月28日消息,根据外媒 MyNokiaBlog 报道称,诺基亚最大的官方支持论坛 Nokia Support Discussions今天被正式划归到微软旗下,这意味着微软的去诺基亚化进程又深入了一步。  



Beacon 技術結合智慧生活,資策會與 OPEN-LiFE 結合 CheckMe 服務在優遊西門商圈同時還可賺點數換優惠

Beacon 定位技術這幾年在國際獲得相當大的重視,尤其其能夠進行達一公尺精度的是內定位能力也可望改變如零售業的現況;台灣官方單位也相當看重 Beacon 的未來性,除去年舉辦數次 Beacon 活動外,今天也由資策會、 OPEN-LiFE 時尚科技、西門促進會共同宣布,將在西門徒步商圈結合 Beacon 提供創新服務。

[视频]Adobe推Character Animator:可实时虚拟化人物动作

在洛杉矶召开的年度全美广播事业者联盟交易展中Adobe公司展示了多款即将到来基于Creative Cloud的视频工具,而其中最为有趣的应用某过于Character Animator应用,通过网络摄像头来追踪用户的动作和面部表情,并将其实时应用在虚拟动画角色上。


2015 年 TechCrunch 国际创新峰会上海站活动 6 月 8-9 日在上海西岸艺术中心举行。6 月 8 日下午“让创业更简单:绿洲计划创业分享专场”在大会分会场举行。 绿洲计划的发起方之一戈壁创投的徐晨简单介绍了该计划。

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