The OnePlus 6 already looks like the best Android value of 2018

I always get giddy like a kid whenever OnePlus tells me they’ve got a new phone to show me.This explosion of uncontainable excitement now happens twice a year. And this time the new phone that has me looking like the emoji with two hearts for eyes

Overenthusiastic student shows up for job interview at Microsoft a month early

This might make you just melt into the floor out of sheer secondhand embarrassment. Laura MacLean, a 21-year-old student studying management and marketing in the UK, was exceptionally prepared for a job interview with Microsoft. She had an outfit ready, research done,

Mindy Kaling weighs in on where her 'Office' character would be now

It hasn't been that long since fans said goodbye to The Office, but it's been long enough to make us wonder where the characters are now (and not-so-secretly hope for a revival). In a new interview with Variety,

Ring CEO talks video doorbells, sensor technology, and the total home security of the future

In this special edition of MashTalk, Mashable met with Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff on the floor of CES 2019 to catch up with the company's latest release of products. Read more...More about Tech, Technology, Mashable Video, Ring, and Cameras

Only true fans will know 'The Office' and 'Parks and Rec' have this actress in common

Any fan of Parks and Rec and The Office can tell you the two shows have a lot in common.For starters, they're both delightful NBC comedies. They were also both made possible by the brilliant minds of Greg Daniels and Michael Schur and starred Rashida Jones.

Now Facebook can more easily delete your trash Pages

Facebook is sick and tired of your trash content, and by golly it's finally going to do something about it. In a Jan. 23 blog post, the Mark Zuckerberg-helmed advertising giant announced two upcoming changes to the service that we all know and love. First, starting on Jan. 24,

Smash all the electronics you want at the Rage Cage

Need to release some of the built up anger? We found just the place for you. The Rage Cage in downtown Manhattan is the new spot to destroy every type of electronics you can think of. Just don't forget to put on that safety gear first! Read more...More about Mashable Video, Nyc, Psychology, Anger,

Supreme Court decision on Trump's trans military ban makes painful limbo even worse

Lindsey Muller, an attack helicopter pilot and chief warrant officer, has spent nearly 19 years in the Army. Muller's career has included deployments to combat zones, where she's been shot at by forces intent on bringing her plane down. But Muller, who is transgender,

New Captain America meme wants to talk to you about your questionable life decisions

Captain America is a stand-up type of guy, always motivated to do the right thing. It only makes sense that he is the spokesperson for morality, sitting you down to question bad decisions you've made.SEE ALSO:

Thandie Newton's Cannes dress paid homage to black Star Wars characters

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Thandie Newton is amazing and her unique dress at the Cannes Film Festival screening of Solo only further cements it.SEE ALSO: 'Solo' is something new in Star Wars. Old-school fans will love it.On Tuesday night,

Why Microsoft might be looking to make cheap Surface tablets again

Stop me if you've heard this one: Microsoft, beaten to the tablet market by Apple, wants to build an alternative, one that runs Windows and gives more bang for the buck.That, of course, was the whole strategy behind the original Microsoft Surface that launched with Windows 8 in 2012.

Darth Vader Runs For President of Ukraine

First time accepted submitter neuroscroll (579178) writes "An unorthodox candidate presented himself for the future early presidential elections in Ukraine: the Darth Vader himself is promising to make an empire out of a republic. He is the official candidate of the Ukrainian Internet party.

定制钻石、3D打印模型、全球配送:看Enchanted Diamonds怎么玩转钻戒电商?

你是不是很难想象,买订婚戒指和科技会发生什么关系? 虽然买钻戒这件事是普通人一生最“昂贵”和有意义的一笔花销, […]

Google 收购流媒体音乐服务商 Songza

Google 昨日宣布收购流媒体音乐服务商 Songza,但并未透露具体金额。未来 Songza 团队将加入 Google,其播放列表技术也将被整合在 Google Play Music 与 YouTube 音乐流播放服务中。

10 Jello Shot Recipes to Get You Star Spangle Blasted

Ah, the Fourth of July, a day of controlled explosions, patriotism and copious amounts of food and alcoholMillions of Americans will make the annual journey to their nearest backyard barbecue this Independence Day, but in order to lure guests to your celebration,


应用分发相对成熟的模式,让各家竞争者面临同一个问题:增长放缓。360手机助手的新版,尝试给第三方应用平台这种工 […]

如何看待政府方面不断努力推动的 PPP (公私合营)模式、政府采购环境服务以及第三方专业治理服务等?




今日新聞淺談:4/24 應該是果粉們最開心的一天...

4/24 應該是不少果粉心情最好的一天,就在今天,利用線上購買 AppleWatch 的朋友們,都陸續拿到心心念念的夢幻逸品了,隨著官方陸續出貨,能夠應用在 Apple 上的 3,

厚過 R5!官方證實 Oppo R7 將採用一體成形全金屬機身

早前網上曾不斷流傳 Oppo 最新旗艦機 R7 或會採用無螢幕邊框設計,不過其後官 方公開的造型圖就否定了相關傳聞。不過 Oppo 今日就公開了 R7 的更多細節,並表示其整個機身將會由金屬製成,美感十足。The post 厚過 R5!



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