OnePlus’ latest flagship arrives May 22 for $529

OnePlus has never been the flashiest or most cutting edge — the Chinese company has mostly left that stuff to the Apples and Samsungs of the world. But in spite of some stumbles along the way, the upstart smartphone manufacturer has consistently delivered one of the best deals in mobile,

Disney‘s John Snoddy will talk imagineering augmented worlds at TC Sessions: AR/VR in LA this week

At our one-day TC Sessions: AR/VR event in LA on October 18, we’ll be joined by Walt Disney Imagineering’s R&D Studio Executive Jon Snoddy.

TravelPerk grabs $44M to take its pain-free SaaS for business travel global

Only six months ago Barcelona-based TravelPerk bagged a $21M Series B, off the back of strong momentum for a software as a service platform designed to take a Slack-like chunk out of the administrative tedium of arranging and expensing work trips.

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen has died at age 65

Microsoft Co-Founder Paul Allen passed away this afternoon in Seattle at age 65, owing to complications relating to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Vulcan, the privately held company that Allen founded in 1986, three years after leaving Microsoft,

Twilio acquires email API platform SendGrid for $2 billion in stock

Twilio, the ubiquitous communications platform, today announced its plan to acquire the API-centric email platform SendGrid for about $2 billion in an all-stock transaction. That’s Twilio’s largest acquisition to date,

Disney-backed Jaunt lays off ‘significant’ number of employees as it moves away from VR

One of the top-funded VR content startups with backers including Disney and GV (Google Ventures) is laying off a “significant portion” of its employees as it pivots away from virtual reality. In a blog post titled “The Future of Jaunt is AR,

Donald Daters, a dating app for Trump supporters, leaked its users’ data

A new dating app for Trump supporters that wants to “make America date again” has leaked its entire database of users — on the day of its launch. The app, called “Donald Daters,” is aimed at “American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends,

This robot uses lasers to “listen” to its environment

A new technology from researchers at Carnegie Mellon University will add sound and vibration awareness to create truly context-aware computing. The system, called Ubicoustics, adds additional bits of context to smart device interaction,

OnePlus’ new Bluetooth headphones are only $69

One of the keys to OnePlus’ success has been focusing on one phone at a time — and aside from cases and, of all things, a backpack, the company hasn’t strayed too far from phones. Along with this week’s release of the OnePlus 6, however, the company’s adding another key piece of hardware to its […]

A $400 Microsoft Surface may be on the way

Microsoft’s always taken a premium approach to its Surface line, showing users what its operating system can do when run on top of the line hardware. It’s a model that makes sense for a company with so many ties to third-party hardware manufacturers.

Twitter delays shutdown of legacy APIs by 3 months as it launches a replacement

Twitter is giving developers more time to adjust to its API platform overhaul, which has affected some apps‘ ability to continue operating in the same fashion. The company clarified this morning, along with news of the general availability of its Account Activity API,

Apply For Disrupt Startup Alley Now, For The Deadline Is Nigh

Though we do inevitably put a price tag on it, the value of a table in Startup Alley at Disrupt can not be measured. Or can it? Turns out, 2013 saw 393 startups coming through our Disrupt Startup Alley, and have since raised a total of $94 million. That comes out to around $239k per company,

Here's Why the U.S. Missile Defense System Is Utterly Broken

Last month, the U.S. Government Accountability Office issued a scathing report: the system to defend the U.S. from ballistic missiles doesn't work, and probably never will. But it gets worse. Congress then voted to expand the broken system, allocating money for a new, sub-par missile defense site.




Taylor Swift可能是目前世界范围内最知名的流行音乐人之一,今年前6个月全美只出现了1张白金唱片(按照 […]

Effective Java - 考虑用静态工厂方法代替构造器 - Kavlez

Effective Item - 考虑用静态工厂方法代替构造器我们有两种常见的方法获得一个类的实例:公有的构造器提供静态工厂方法(static factory method)相对公有的构造器,静态工厂方法有以下几大优势。优势1.


通过大数据分析,奥巴马团队制定了相应的策略,并赢得了大量草根阶层选民的支持和捐赠,一项民调显示, 80% 的美国选民认为奥巴马比罗姆尼让他们感觉更加重视自己。

产品经理 – 提升方法

东东推荐:产品经理在职业发展的过程过会遇到瓶颈期,会有很多问题需要解答,需要被人有效的建议。你是否也有这个时期 […]

在Eclipse中使用JUnit4进行单元测试(图文教程一) - IvesHe

在Eclipse中使用JUnit4进行单元测试 单元测试,JUnit4。 这两个有什么关系呢?这就好比(草)单元测试和(割草机)。用这个JUnit4工具去辅助我们进行测试。

Solar Paper 教你如何用光给 iPhone 充电?

“神说,要有光,就有了光”;Solar Paper 说,有了光,就能充电。#欢迎关注爱范儿认证微信公众号:AppSolution(微信号:appsolution),发现新酷精华应用。爱范儿 · Beats of Bits |原文链接 ·查看评论 ·新浪微博 ·微信订阅

Transgender teens speak to themselves 10 years from now

With the transgender conversation taking center stage in American culture, Mashable set out to talk to real teens to see what their lives are really like in 2015We asked them to talk to their future selves 10 years from now. Their responses are honest,

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