Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong to talk the future of cryptocurrency at Disrupt SF

Coinbase has come a long way since its launch in 2012. The company has raised more than $225 million and paved the way for cryptocurrencies to enter the mainstream by providing a digital currency exchange.

Elon Musk has a very bad idea for a website rating journalists

Elon Musk has, as I imagine he often does during meetings or long car rides, come up with an idea for a new thing. Unlike the HyperLoop, which was cool, and various space-related ideas, which we know he's at least partly expert about, this one is just plain bad.

GUN raises more than $1.5M for its decentralized database system

GUN is an open-source decentralized database service that allows developers to build fast peer-to-peer applications that will work, even when their users are offline. The company behind the project (which should probably change its name and logo…) today announced that it has raised just over $1.

It’s unconstitutional for Trump to block people on Twitter

A uniquely 21st-century constitutional question received a satisfying answer today from a federal judge: President Trump cannot block people on Twitter, as it constitutes a violation of their First Amendment rights. The court also ruled he must unblock all previously blocked users.

Spotify launches ‘The Game Plan,’ a 10-part educational video series for artists

On the same day that Spotify’s class-action settlement with musicians gets final approval, the company is making a big push to encourage artists to participate on its streaming service – in this case, by offering them a host of educational material to help them get started.

Uber is done testing self-driving cars in Arizona

Uber, which had already pulled its autonomous cars off the road following a fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona, is officially calling it quits on the state of Arizona, the Wall Street Journal first reported, citing an internal memo from Uber Advanced Technologies Group lead Eric Meyhofer.

Samsung adds ‘The Incredibles’ to its AR Emojis

Samsung’s AR Emojis were met with a…lukewarm reception when they launched alongside the Galaxy S9. The augmented reality avatars were regarded as a me-too response to Apple’s Animojis — and more to the point, were downright creepy. But at launch,

Upstarts emerge to chase Tesla’s lead in electric vehicles

A slew of well-funded new entrants backed by massive amounts of capital are chasing Tesla’s lead in an effort to power the next generation of the electric vehicle industry. Electric vehicle startups have raised more than $2 billion in the U.S. over the first months of 2018 alone,

OpenClassrooms raises another $60 million

French startup OpenClassrooms is raising $60 million from General Atlantic, with existing investors Citizen Capital, Alven and Bpifrance also participating. OpenClassrooms is the most popular massive open online course platform in France.

Hulu’s mobile and web apps get the new live TV guide, better recommendations and more

Hulu’s mobile and web apps are getting an upgrade. The company is introducing a series of new features to make the apps more personalized, as well as better support Hulu’s newer Live TV experience, among other things. It’s also adding HDMI support for iOS and improving the Chromecast option,

OnePlus’ latest flagship arrives May 22 for $529

OnePlus has never been the flashiest or most cutting edge — the Chinese company has mostly left that stuff to the Apples and Samsungs of the world. But in spite of some stumbles along the way, the upstart smartphone manufacturer has consistently delivered one of the best deals in mobile,





移动健康之春?继苹果发布Health Fit后,Google有望在I/O大会发布健康信息监测管理平台Google Fit


微软将发布搜索工具Delve 能主动学习用户需求


13 Crew Members at Isolated Antarctic Post Now Have Partial Power, Heat

The sun has finally risen — albeit briefly — at the Halley Research Station in Antarctica. The station's 13 crew members, located at the edge of the South Atlantic Ocean, were plunged into crisis mode on July 30 when the facility lost power, including heating, for 19 hours. At the same time,




导读:随着互联网的发展,营销领域的新趋势日趋明显,本文通过紧扣三大未来营销趋势,详细介绍了营销团队在新的条件下需要什么样的人才,希望在营销领域有更大发展的“码农 您可能也喜欢: 【8090在职场】数字团队管理中需避免的五大错误 【8090在职场】社交媒体和数字营销领域职场新人必备的5个软性技能

通讯信息诈骗成本低风险小 警方:抓得到判不了


搭建高性能计算环境(九)、应用软件的安装之gaussian 09 - iDove

高斯软件一般使用的都是编译好的二进制版,所以解压缩后设置一下环境变量就可以用了。cd /opttar xvf g09.tar.gz设置环境变量,添加到/etc/profile文件中,重新登录后生效。export g09root=/optsource $g09root/g09/bsd/

餵食飲水磅重三合一 智能餵貓機兼具貓樣辨識功能

不少人都會當寵物貓咪是家庭成員,牠們在主人離家上班上學之後,是否食得足夠,有沒有飲足夠的水,都是愛貓之人著緊和關心的事。Bistro 是一個智能餵貓器,協助主人隨時監測愛貓的狀況。

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