Easing the strain of compliance

The process of achieving and maintaining compliance must be optimised, streamlined and made more effective for businesses.

UK government plans Internet regulator

Proposed Internet regulator would hold tech giants accountable for content published on their platforms.

Salesforce brings voice to CRM with new Einstein Voice Assistant

Salesforce users can now obtain valuable data and insights with only their voice.

UK employees feel remote working guilt

Half of UK employees working remotely feel pressure to prove their working.

Painting by numbers: developing the real productivity picture

Could technology and data analytics be used to improve not only the workplace but also an organisation's employees?

Protecting your digital identity from hacks and breaches

As our identities become increasingly digital, protecting them from cyber threats has never been more important.

Six reasons an arts degree is an ideal springboard for a career in IT

The soft skills learned at a liberal arts college actually translate quite well to the field of IT.

UK company emails being hijacked for phishing

Victims are usually clueless they're being attacked.

Four ways to master secure customer data management

Managing customer data effectively and securely will allow your business to offer more tailored and personalised experiences.

Boosting productivity with voice recognition tech

When voice recognition technology replaces manual documentation processes, a businesses’ productivity is boosted both in and out of the workplace.

What you didn’t know about your triple bottom line and your printing technology choices

If you are a business leader or work in a business environment, chances are you’ve heard of the ‘triple bottom line’, also known as the ‘three P's'.

Eugene 通过图灵测试究竟代表什么意义?

昨天外媒传出,终于有一个计算机程序首次成功通过了图灵测试。这是一次属于计算机的胜利,一次颇具争议的胜利。依然有很多人站出来说,这并不算什么稀奇的事,毕竟通过比例只有 30%,而 Eugene 只取得了 3 个百分点高值。

One-click test released for PCs infected by GameOver Zeus botnet

Last week Microsoft boasted of helping to take down the GameOver botnet, one of the leaders in the theft of banking information. However, Microsoft was not the only tech entity involved...Read more: http://www.itproportal.



HBase Compaction流程 - emailed

##HBase Compaction策略RegionServer这种类LSM存储引擎需要不断的进行Compaction来减少磁盘上数据文件的个数和删除无用的数据从而保证读性能。RegionServer后台有一组负责flush region的线程(MemStoreFlusher),每次从flushQu...

Spin Master's Meccanoid G15 KS Will Let You Build Your Own Johnny Five

If you were a child of the '80s, at some point in your life you saw the movie Short Circuit and realized that a sass-talking robot would be far superior to the friends you had at school. And with its new Meccanoid G15 KS building kit,

Windows Server 2003 support to end July 2015 says Microsoft

It is a simple fact that, in the world of technology, nothing ever stays still. As time goes by and research is conducted, the building blocks of our software and hardware become more powerful and complex almost with every passing day. As such, the needs of the consumer, and of the business world,







Uber被封 马化腾却说微信对Uber和滴滴一视同仁

在被微信封杀这件事上,Uber已经积攒了足够丰富的经验。令人颇感意外的是,每一次封杀,不但没有让这家公司一蹶不振,反而让它越挫越勇。    上周开始,Uber在上海、广州等十多个城市的微信公众号遭到集体封号。

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