Easing the strain of compliance

The process of achieving and maintaining compliance must be optimised, streamlined and made more effective for businesses.

GDPR has made life easier for cyberciminals

Removal of PII data from Whois records makes protecting Internet users increasingly difficult for security professionals.

How to reduce data centre energy waste without sinking it into the sea

Reducing your data centre's impact on the environment doesn't require drastic measures.

UK utilities ready to embrace AI technology

Monetary savings and customer retention cited as main driving factors for AI adoption.

How hackers can penetrate any organisation via enterprise file sharing platforms

While useful for sharing files, content collaboration platforms often leave organisations exposed to malicious third parties.

How can retailers achieve successful digital transformation?

One answer to this problem lies in embracing digital transformation to deliver an immersive, engaging and personalised shopping experience for consumers that is exclusive to physical retail environments.

IBM sees results boost thanks to cloud and hardware push

Moving into new territories proved lucrative for the tech giant.

Insider security threats fall following GDPR

Some cyber threats are shrinking in the UK and Germany, new research suggests.

Four ways to master secure customer data management

Managing customer data effectively and securely will allow your business to offer more tailored and personalised experiences.

Boosting productivity with voice recognition tech

When voice recognition technology replaces manual documentation processes, a businesses’ productivity is boosted both in and out of the workplace.

What you didn’t know about your triple bottom line and your printing technology choices

If you are a business leader or work in a business environment, chances are you’ve heard of the ‘triple bottom line’, also known as the ‘three P's'.

This RC Dino Balances On Two Rolling Feet Like a Prehistoric Segway

Raising the question of whether Dean Kamen actually invented the Segway, or just discovered it at an archaeological dig, Spin Master's newest robo-pet Boomer is a remote control dinosaur that self-balances on a set of wheeled feet, terrorizing anyone you tell it to.Read more...    

As Auroracoin “Airdrop” Approaches, What Does It Mean When A Nation Adopts A Cryptocurrency?

Iceland has its own Satoshi. A programmer called Baldur Friggjar Odinsson has created an alternative to bitcoin that he is calling AuroraCoin and in twenty-three days he will "airdrop" 31.8 coins to every citizen of Iceland - all 330,000 of them. Read More

Jimmy Kimmel Humiliates Rob Ford on TV and Other News You Need to Know

Welcome to this morning's edition of "First To Know," a series in which we keep you in the know on what's happening around the world. Today, we're looking at five important storiesRob Ford was on the Jimmy Kimmel show, and, as you might imagine,







美国网购星期一线上销售额同比增长 8.5%

今年,美国的网购星期一延续了感恩节以来网上购物的火爆势头,销售额比去年增长了 8.5%。其中移动端用户占 22%,较去年有大幅增长。

[iOS逆向实战 之六]看懂mach-o(1) - 16字节


苹果砍掉32G版iPhone 6每年多获30亿美元收益

外媒刊文称,华尔街分析师尼尔·赛巴特(Neil Cybart)分析认为,通过将iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus的最低存储容量控制在16GB,砍掉32GB版本,转推64GB和128GB版本,苹果明年可以获得高达30亿美元的额外收益。



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