US lawmakers hit back at Trump ZTE plans

President Trump plans to ease restrictions on the Chinese firm in exchange for tariffs on US exports being lifted.

Microsoft starts urging Windows 7 users to upgrade

Microsoft will stop supporting the system in less than a year.

Opera adds unlimited free VPN to its Android browser

People are asking questions.

Google hit with billion-euro EU antitrust fine

Online giant faces another major fine.

Half of businesses don't have a clear digital transformation plan

Lack of preparation is making life difficult for them.

Enterprise service management – why every business needs to think like an IT department

By automating processes and organising service assets through ESM, service teams are able to deal with requests without getting bogged down in admin.

Connecting the dots – why personalised experiences are the holy grail of CXM

What are the core elements of making joined up customer experience a reality? How can they be achieved?

UK businesses could face £1bn bill from DDoS attacks this year

Large-scale attacks are getting cheaper to carry out, but the consequences are getting more expensive.

Easing the strain of compliance

The process of achieving and maintaining compliance must be optimised, streamlined and made more effective for businesses.

Four ways to master secure customer data management

Managing customer data effectively and securely will allow your business to offer more tailored and personalised experiences.

Boosting productivity with voice recognition tech

When voice recognition technology replaces manual documentation processes, a businesses’ productivity is boosted both in and out of the workplace.


济南2014年3月27日电 /美通社/ -- 日前,中国电子科技集团公司(简称中国电科)浪潮ERP财务信息化项目启动大会在中国电子科学研究院隆重召开。

Puns Are Coming: 15 'Game of Thrones' Jokes

Brace yourself — puns are coming.Comedians and diehard Game of Thrones fans Dave Barclay and Matt Kowall have some clever jokes to help you laugh through season fourSee also: 10 'Game of Thrones' Tumblrs for Your Daily Dose of WesterosIn honor of their wittiness and our love for all things GoT,


只要极少的金钱激励,用户就愿意在他们的计算机上下载和执行任意程序而不考虑潜在后果。卡内基梅隆大学和滨州州立大学的研究人员发表了一篇论文《It’s All About The Benjamins:

Chromebook 突围,先“搞大”屏幕

近年来,受到平板和各类移动设备的冲击, PC 市场略显疲软,使得诸如 Chromebook 这类轻量级上网本能寻找到新的机会。

[视频]如果 iPhone 6 运行的是 Apple Watch 系统

在苹果本周的发布会上, Apple Watch 的系统可以说是真正意义上的一次创新, 让人眼前一亮, 而且也和苹果的 Mac OS X, iOS 感觉完全不同. 那么这个新颖的系统, 在 iPhone 6 上运行感觉如何呢?

Calgary's New Library is a Towering Glass Creation

City libraries are an embodiment of the spirit of higher learning that governments are supposed to be all about, and nowhere is that more true than Calgary's about-to-be-built Central Library. Read more...

Report: Elon Musk planning satellite 'constellation' to deliver Internet access

Elon Musk, the billionaire behind Tesla and SpaceX, is considering plans to launch a "constellation" of satellites that are capable of delivering Internet access around the world, according to a report.Musk has teamed up with Greg Wyler, a satellite-industry veteran and former Google executive,

Emails Show Sony Planning a Jump Street/MIB Crossover Cause Why Not

In a world that gave birth to seven Saw movies and roughly 47 iterations of The Fast and the Furious, we should have seen this coming. According to leaked Sony exec emails , a Jump Street/Men in Black crossover will be playing in movie theaters everywhere this summer. God help us all. Read more...

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英國科學家妙想天開 研究 2018 年在火星種菜

Mars One(火星一號)是由一個非牟利基金會成立的項目,目的是讓人類可以在 2026 年移居火星。

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