Rackspace launches Kubernetes as a Service

Rackspace aids enterprises in their digital transformation efforts with new offering.

Rackspace Launches Carina, A Hosted Environment For Running Docker Containers

Rackspace is getting deeper into the container game. The company today announced the beta launch of its Carina container service.

GDPR has made life easier for cyberciminals

Removal of PII data from Whois records makes protecting Internet users increasingly difficult for security professionals.

How to reduce data centre energy waste without sinking it into the sea

Reducing your data centre's impact on the environment doesn't require drastic measures.

UK utilities ready to embrace AI technology

Monetary savings and customer retention cited as main driving factors for AI adoption.

How hackers can penetrate any organisation via enterprise file sharing platforms

While useful for sharing files, content collaboration platforms often leave organisations exposed to malicious third parties.

How can retailers achieve successful digital transformation?

One answer to this problem lies in embracing digital transformation to deliver an immersive, engaging and personalised shopping experience for consumers that is exclusive to physical retail environments.

IBM sees results boost thanks to cloud and hardware push

Moving into new territories proved lucrative for the tech giant.

Insider security threats fall following GDPR

Some cyber threats are shrinking in the UK and Germany, new research suggests.

Embracing big data requires a cultural shift, but the results are worth the effort

Companies that adopt and take advantage of big data analytics now will be better equipped for our data driven future.

GDPR will help businesses boost security

The upcoming regulation presents an opportunity for businesses to improve data privacy and security.

API security: gold rush or wild west?

APIs are the glue that holds the digital world together.

Behind the Braid: Who Is Yulia Tymoshenko?

Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovych and opposition leaders Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko, Oleh Tiahnybok signed a deal this morning to end the bloodshed that has taken over Kiev and the surrounding area this week. While they agreed on a coalition government and early presidential elections,


杭州2014年4月29日电 /美通社/ -- 4月28日,由恒生科技园与北京软件和信息服务交易所联合主办的“2014创富中国科技园区中国行”主题活动在杭州恒生科技园举行盛大启动仪式。


威锋网消息,游戏开发公司 Aspyr 今日宣布,《使命召唤:现代战争2》《使命召唤:现代战争3》均已上架 Mac 平台。  玩家可直接通过 Steam 平台或 Aspyr 在线商店购买和下载完整版的游戏,包括所有可用的 DLC 包。

CNBlogs-博客园,简简单单三个字,对于你的意义是什么? - 田园里的蟋蟀

##写在前面>时间:2014-08-02 21:52(七夕)>地点:上海-浦东-张江的一栋普通居民楼>事件:刚和 dudu 一起看完《后会无期》,回来迫不及待打开电脑,在写这篇博文。



Twitter’s Huge Mistake

The worst tech news I read last week was: “Twitter CFO says a Facebook-style filtered feed is coming, whether you like it or not.” The horrified firestorm of condemnation that erupted in response was the first time I’ve ever seen anything like unanimity on my Twitter feed. Fortunately,



27万创作者,3万套贴纸,上线7个月的原创贴纸销售平台Line Creators Market交出的成绩单

今年4月17日Line上线了Line Creators Market,允许用户创作、提交和出售自己的原创贴纸,Line与创作者五五分成,用户获得贴纸销售一半的收入。半年多过去了,这个平台的运行得如何?昨天,Line公布了截至11月7日销售成绩。

CES 2015:聯想的新玩意ThinkPad Stack,將各式周邊模組化成為筆電配件的新應用

聯想除了更新筆電產品線之外,最讓人注意的,大概就是這個ThinkPad Stack玩意兒。各別來看東西,不算特別,但能夠把這些常見的周邊模組化,成為筆電的配件,倒是相當有創意的做法。

关于nagios系统下使用shell脚本自定义监控插件的编写 - 520_1351


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