Rackspace launches Kubernetes as a Service

Rackspace aids enterprises in their digital transformation efforts with new offering.

Rackspace Launches Carina, A Hosted Environment For Running Docker Containers

Rackspace is getting deeper into the container game. The company today announced the beta launch of its Carina container service.

IBM to sell seven major software brands to Indian firm

While IBM focuses on cloud computing, analysts are slamming the deal.

O2 outage caused by Ericsson software fault

Consumers, as well as a few services, couldn't use O2's cellular network.

Amazon targets airports for new checkout-free stores

Ecommerce giant wants to bring its cashierless experience to time-deprived passengers.

Mobile shopping now makes up a quarter of all spending

Clothes and accessories among the most popular items bought on smartphones, Mastercard finds.

2019 predictions: the year of SD-WAN

Throughout 2019, SD-WAN is set to further change the business landscape, unlocking the cloud’s potential and empowering businesses.

Japan to halt buying Huawei, ZTE equipment

Government set to revise internal rules on procurement to protect national cybersecurity.

What do the cloud wars mean for enterprises in 2019?

In reviewing a year of heated and varied competition, there are two key themes that have emerged as central to 2018’s cloud wars, and which help set the stage for 2019.

Embracing big data requires a cultural shift, but the results are worth the effort

Companies that adopt and take advantage of big data analytics now will be better equipped for our data driven future.

GDPR will help businesses boost security

The upcoming regulation presents an opportunity for businesses to improve data privacy and security.

API security: gold rush or wild west?

APIs are the glue that holds the digital world together.



博客第二年,杂谈 - Vamei

作者:Vamei 出处:http://www.cnblogs.com/vamei 欢迎转载,也请保留这段声明。谢谢!我在博客园正好写了两年的博客。

中手游连出大招 强力回应架构调整

6月19日,中国手游连发两则内部通知,宣布免去包括总裁应书岭在内的9名高管职务,随后,中国手游曾澄清,人事调整系为精简组织架构,提升运营效率,但是这样的理由显然难以服众。6月23日上午,中国手游肖健和应书 ... ...

Samsung To Scoop Up SmartThings For Around $200 Million

Google has Nest, Apple has HomeKit and Samsung has…SmartThings, we’re hearing. The deal was completed for around $200 million dollars, though it might have been less according to one source. SmartThings is in the home automation space,

日本车站配置语言翻译iPad 27种语言轻松转换


10 One-Star Yelp Reviews of Majestic National Parks

Some people are impossible to please.While it might seem strange, given their beauty, it turns out that a few national park visitors aren't leaving their vacations satisfied at all. And they're taking to Yelp to voice their complaints.See also:

再见了,红盒子?Redbox Instant服务将于本周二关闭


Zuta's robotic, wireless and portable printer is now available for pre-order

Back in April, the Zuta Pocket Printer garnered a ton of interest on Kickstarter. The printer, which is wireless and very portable, prints directly onto a page.See also: This smart baby bottle holder monitors food intakeAfter raising almost $600,000 on Kickstarter,

3D-Printed Flutes Can Produce Notes that Regular Flutes Can't

3D Printing has been around long enough for playable 3D-printed instruments to exist, but most musicians will still opt for one made using traditional methods. That could soon change, however,

GarageBand 加入支持以 Force Touch 控制音轨了

苹果在新 MacBook 和 MacBook Pro 加入的 Force Touch 触控板终于也不只用在滑动页面之类的小技巧。在最新版本的 GarageBand 10.1 更新中,使用者可以借此控制部分工具的强度,例如是用手指滑过音轨。

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