UK businesses think GDPR will make them more competitive

Medium-sized businesses were the most optimistic while smaller businesses were the least confident.

UK government plans Internet regulator

Proposed Internet regulator would hold tech giants accountable for content published on their platforms.

Salesforce brings voice to CRM with new Einstein Voice Assistant

Salesforce users can now obtain valuable data and insights with only their voice.

UK employees feel remote working guilt

Half of UK employees working remotely feel pressure to prove their working.

Painting by numbers: developing the real productivity picture

Could technology and data analytics be used to improve not only the workplace but also an organisation's employees?

Protecting your digital identity from hacks and breaches

As our identities become increasingly digital, protecting them from cyber threats has never been more important.

Six reasons an arts degree is an ideal springboard for a career in IT

The soft skills learned at a liberal arts college actually translate quite well to the field of IT.

UK company emails being hijacked for phishing

Victims are usually clueless they're being attacked.

Rackspace launches Kubernetes as a Service

Rackspace aids enterprises in their digital transformation efforts with new offering.

Embracing big data requires a cultural shift, but the results are worth the effort

Companies that adopt and take advantage of big data analytics now will be better equipped for our data driven future.

GDPR will help businesses boost security

The upcoming regulation presents an opportunity for businesses to improve data privacy and security.

Hacker exploits Android and roots Blackphone at DefCon conference

The Blackphone, billed as a super secure consumer alternative to standard smartphones, has been successfully hacked at the DefCon hacking conference.Read more:

今日看点:美国诸多女明星 iCloud 隐私照片泄露

《饥饿游戏》女主角詹妮弗·劳伦斯储存在 iCloud 中的照片被泄露,我们还应该相信苹果的云数据么?



猫耳造型耳机亮相 浓浓杀马特风

看到配图的杀马特耳机造型,想必有人喜欢有人吐槽。这是来自一家名为Axent Wear的创业公司推出的产品,目前正在Indiegogo上筹资。


正确的说法是李四光预测了很多地震。更准确的说法是李四光做了很多地震的中长期预测(这是关键词)李四光先生在 1966 年邢台 7.2 级地震后的一次会议上提出:邢台地震之后要密切注意河北河间、沧州一带地震危险性。

Music May Help Treat Epilepsy Someday

Epilespy patients’ brainwaves tend to synchronize with music, and that discovery may one day help prevent seizures.Read more...




威锋网讯 10 月 20 日消息,苹果 CEO 蒂姆·库克已经宣布加入可持续城镇化 CEO 理事会,以协助解决因为中国城镇化发展带来的环境问题。

支付宝推出扶老人险 妈妈再也不用担心我被讹了


氣壓計另一用途!高手成功在 Xperia Z3 上實現 3D Touch 功能

Apple 早前推出的 iPhone 6s 及 iPhone 6s Plus 加入了全新的 3D Touch 功能, 能透過在螢幕上按壓力度的強弱,從而產生出不同的輸入效果。至於 Android 機如要使用類似的功能,暫時就只有 Huawei 的 Mate S 能夠做到。

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