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Apple reportedly looks to Virginia for another US campus

It seems Virginia is for tech lovers. According to a report in The Washington Post, Apple has been searching for places to put hubs as it contemplates how to spend the $30 billion it has committed for new facilities and 20,000 new employees in the U.S.

SoftBank’s Vision Fund to help Chinese online insurance giant ZhongAn go international

SoftBank’s Vision Fund is backing Chinese online insurance giant ZhongAn through its latest investment, which could take the company — which has struggled for stability following a monster IPO last year — into international markets.

Tencent-backed news aggregation app Qutoutiao files for U.S. public offering

Qutoutiao, a news aggregator app backed by Tencent, has filed for an initial public offering of up to $300 million in the United States. In its F-1 form, the company, whose name means “fun headlines,” said it is the number two mobile content aggregator in China. Its main rivals are Jinri Toutiao,

Robotics-as-a-service is on the way and inVia Robotics is leading the charge

The team at inVia Robotics didn’t start out looking to build a business that would create a new kind of model for selling robotics to the masses, but that may be exactly what they’ve done. After their graduation from the University of Southern California’s robotics program, Lior Alazary, Dan Parks,

As promised, Netflix’s user reviews are no more

Netflix user reviews are no more. Sure, chances are pretty decent you didn’t realize Netflix still had reviews at this point, but the video streaming giant has delivered on its promise to do away with the one-time mainstay of the service. Last month,

The Kindle Voyage is no longer available from Amazon

The Kindle Voyage is no more. The e-reader is currently unavailable through Amazon, as noted by a few sites. You can still pick up a refurbed version through the retailer, but listings for the new model note that, “[t]his item is only available from third-party sellers.

Jack Dorsey admits Twitter hasn’t ‘figured out’ approach to fake news

Jack Dorsey is hedging his bets. In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, the beard-rocking CEO said Twitter is reluctant to commit to a timetable for enacting policies aimed at curbing heated political rhetoric on the site.

A university is outfitting living spaces with thousands of Echo Dots

Soon, Saint Louis University students won’t be able to avoid Amazon’s near ubiquitous smart speakers. The university announced this week a plan to outfit living spaces with 2,300 Echo Dots. The devices are set to be deployed by the time classes start, later this month.

Uber’s plan to fly you around

Welcome back to CTRL+T, the TechCrunch podcast where Megan Rose Dickey and I talk about the stories we want to talk about and connect them to the culture in which we’re all trying to live. We first tackled the flying taxi phenomenon that isn’t really a phenomenon anymore.

Watch every panel from TC Sessions: Robotics

Last week at UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, TechCrunch held its second TC Sessions: Robotics event. It was a full day of panels and demos, featuring the top minds in robotics, artificial intelligence and venture capital, along with some of the most cutting-edge demonstrations around.

Coinbase’s first investment, Compound, earns you interest on crypto

Compound wants to let you borrow cryptocurrency, or lend it and earn an interest rate. Most cryptocurrency is shoved in a wallet or metaphorically hidden under a mattress, failing to generate interest the way traditionally banked assets do.

腾讯银行确定落户深圳 半年来边“瘦身”边扩张剥离5子公司



Travelex:调查显示英国1/4雇员假期后“装病”不上班 您可能也喜欢的文章: 零点调查:调查显示不愿做饭女性高于男性 Monster:调查显示全世界讨厌上班排行榜 美国人第一 《美国人时间使用》:美国生活调查显示周三逛超市周日做沙拉


小编按:公益+病毒式营销,也可以成为一款产品的推广方式,而且效果似乎也不错。 从8月15号起,冰桶挑战(Ice […]

Canon Patent Describes Tech to Choose Between JPEG and RAW For You

RAW of JPEG? JPEG or RAW? Too. Many. Decisions. Fortunately, a new Canon patent suggests technology that could make that choice for you.Read more...


  微软 OS 部执行副总裁 Terry Myerson 之前曾宣布,Windows Phone 和 […]

三星Galaxy S5跑Android 5.0新图

安卓5.0刚刚正式发布没几天,三星旗舰Galaxy S5就曝出了一批运行截图,有消息称年底的时候就能真正吃上“棒棒糖”了。现在进展如何呢?SamMobile又独家得到了Galaxy S5的最新版安卓5.

CentOS 7 用户账户配置 - 圆明

说明:1、这篇博文记录的是CentOS 7 用户账户的配置,包括添加用户、添加用户组、删除用户、删除用户组等。其中包括分析用户的配置文件、目录以及对安全的思考。2、用户配置方面CentOS 7与以往版本感觉没有差别。

縮水版本?傳 HUAWEI 或推出 5.5 吋版 Mate 7 Compact

雖然最近不斷有消息傳出 HUAWEI 將會推出最新款的 HUAWEI P8 智能手機,而且就連機背殼實照亦已經流出,不過今日卻有報導指他們或會同時推出一款 Ascend Mate 7 的加強版本,而名稱或可能稱為 Mate 7 Compact。

微软下一代 Windows 或明年推出 | 极客早知道 2015 年 4 月 8 日

Seattle Sounders FC sporting Halo 5: Guardians jerseys on Sunday

Microsoft is pulling no punches in marketing the upcoming Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One game. The Xbox Wire has released a post showing off Halo 5: Guardians-themed soccer league uniforms. Wearing them will be...The post Seattle Sounders FC sporting Halo 5:

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