Microsoft signs Azure / Office 365 deal with US intelligence agencies as huge Pentagon contract deci

Microsoft announced today that both it has entered a deal with the US Intelligence Community worth millions of dollars over six years.

Acer announces powerful new Windows 10 laptops and desktops

During a live-streamed event in New York, Acer today took the wraps off several new powerful Windows 10 laptops and desktops

Microsoft makes me want to ditch my iPhone for Android – here’s why

Sure, I do own a Galaxy S8 as a "side phone" for testing apps and other Microsoft products, but after Build 2018, I've been thinking that Microsoft is trying to get me (and maybe other Windows 10 users) to ditch iPhone for Android.

More details surface about Sea of Thieves’ first expansion, The Hungering Deep

Following the release of a cryptic teaser trailer last week, Sea of Thieves Executive Producer Joe Neate finally revealed more details about this first content update yesterday.

Xbox to sponsor first ever Special Olympics video gaming tournament

Microsoft is now partnering with the Special Olympics USA Games to host its first-ever pilot video gaming tournament at the USA Games in Seattle.

Xbox Career system shows up in new patent filing

Despite Microsoft dismissing Xbox Career system being real, new patents dive deeper into what an Xbox Career system would be like.

Xbox One Preview Alpha build 1806 brings game groups & multiple Wi-Fi options

Microsoft is pushing out a new build for Xbox Insiders in the Xbox One Preview Alpha Ring today. The build is described as the 1806.180517-2122 system update and it will bring support for a range of new features to consoles such as app and games groups, better search, more accessibility options,

Microsoft Launcher revisited: hey this thing is really good!

For the 15 million plus users who seek a bit of Microsoft refuge from the seeming inflexibility of the modern smartphone duopoly landscape, some of the updates recently brought to the launcher are a welcomed eschewal.

Here are the known issues with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17672

This new RS5 build comes with a new list of known issues, this time affecting Windows Mixed Reality, Narrator, Remote Desktop, as well as Windows Sets.

Here’s what’s new and changed in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17672

After a busy Build 2018 conference last week, Microsoft today released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17672 to the desktops of Skip Ahead and Fast Ring Insiders across the world. This build is fairly minor compared to prior releases,

It’s new build time again! Microsoft releases Windows 10 Insider build 17672 to the Fast Ring

Microsoft has released another Redstone 5 build to Windows Insiders in the Fast and Skip Ahead rings, this one clocking it at version # 17672. Insiders have been able to get to downloading the build since right at 10:00 am Pacific Time, but for whatever reason a blog post is a bit tardy,

The Future of Fashion Is Code, Not Couture, Says Designer

Designer Francis Bitonti's Brooklyn studio is an airy space filled with dress forms and lacquered desks piled with books. At first, it looks every bit the traditional atelier. But then you notice a cluster of MakerBots, each glowing purple and constantly printing, fed by spools of filament.

A 2560x1440 VR Headset That's Mobile

New submitter oldmildog writes: "GameFace Labs may very well be the furthest along in the quest to create a mobile VR headset. It's based on Android, and their latest prototype latest is the first VR headset (mobile or tethered) to include a 2560x1440 display,


超市哪个收银台结账速度最快   数据显示,超市行业一天有两个最繁忙时段,上午和傍晚。每天上午8:30至10:30,超市会迎来一天20%的顾客,其中近九成是中老年人。   



Y Combinator-backed Gemnote Saves Companies From Cheesy Gift Baskets

This may come as a surprise to anyone who has ever received a rattan basket packed with novelty cheese logs, but corporate gifts are a huge business. According to research from the Advertising Specialty Institute, U.S. companies spend about $19 billion a year sending swag to clients and employees.

[图]韩国男孩直播吃饭日入上万 网友:感觉亲切


Android学习笔记(十二)BroadcastReceiver的有序广播和优先级 - codingblock


4 ways to infuse humanity into your company's DNA

This article is part of DBA, a series on Mashable about running a business that features insights from leaders in entrepreneurship, venture capital and management.Too often, customers get the bare minimum when it comes to service. This generally isn't out of malicious intent; customers, rather,

苹果新专利:iPhone 也可以用扬声器防水了

苹果说你的 iPhone 以后也能防水了,至少在专利里看起来是这个样子。  根据 Apple Insider 的消息,美国专利和商标局日前公布了苹果的一项专利计划。


1月17日消息,16日,百度再次对“血友病吧”一事作出声明,其官方微博表示“这一事件暴露了我们在贴吧商业化运营管理上的失责,和对吧友声音的忽视”“正在重审内部决策和审批流程,从源头肃清问题,全面整改”。百度总裁张亚勤在个人微博上转载并评论了百度的声明,张亚勤评论称“用户体验至上 整改绝不姑息”。

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