Microsoft pushes back retirement dates for Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business Windows Phone apps

Microsoft has quietly pushed back the retirement dates for the Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business Windows Phone apps earlier this month, though it’s not all good news.

Deal: Xbox One X with Forza Horizon 4, Forza 7, Red Dead Redemption 2 and NOW TV for £399.99 in the

If you’re a fan of the Forza series, as well as Red Dead Redemption, enjoy watching NOW TV and are on the lookout for a new Xbox, then UK retailer GAME may have just the deal to tickle your gaming thumbs. Coming in time to offer some Christmas savings, GAME is offering up an Xbox […]

You can now gift apps and Xbox Live avatar items through the Microsoft Store

Microsoft announced yesterday that it has extended digital gifting through the Microsoft Store to apps and Xbox Live avatar items, which comes in addition to digital games, Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Games Pass subscriptions.

How-to start with Microsoft Learn

Microsoft recently announced a new learning platform so you can educate yourself about Azure, PowerApps, Dynamics 365, Flow, PowerBI, with more coming soon to acquire skills to advance your career. This tutorial will guide you through your first steps through Microsoft Learn.

Europe’s busiest airport turns to Microsoft technologies to look to the future

Heathrow Europe’s busiest Airport is about to get an upgrade with a third runway, and Microsoft is assisting with its technology. Around 78 million passengers passed through its terminals in 2017, and with a planned upgrade, we would expect to see at least 130 million.

Microsoft turns its Mile-IQ acquisition into a new app, Spend

This week, the team behind the mileage-tracking app MileIQ has quietly released a new mobile app called Spend, which purpose is to help business users tracking expenses.

It’s official, the EU has approved Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub

the European Commission has officially approved of the Microsoft and GitHub purchase without any conditions and says the purchase would not damage competition in the sector.

How to install Windows 10’s Linux Subsystem on your PC

In 2016, Microsoft made a stunning announcement during its annual Build developers conference: it was bringing the Linux shell Bash to the Windows desktop* as a first-class citizen.

Microsoft signs Azure / Office 365 deal with US intelligence agencies as huge Pentagon contract deci

Microsoft announced today that both it has entered a deal with the US Intelligence Community worth millions of dollars over six years.

Here are the known issues with Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17672

This new RS5 build comes with a new list of known issues, this time affecting Windows Mixed Reality, Narrator, Remote Desktop, as well as Windows Sets.

Here’s what’s new and changed in Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17672

After a busy Build 2018 conference last week, Microsoft today released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17672 to the desktops of Skip Ahead and Fast Ring Insiders across the world. This build is fairly minor compared to prior releases,



Chromecast just keeps getting better.

Chromecast just keeps getting better. You can now cast livestreaming baseball through the MLB.TV app. The only catch is that you'll have to have a premium subscription. If you do, it's time to play ball! Read more...

[视频]Moto X+1开机视频曝光

在科技博客TK Tech News日前透露的消息称Moto X+1将会沿用摩托罗拉一贯的设计风格,外观尺寸将会比Moto X大上一圈。

Classic Game 'Myst' to Become Fantasy TV Series

The puzzling 1990s PC game Myst is on its way to becoming a television series, according to a Tuesday report.Legendary Television & Digital is set to develop the series, which follows the game's mysterious Stranger as he uncovers an island full of puzzles, ,Deadline reports.See also:

万事达卡联同歌手发布广告 再推Apple Pay

威锋网讯,万事达卡(MasterCard)作为 Apple Pay 的合作伙伴之一,自这项移动支付服务推出以来万事达卡就非常“坚定不移”地为 Apple Pay 进行宣传。  而最新的万事达卡广告我们看到了和唱作人格温·史蒂芬妮的合作。

Nodejs笔记(一) - 清姿

Node近些日子大火,看样子js大有统一前端后台的趋势...Node.js是一个事件驱动I/O服务端JavaScript环境,基于Google的V8引擎,V8引擎执行Javascript的速度快,性能好。 创建HTTP服务器 在项目的根目录下创建一个叫 server.

亚马逊四季度净赚2.14亿美元 同比下滑10.5%

1 月 30 日,亚马逊今天发布了该公司截至 12 月 31 日的 2014 年第四季度财报。财报显示,亚马逊第四季度净营收达到 293.3 亿美元,比上年同期的 255.9 亿美元增长了 15%;净利润为 2.14 亿美元,比上年同期的 2 ... ...

Liberians urged 'to take courage' as Ebola vaccine trial starts

A trial of an Ebola vaccine was to start Monday in Liberia's capital following a launch event featuring musicians.See also: Ebola patient zero may have been infected by a batIn a densely-populated neighborhood of Monrovia, guests clapped,


和许多人一样,2015 年 Y Combinator 冬季班学员 Moltin 的三位创始人也是出于解决自己面临的痛点才创办的公司。 他们之前都在为一家英国设计公司工作,并发现往一个网站中添加购物车等电子商务功能太困难了,花费也多。

LeetCode OJ Linked List: 24题、148题和61题 - 青藜学士

题外话:最近打算做一些LeetCode OJ上面的练习题了,当然很多前辈都已经写过若干解题报告了。坦白说,也正是因为前辈们的贡献,才让我们学习到了很多知识。所以,我一直都在犹豫到底要不要写解题报告多此一举呢?

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