The SEC creates an educational “token” to stop scammers - 云聚网

The SEC creates an educational “token” to stop scammers

“Travel is expensive, but we are at the cusp of a revolution that will democratize travel and leisure for everyone,” reads the breathless white paper for HoweyCoins. “The Internet was the first part of the revolution. The other part is blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

SoftBank’s Vision Fund to help Chinese online insurance giant ZhongAn go international

SoftBank’s Vision Fund is backing Chinese online insurance giant ZhongAn through its latest investment, which could take the company — which has struggled for stability following a monster IPO last year — into international markets.

Tencent-backed news aggregation app Qutoutiao files for U.S. public offering

Qutoutiao, a news aggregator app backed by Tencent, has filed for an initial public offering of up to $300 million in the United States. In its F-1 form, the company, whose name means “fun headlines,” said it is the number two mobile content aggregator in China. Its main rivals are Jinri Toutiao,

Robotics-as-a-service is on the way and inVia Robotics is leading the charge

The team at inVia Robotics didn’t start out looking to build a business that would create a new kind of model for selling robotics to the masses, but that may be exactly what they’ve done. After their graduation from the University of Southern California’s robotics program, Lior Alazary, Dan Parks,

As promised, Netflix’s user reviews are no more

Netflix user reviews are no more. Sure, chances are pretty decent you didn’t realize Netflix still had reviews at this point, but the video streaming giant has delivered on its promise to do away with the one-time mainstay of the service. Last month,

The Kindle Voyage is no longer available from Amazon

The Kindle Voyage is no more. The e-reader is currently unavailable through Amazon, as noted by a few sites. You can still pick up a refurbed version through the retailer, but listings for the new model note that, “[t]his item is only available from third-party sellers.

Jack Dorsey admits Twitter hasn’t ‘figured out’ approach to fake news

Jack Dorsey is hedging his bets. In an interview with CNN’s Brian Stelter, the beard-rocking CEO said Twitter is reluctant to commit to a timetable for enacting policies aimed at curbing heated political rhetoric on the site.

A university is outfitting living spaces with thousands of Echo Dots

Soon, Saint Louis University students won’t be able to avoid Amazon’s near ubiquitous smart speakers. The university announced this week a plan to outfit living spaces with 2,300 Echo Dots. The devices are set to be deployed by the time classes start, later this month.

Senate disapproves FCC’s net neutrality rollback under Congressional Review Act

The Senate today disapproved the FCC's recent order replacing 2015's net neutrality rules, a pleasant surprise for internet advocates and consumers throughout the country.

Food delivery’s untapped opportunity

Tri Tran Contributor Share on Twitter Tri Tran is a principal at Applico and the former chief executive and co-founder of Munchery. Investors may have already placed their orders in the consumer food delivery space,

Watch a truly driverless car navigate city streets, the company that’s gearing up to launch an autonomous ride-hailing pilot in Frisco, Texas, just released a video showing off its driverless capabilities.’s service will initially launch with safety drivers in July,

Data Mining the Web Reveals What Makes Puzzles Hard For Humans

KentuckyFC (1144503) writes "The question of what makes puzzles hard for humans is deceptively tricky. One possibility is that puzzles that are hard for computers must also be hard for people.

10 Craziest Requests From Hotel Guests

Listen up, traveling weirdos. Hotel staffers have heard your bizarre requests and they are totally judging youIt's not easy to shock a hotel worker, especially those seasoned professionals who've served the strangest of oddballs.


再过几个小时,四年一度的世界杯就要开始了,和 2004 年奥运会回到希腊雅典类似,今年的世界杯主办地是足球圣地巴西,意义非凡。



Facebook 結合電視廣告行銷新模式 是走回頭路還是創新?

Facebook 早前委託 TNS 進行一項研究,結果發現香港人花費大量時間在 Facebook 之上, 比任何網站、雜誌和電視都要多,但是也有多達 67% 人會同時一邊上 Facebook、一邊看電視。


今年7月份的时候,微软开始了裁员计划,受到波及的有诺基亚设备与服务部门中的1.25万名员工,流媒体音乐服务Mi […]




優點結合!Corning 下代 Gorilla Glass 抗刮能力將媲美藍寶石

提起螢幕玻璃,相信不少人應該會想到 Corning 的 Gorilla Glass 及藍寶石玻璃。



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