Black Women Animate is trying to change the media industry for black women

When Taylor K. Shaw learned how few women of color were represented in animation, she decided to do something about it. Shaw created a company called Black Women Animate in order to create a space for black girls in the field.  Read more...More about Watercooler, Entertainment, Media,

The People Who Make Brutal Video Game Porn

Before you can understand one of the most popular Tomb Raider porn videos online, you need to know about a key scene in a recent Tomb Raider game.Read more...

Stephen Colbert stages a 'presidential intervention' for Trump

Stephen Colbert has held a "presidential intervention" after the week's hootenanny of events featuring Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin.After brutally roasting Trump’s 'double negative' defense on Wednesday after that press conference,

'The Predator' doubles down on the monsters in exclusive Comic-Con footage

What's scarier than a Predator?How about two Predators, one of which is even bigger and meaner than the Predator we already know and love to fear?That's apparently the premise of The Predator, as revealed in exclusive footage shown at Comic-Con Thursday. SEE ALSO:

Danny Rand and his glowing hand are back in the first look at 'Iron Fist' Season 2

At Comic-Con Thursday, Netflix unveiled our first look at the second season of its fourth Marvel series, Iron Fist.  Finn Jones is back as Danny Rand, who thankfully seems to have calmed down a bit since his bizarre and off-putting introduction in Iron Fist Season 1.

This robotic vacuum's camera could let hackers spy on you

Be careful: Hackers might be watching through your vacuum. Well, they could if you own the Diqee Camera Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, which is made and sold in China. It touts features like an HD 360-degree camera, night vision, and anti-collision sound wave technology.  

The latest Mophie Powerstation battery packs charge through a Lightning port

Belkin isn't the only one in these parts with an Apple-approved battery pack. Smartphone accessory manufacturer Mophie announced on Thursday that it's about to raise the bar by introducing four MFi power packs that are exclusive to Apple. That means Mophie’s Powerstation, Powerstation XXL,

Jenny McCarthy thought her house was haunted, but it was just her Google Home

Jenny McCarthy's home is haunted by technology. The actress and avid anti-vaxxer was doing what every normal person does — checking herself out in a gilded mirror, denying scientific evidence, and pushing incorrect narratives about autism — when she heard a piano trill echo through the living room. 

Instagram now lets you see when your friends are online

Now your friends can see exactly how much time you spend lurking on Instagram.Instagram announced Thursday the rollout of a new feature that will let your followers see when you're using the app. The concept is similar to Facebook Messenger: when someone you follow or have previously messaged with,

Is cannabis addictive?

We spoke to Dr. Fong, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, on whether or not marijuana could be proven addictive. The results may surprise you.Join us as we clear the haze of confusion around many of the myths surrounding marijuana on Weed Wise.

A Tesla Model X just pulled a gigantic Boeing airplane like it's nothing

A 287,000-pound Qantas Boeing Dreamliner was just towed 1,000 feet by a Tesla Model X. This record-breaking stunt was the heaviest towing ever achieved by an electric passenger vehicle. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Tesla, Boeing, Guinness World Records, and Electric Cars

Read an exclusive excerpt from Markus Zusak's new book 'Bridge of Clay'

13 years. That's how long Markus Zusak, author of the The Book Thief, has been on hiatus. But for readers eager to dive into a new novel from the acclaimed author, the wait is finally over — Zusak is finally making his return to bookshelves with the publication of his latest effort Bridge of Clay.

英特尔至强E7 v2处理器:2倍性能提升,3倍内存容量,4倍I/O带宽

作为英特尔重塑数据中心策略的重要组成部分,2月25日发布的英特尔至强E7 v2为数据分析系统平台提供了性能、内存容量支持、 I/O 带宽及关键业务可靠性等重要突破。

[图]开始支持微软账户登录 WP8平台Skype更新至2.16版本

今天在WP 8平台上微软推送了版本号为2.16的最新版本Skype应用,本次更新最大的改变就是登录过程的改变:摒弃了原有的Skype帐号登录模式还是使用绑定的微软帐号进行登陆。

After Catching Google’s Eye, Mantis Vision Bags $12.5M From Qualcomm, Samsung And Others For Its Mob

Mantis Vision, a company whose mobile 3D technology is being used by Google for its 3D-sensing Project Tango smartphone, has just announced it’s raised a $12.5 million strategic funding round from a range of mobile focused investors including Qualcomm, through its venture investment group,

SGS携手湖南省现代物流学会 助力物流行业发展

上海2014年6月27日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,全球领先的检验、鉴定、测试和认证机构 SGS(以下简称“SGS”)应邀出席湖南省现代物流学会工作会议暨专家座谈会。


小编按:句句都是金玉良言,推荐阅读! Heidi Roizen女士一度是硅谷人人争相学习的典范。她曾创办自己的 […]

爱可视出品 目前价格最低兼容最广的VR设备

今年有许多厂商都推出了虚拟实境(VR)设备,现在法国企业爱可视(ARCHOS)也加入了这个阵营。想用一个较低的价格尝鲜,又不想用纸皮自己组装的话,ARCHOS VR 是个不错的选择。  

9 Essential Traits Startup Founders Seek in New Hires

When interviewing with a startup, job seekers need to consider that the founders are looking for someone who will best complement their recipe for successSee also: What Is It Really Like to Be a Startup CEO?Startups create millions of jobs each year — so what does this mean for job seekers?


Dynamic CRM 2013学习笔记(四十一)流程4 - 异步工作流(Workflow)用法图解 - 疯吻IT

在CRM 2013 里,工作流被分成二类:异步工作流和实时工作流。异步工作流依赖一个windows 服务: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Asynchronous Processing Service , 这个服务必须在CRM 服务器上运行,否则异步工作流不会运行。异步工作流有可能不...

联想入局千元机市场,发布乐檬 K3 Note

2015 年 3 月 23 日晚,北京 798 D-Park 艺术园区,联想邀请来综艺大咖蔡康永坐镇,以一档乐檬说节目开启了这一次的新品发布会。 999 元—节目刚开始,在蔡康永有意或无意的引导中,新品的价格在一开始便被揭晓。

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