Black Women Animate is trying to change the media industry for black women

When Taylor K. Shaw learned how few women of color were represented in animation, she decided to do something about it. Shaw created a company called Black Women Animate in order to create a space for black girls in the field.  Read more...More about Watercooler, Entertainment, Media,

The People Who Make Brutal Video Game Porn

Before you can understand one of the most popular Tomb Raider porn videos online, you need to know about a key scene in a recent Tomb Raider game.Read more...

'The Lego Movie sequel has an official title and it made us LOL

The sequel to the beloved Lego Movie officially has a new title and logoThe official Lego Movie Twitter announced the title of the awaited sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, with a picture of the logo on Monday.Prepare for the second part#TheLEGOMovie2 pic.twitter.

Peppa Pig mascot watches in horror as Peppa Pig piñata is whacked

Peppa Pig is not just a children's television show character. She's a cultural icon, best known for being an absolute savage and for being subversive symbol in China. The latest viral Peppa moment is a bit more macabre.

These new Sonic the Hedgehog sneakers are an eye-sore

In what has shaped up to be one of the worst team-ups since somebody covered a pizza in vile, disgusting Peeps, Sega and Puma have partnered up to create two new pairs of sneakers modeled after Sonic the Hedgehog and his villainous counterpart Dr. Eggman.These kicks are nothing short of a disaster.

Donald Glover opens up about the touching full-circle 'Star Wars' moment he shared with his son

Solo: A Star Wars Story is about to hit theaters, and its stars — Donald Glover (Lando Calrissian) and Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo) — have been making the rounds promoting the film. The two stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode that aired May 21 to share a bit about the audition process,

Boeing's 777X wingtips will fold to let it squeeze into narrow airport gates

Boeing 777X just got its folding wings approved by the FAA. The aircraft's wings rotate upwards when the plane is on the ground so that it can fit into gates that are narrower than the length of its span. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Airplane, Wings, Plane, and Aircraft

Hillary Clinton trolled Donald Trump on Russia during her speech at Yale

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but Hillary Clinton cracked on Donald Trump for his alleged connections to Russia.SEE ALSO: Trump's Twitter by the numbers, one year after Mueller's appointmentThis time,

Best 4K smart TV deals for the week of May 21

Summertime is as synonymous with binge-watching and vegging out in front of Netflix as it is with beach days and outdoor barbecues. It's time to make sure your entertainment setup is up to snuff with the best deals on 4K smart TVs this week.SEE ALSO:

Is cannabis addictive?

We spoke to Dr. Fong, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, on whether or not marijuana could be proven addictive. The results may surprise you.Join us as we clear the haze of confusion around many of the myths surrounding marijuana on Weed Wise.

A Tesla Model X just pulled a gigantic Boeing airplane like it's nothing

A 287,000-pound Qantas Boeing Dreamliner was just towed 1,000 feet by a Tesla Model X. This record-breaking stunt was the heaviest towing ever achieved by an electric passenger vehicle. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Tesla, Boeing, Guinness World Records, and Electric Cars

Read an exclusive excerpt from Markus Zusak's new book 'Bridge of Clay'

13 years. That's how long Markus Zusak, author of the The Book Thief, has been on hiatus. But for readers eager to dive into a new novel from the acclaimed author, the wait is finally over — Zusak is finally making his return to bookshelves with the publication of his latest effort Bridge of Clay.

Simple White桌面手机主题

在繁杂的时间里,找寻最简单的感觉。Simple White,就是找寻指尖上的极致简洁的享受。



Curse, An Under-The-Radar Community For Hard-Core Gamers, Raises $16M

Not to glorify another high school dropout, but Hubert Thieblot had one of those unusual, circuitous paths toward building a profitable gaming startup. An avid World of Warcraft player, he started a website for his guild under the name Curse about a decade ago.

[图]日本无人直升机深入灾区拍照 或成勘测主力




If you were affected by Sony's PSN outage over the holidays, some good news: you'll get five more da

If you were affected by Sony's PSN outage over the holidays, some good news: you'll get five more days of PlayStation Plus to make up for it, and 10 percent off a transaction, too.Read more...

Spotify Adds Touch To Play And Swipe To Save Gestures, Taking Cues From Snapchat And Tinder

Music streaming service Spotify is updating its iOS app today with features reminiscent of two of the more popular apps out today, Snapchat and Tinder and their press-to-play and swiping gestures. Perhaps not a moment too soon,

你怎么看?iPhone 近期不会使用OLED屏幕

威锋网 3 月 27 日消息,Apple Watch 成为苹果首款使用 OLED 屏幕的设备,但是分析师认为近期苹果还不会完全放弃使用 LCD 技术,直到 iPhone 7 发布苹果仍会继续使用基于 LTPS 的 LCD 屏幕。  J.P. 

贺利氏在2015 SNEC展会期间推出SOL205B与SOL9621升级版系列

- 贺利氏为客户加强定制产品性能 上海2015年4月28日电 美通社/ -- 全球领先的光伏导电浆料制造商 -- 贺利氏光伏全球事业部宣布,将于2015年4月28日-4月30日举办的第九届 SNEC(2015)国际太阳能产业及光伏工程展览会期间,在 W3 馆660号贺利氏展位上正式推出两款优化的正银和背银浆料产品。

How to watch the NFL Draft at a bar, from your couch or in your bed

The NFL draft is about to kick offBut I'm not ready, you may be thinkingWhere do I watch it? How? When? Let us help.See also: NFL schedule release shows league's continued grip on AmericaFor the first time since its inception, the NFL draft has left New York.

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