Adventurous tourist got catfished by a glamorous picture of a hotel pool

Buyer beware is an age-old aphorism that rings all the more true in the internet era. When making online purchases, we should always remember that what looks beautiful on the internet might not be the reality. 

Amy Poehler would be totally up for a 'Parks and Recreation' revival

We may now know the reason why a Parks and Recreation revival is yet to happen — and the issue doesn't appear to be the willingness of certain cast members.The problem may be that the show's co-creator Mike Schur is just too damn busy.SEE ALSO:

Lena Headey posts touching Instagram response to Emilia Clarke's essay on health struggles

Actor Emilia Clarke has published a very honest and moving essay about the health problems she faced while filming Game of Thrones.After collapsing at the gym shortly after she'd finished making Season 1, Clarke was diagnosed with a subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH)Per the NHS website,

'PEN15' is a hilariously painful reminder that middle school mattered

Every once in a while, social media is swarmed by people participating in 10 year challenges, where people dig up photos of themselves from a decade ago and juxtapose them with a more recent picture. These challenges are meant to show how much time has changed someone,

It's National Puppy Day and BarkBox is just $10 for your dog's first box

National Puppy Day is here and it's about time you celebrate "man's best friend" with this deal from BarkBox. When you sign up for a 6-month or 12-month subscription, you can get your first box for just $10, which is a savings of up to $15 (depending on the plan.)SEE ALSO:

This LG OLED TV is the cheapest we've ever seen it at $700 off

Editor's note: Mashable and PCMag are both owned by Ziff Davis.Listen, maybe you don’t necessarily need a new TV just yet. Yes, we know you don’t want to be tempted to blow your savings, but just trust us here. Once in a while, a deal comes around that you simply cannot refuse. Let us explain:

Seasonal Reese's are better than Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are obviously incredible, the envy of their chocolaty peers. But as Easter approaches and we begin to consider our springtime candy lineups (I assume everyone does this),

'The Act' offers up true crime at its most heart-wrenchingly exploitative

Warning: Spoilers for The Act lie ahead.I'm a fan of true crime the same way some people are fans of Halo Top. After a long day, I'll crack open nearly any true crime account and eat up the terrifying, true-to-life details with a metaphoric spoon. Whether it's a movie, series, or podcast,

Black Women Animate is trying to change the media industry for black women

When Taylor K. Shaw learned how few women of color were represented in animation, she decided to do something about it. Shaw created a company called Black Women Animate in order to create a space for black girls in the field.  Read more...More about Watercooler, Entertainment, Media,

Is cannabis addictive?

We spoke to Dr. Fong, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, on whether or not marijuana could be proven addictive. The results may surprise you.Join us as we clear the haze of confusion around many of the myths surrounding marijuana on Weed Wise.

A Tesla Model X just pulled a gigantic Boeing airplane like it's nothing

A 287,000-pound Qantas Boeing Dreamliner was just towed 1,000 feet by a Tesla Model X. This record-breaking stunt was the heaviest towing ever achieved by an electric passenger vehicle. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Tesla, Boeing, Guinness World Records, and Electric Cars

[视频]央视曝光“抢注关键词”诈骗营销 高价买入却一文不值


BYOD and the challenges of managing VDI and VDA

Software licensing is a complex area, even in organisations with a relatively simple IT infrastructure. Once BYOD is added into the mix, this takes licensing complexity to a whole new level.Read more:

Apple Just Made It Easier To Delete That Free U2 Album It Gave You

Hell hath no fury like an iTunes user with a free U2 album. For all the haters who despise the very concept of Songs of Innocence casually rubbing up against their curated iTunes collection, Apple just published a very quick one-click fix to rid your life of the Irish menace forever. Read more...

微软:过去两周内 Xbox One 销量领跑美国新世代主机市场

在产品降价、软件更新、大作登陆等种种因素的影响下,长期在 PlayStation 4 面前抬不起头的 Xbox One 终于在最近迎来了久违的好消息。根据公司营销副总裁 Yusuf Mehdi...

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“请勿跟踪(Do Not Track)”是设计保护用户隐私的一套机制,但它是基于网站和广告商自愿性的支持和遵守,如果它们不遵守这一机制就变得毫无用处。



​香港第四家 Apple Store 月底开幕,果迷准备好朝圣了没?

因为月初香港的一场台风意外提早曝光的第四家 Apple Store 终于也定下开幕的日期了,这位于尖沙咀广东道 100 号的新店将会在 7 月 30 日的上午 9 时开幕。




题主问在「国外」括号美国开车和国内有什么不同,既然是「国外」我就简单介绍一下我在海外开车的经验。俺在美国西海岸的橙县 Orange County 留学,由于平日必须开车通勤,所以有些许见解可供参考。

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