Adventurous tourist got catfished by a glamorous picture of a hotel pool

Buyer beware is an age-old aphorism that rings all the more true in the internet era. When making online purchases, we should always remember that what looks beautiful on the internet might not be the reality. 

'The Lego Movie sequel has an official title and it made us LOL

The sequel to the beloved Lego Movie officially has a new title and logoThe official Lego Movie Twitter announced the title of the awaited sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, with a picture of the logo on Monday.Prepare for the second part#TheLEGOMovie2 pic.twitter.

Peppa Pig mascot watches in horror as Peppa Pig piñata is whacked

Peppa Pig is not just a children's television show character. She's a cultural icon, best known for being an absolute savage and for being subversive symbol in China. The latest viral Peppa moment is a bit more macabre.

These new Sonic the Hedgehog sneakers are an eye-sore

In what has shaped up to be one of the worst team-ups since somebody covered a pizza in vile, disgusting Peeps, Sega and Puma have partnered up to create two new pairs of sneakers modeled after Sonic the Hedgehog and his villainous counterpart Dr. Eggman.These kicks are nothing short of a disaster.

Donald Glover opens up about the touching full-circle 'Star Wars' moment he shared with his son

Solo: A Star Wars Story is about to hit theaters, and its stars — Donald Glover (Lando Calrissian) and Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo) — have been making the rounds promoting the film. The two stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show in an episode that aired May 21 to share a bit about the audition process,

Boeing's 777X wingtips will fold to let it squeeze into narrow airport gates

Boeing 777X just got its folding wings approved by the FAA. The aircraft's wings rotate upwards when the plane is on the ground so that it can fit into gates that are narrower than the length of its span. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Airplane, Wings, Plane, and Aircraft

Hillary Clinton trolled Donald Trump on Russia during her speech at Yale

Stop me if you've heard this one before, but Hillary Clinton cracked on Donald Trump for his alleged connections to Russia.SEE ALSO: Trump's Twitter by the numbers, one year after Mueller's appointmentThis time,

Best 4K smart TV deals for the week of May 21

Summertime is as synonymous with binge-watching and vegging out in front of Netflix as it is with beach days and outdoor barbecues. It's time to make sure your entertainment setup is up to snuff with the best deals on 4K smart TVs this week.SEE ALSO:

Black Women Animate is trying to change the media industry for black women

When Taylor K. Shaw learned how few women of color were represented in animation, she decided to do something about it. Shaw created a company called Black Women Animate in order to create a space for black girls in the field.  Read more...More about Watercooler, Entertainment, Media,

Is cannabis addictive?

We spoke to Dr. Fong, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, on whether or not marijuana could be proven addictive. The results may surprise you.Join us as we clear the haze of confusion around many of the myths surrounding marijuana on Weed Wise.

A Tesla Model X just pulled a gigantic Boeing airplane like it's nothing

A 287,000-pound Qantas Boeing Dreamliner was just towed 1,000 feet by a Tesla Model X. This record-breaking stunt was the heaviest towing ever achieved by an electric passenger vehicle. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Tesla, Boeing, Guinness World Records, and Electric Cars

Facebook 推出 App Links 开发者工具意在解决什么问题?

App Links 并不是用来取代 URL Scheme 的,所以也谈不上「有何本质不同」。它并不是某一种技术,而是一项协议(或者像他们说的,一种「解决方案」)。

Firefox OS 1.3 Arrives: Dual SIM Support, Continuous Autofocus, Graphics Boost

An anonymous reader writes "Mozilla today released Firefox OS version 1.3 to its partners for implementing in their smartphones. There are many new features for both users and developers, and the first phone to feature them is the ZTE Open C, which is available for sale as of today on eBay.

使用Google Analytics跟踪优酷视频播放

LunaMetrics给出了完整YouTube视频的跟踪方案,但对于国内的用户来说,网站上如果有放置视频的话一 […]

Destiny racks up $325 million in global sales within the first five days

The highly anticipated sci-fi shooter game Destiny from Bungie, the developer behind Halo, managed to generate a whopping $325 million in sales globally in its first five days -- the game officially launched on September 9th. It turns out to be yet another extremely popular game from Bungie,


今天,iOS版微信更新了6.0版本。这次微信的版本升级新增了小视频、微信卡包等全新功能,其中最受人关注的就是小 […]





Facebook 不必为“年度回顾”功能道歉

Facebook 向我们提供了「年度回顾」应用。该应用非常便捷,它会自动生成用户一年的回顾,用户可以向他的所有朋友主动推送自动生成的年度回顾的内容。



惜食減廢 超市集團用手機 App 將棄掉食物捐出

貧窮問題在世界各地都有出現,就算是歐美也不例外。英國慈善團體 FareShare 一直致力減少食物 浪費,鼓勵將種種原因被拋棄的食物轉贈予慈善機構。

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