Is there something wrong with me if I only hear Yanny and not Laurel?

By now, folks online have listened to the now-infamous Yanny and Laurel clip a lot. I've probably listened to it 200 times since Tuesday afternoon, which is about 198 more than I expected. And after spending the length of four Carly Rae Jepsen songs listening to a four-second audio clip,

The best UK deals for Thursday: Philips toothbrushes, Berghaus backpacks, Canon cameras, and more

Where else could you find a deals roundup that includes fantastic opportunities to save on electric toothbrushes, backpacks, fitness trackers, and digital cameras? We're not saying this is the first and only list to include that eclectic mix of products but if there are others,

Why we binge-watch stuff we hate

In Binged, Mashable breaks down why we binge-watch, how we binge-watch, and what it does to us. Because binge-watching is the new normal.Two episodes into Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, I knew I hated it. Then I watched two more episodes —in the same sitting. Somehow,

I don't like horror. Unless it's in a video game.

I don’t really like horror. That is, unless it’s happening in a video game like Resident Evil 2.I haven’t watched much horror in my life for the simple fact that I don’t particularly enjoy being scared. I don’t like watching characters that I’m supposed to root for go through harrowing,

Kristen Bell knows how 'The Good Place' will end, but there's 1 issue

The Good Place is a show that thrives on its twists and turns, but have you ever wondered how the whole thing is going to end? Well, Kristen Bell knows. In the interview above with Conan O'Brien, she reveals that creator Mike Schur actually told her.The problem? She's forgotten.

People have the weirdest nicknames for their pets and yep, it's a meme now

Pets are like family, only furrier and cuter.Just like we'd never call our grandmothers by their real names, calling pets by their given names is just unnatural.SEE ALSO: The 'you may know me from' meme is for all the annoying questions people have about your jobOn Twitter,

Stephen King creates a Twitter play to brutally mock Donald Trump

There's no way you'd be able to fit a Stephen King novel into a single tweet, but it turns out you can squeeze in a play. A very short one, at least.On Wednesday night,

The only place to watch Oscar-nominated 'Roma' online (for now) is this one site

Netflix is notorious for doing the opposite of traditional film distribution — or at least they were, until they realized that awards would be involved if they debuted movies in cinemas for a few days.And that was a damn good move: After playing in select theaters for a few weeks,

Adventurous tourist got catfished by a glamorous picture of a hotel pool

Buyer beware is an age-old aphorism that rings all the more true in the internet era. When making online purchases, we should always remember that what looks beautiful on the internet might not be the reality. 

Black Women Animate is trying to change the media industry for black women

When Taylor K. Shaw learned how few women of color were represented in animation, she decided to do something about it. Shaw created a company called Black Women Animate in order to create a space for black girls in the field.  Read more...More about Watercooler, Entertainment, Media,

Is cannabis addictive?

We spoke to Dr. Fong, Professor of Psychiatry and Director of the UCLA Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship, on whether or not marijuana could be proven addictive. The results may surprise you.Join us as we clear the haze of confusion around many of the myths surrounding marijuana on Weed Wise.

一年一个月了,人嘛总结总结 - Jeff Li

前言 “虚荣锁身躯 心灵给酒醉 脆弱人类 懒问何为对” 书吗,多读。有些书可以读的快一点,像《超级阿妈的故事》;有些书可以伴你一年,一生,像《Think in java》。 书吗,多啃。有些书啃得越深越有味道。 书吗,多买。

This little kid is better at yo-yo than I am at anything

I should just give up. Call it quits. It's over. This cute little kid is better at doing yo-yo tricks than I am at doing anything. Yeah, even things I've done pretty much all my life like breathing or drinking water or cutting my toenails. Even worse for me, he looks so cool (and cute!) doing it.



【Jin 句】“猪碰上风也会飞,但是风过去摔死的还是猪。因为你还是猪。”


途风情人节牵手冈本 跨界营销玩出花儿

洛杉矶2015年2月6日电 /美通社/ -- 距离2015年2月14日不到十天,各大品牌纷纷玩起来情人节这张有意思的牌。快消、汽车、金融、媒体各行业纷纷亮剑,而日益火爆的在线旅游品牌也越来越大胆和具备创意。

联想股价早盘跌4% 分析机构调低全球PC销量展望


Javascript/jQuery根据页面上表格创建新汇总表格 - Fast Mover

任务背景及需求按页面上的现成表格,用js生成新的统计表格如下:实现思路1,把表格数据抽取出来生成json数组2,计算表格总数并创建空表格3,历遍json数组把数据动态插入所有的表格,设值/append Row4,最后配置好所有表格的属性如thead,


显示屏(面板)是手机中最重要的部件之一,平常对它的讨论也多集中于屏幕技术、分辨率等话题。因此,笔者从CINNO Research公布的一季度中国手机市场报告中摘录出面板维度的数据,以此看一看行业的走向。



优必达与微软在Win 10上共同展示H5云游戏

上海2015年7月30日电 /美通社/ -- 全球云游戏串流解决方案技术领导厂商优必达科技有限公司,宣布与微软共同展示全球第一个可完整支持 Win 10 以及微軟 Edge 浏览器的 H5 云游戏串流服务,并透过 JavaScript 应用来呈现。

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