After Senate victory, House announces plans to force its own vote on net neutrality

Hot on the heels of a surprising 52-47 Senate disapproval of the FCC's new, weaker net neutrality rules, the House of Representatives will soon attempt to force a similar vote.

A Twitter employee groomed by the Saudi government prompted 2015 state-sponsored hacking warning

An explosive report in The New York Times this weekend sheds new light on the apparent targeting of Twitter accounts by “state-sponsored actors” three years ago. It comes in the wake of the confirmed death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi on Friday,

China is funding the future of American biotech

Silicon Valley is in the midst of a health craze, and it is being driven by “Eastern” medicine. It’s been a record year for US medical investing, but investors in Beijing and Shanghai are now increasingly leading the largest deals for US life science and biotech companies. In fact,

Early-stage SaaS VC slip snaps recovery as public software stocks soar

Jason Rowley Contributor Jason Rowley is a venture capital and technology reporter for Crunchbase News. More posts by this contributor International growth, primarily in China, fuels the VC market today Corporate venture investment climbs higher throughout 2018 A few months ago,

Khashoggi’s fate shows the flip side of the surveillance state

It’s been over five years since NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden lifted the lid on government mass surveillance programs, revealing, in unprecedented detail,

In State Tectonics, an explosive ending for the future of democracy

An omnipotent data infrastructure and knowledge-sharing tech organization has spread across the planet. Global conspiracies to disseminate propaganda and rig elections are ever present. Algorithms determine what people see as objective truth,

Hackers breach system, taking files on 75,000 people

A government system used by insurance agents and brokers to help customers sign up for healthcare plans was breached, allowing hackers to siphon off sensitive and personal data on 75,000 people. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services confirmed the breach in a late Friday announcement,

Free societies face emerging, existential threats from technology

Bilal Zuberi Contributor Share on Twitter Bilal Zuberi is a partner at Lux Capital, and is on the boards of Evolv Technology, CyPhy Technologies, and Nozomi Networks, among others. Silicon Valley is currently, and correctly, under fire for the failure of leading platforms such as Facebook,

Facebook faces fresh criticism over ad targeting of sensitive interests

Is Facebook trampling over laws that regulate the processing of sensitive categories of personal data by failing to ask people for their explicit consent before it makes sensitive inferences about their sex life, religion or political beliefs?

The SEC creates an educational “token” to stop scammers

“Travel is expensive, but we are at the cusp of a revolution that will democratize travel and leisure for everyone,” reads the breathless white paper for HoweyCoins. “The Internet was the first part of the revolution. The other part is blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Senate disapproves FCC’s net neutrality rollback under Congressional Review Act

The Senate today disapproved the FCC's recent order replacing 2015's net neutrality rules, a pleasant surprise for internet advocates and consumers throughout the country.

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National Weather Service Kinda, Sorta Explains Its Major Data Outage

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a memo on Friday afternoon detailing the likely causes and lessons learned from the major computer disruption on Thursday afternoon,




文/IT八卦女   我认为京东上市以来,干的最漂亮的一件事就是“重启”了拍拍网,即完成了腾讯交付的“政治任务”,又很好地提升了股价,还顺带恶心了把淘宝,一箭三雕。   

罗永浩:宁可倒闭 也不耍流氓


Nokia Lumia 635 lands on Vodafone Ireland for €149.99

Nokia Lumia 635 is now available from Vodafone Ireland for €149.99. The carrier has listed the handset on its website, but its currently available in a black color only. It gets even better, Vodafone is offering €20 discount if the customer switches from other networks,

Android Wear 智能手表大战,华硕参上!

虽然慢了三星和 LG 一小步,但蛮早就传闻在准备的华硕,这次基本上确定会在 IFA 上发布 Android Wear 智能手表了。上面是他们放出来的预告,引用了Khalil Gibran的话「Time has been transformed, and we...

手机冒烟惊扰地铁 疑凶充电宝该不该禁上地铁

白烟疑似手机充电引起 成都地铁暂不“封杀”充电宝“成都地铁2号线咋个了嘛?突然所有人往前拼命尖叫和奔跑。我以为着火或者砍人了。

Sony Reportedly Is Using Cyber-Attacks To Keep Leaked Files From Spreading writes Lily Hay Newman reports at Slate that Sony is counterhacking to keep its leaked files from spreading across torrent sites. According to Recode, Sony is using hundreds of computers in Asia to execute a denial of service attack on sites where its pilfered data is available,

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