Facebook's adding new features to Stories to complete its Snapchat domination

For Facebook, the future is all about Stories. At F8, the company shared the surprising revelation that the Stories format is growing faster than feeds.But if the company wants to maintain that pace, it needs to juice Stories' growth in the main Facebook app, not just Instagram and WhatsApp. Now,

Spotify is reportedly rolling out a feature to let you block artists

Soon, you may be able to block R. Kelly from ever appearing on your playlists.Spotify is testing an iOS feature called "don't play this artist," allowing users to block particular artists from being included in playlists, libraries, charts, and radio stations on the music streaming platform,

Hilarious 'Bird Box' memes offer comic relief for burned Saints fans

After a fierce Sunday of back-to-back playoff games between the final four, the NFL has its Super Bowl LIII competitors — and Saints fans are furious.They're channelling their frustration through Bird Box memes. In the final moments of a sudden death overtime period,

White House tweet tributes to Martin Luther King Jr. aren't going over well

Sarah Huckabee Sanders' tweet honoring Martin Luther King Jr. is not going over well. In a tweet, the White House press secretary wrote that King "gave his life" for the civil rights movement, and that "our country is better thanks to his inspiration and sacrifice.

Stunning photos show the super blood moon in all its glory

In the wise words of Yello, "Oooh yeah. The moon is beautiful." Western hemisphere skywatchers enjoyed front row seats to a stunning celestial treat Sunday night as the only total lunar eclipse of 2019 arrived in its full glory. An eclipse of similar caliber is not due again until 2022. 

'The LEGO Movie 2' teaser features a supremely great Ruth Bader Ginsburg

A brand new teaser for The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part dropped on Sunday, featuring the debut of a character based on Ruth Bader Ginsburg.Although the pioneering Supreme Court Justice didn't voice the character,

Self-driving scooters and bikes? Uber's working on it.

Your electric scooter could one day be autonomous. Uber is working on self-driving scooters and bikes, according to 3DRobotics CEO Chris Anderson. The company announced plans to explore electric scooters and bikes that can drive themselves to charging stations and riders. In a tweet on Saturday,

Razzie Awards 'honor' First Lady Melania Trump with Worst Supporting Actress nomination

Entertainment's most dishonorable honors are back and this time their public shaming is focused on the White House.Mocking the worst of the worst in last year's cinema, the 39th Annual Razzie Awards announced their nominees today with President Donald J. Trump notably front and center.

This woman could become the first Native American governor in US history

The list of Native American governors in American history is depressingly short. It's zero, to be exact.That's why Idaho Democrat Paulette Jordan's Tuesday primary win for governor was so significant. If Jordan wins the general election,

Spotify still features R. Kelly merch, despite new policies against sex offenders

Earlier this month, Spotify announced a set of new policies implemented in an effort to quell the outrage against offenders with numerous violent or sexual misconduct allegations — like R. Kelly, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault, and is allegedly running a sex cult.

Do yourself a favor and get an AC unit *before* the next heat wave — these ones are on sale

Unless you're lucky enough to live somewhere with central AC, thinking ahead about a window air conditioner needs to be on your to-do list. Like now. You cannot wait for the next heatwave to hit to buy yourself an air conditioner. You will be so miserable. We know. We've been there.SEE ALSO:



苹果和蓝色巨人 给了企业移动市场一颗“糖”

“IBM MobileFirst for iOS.”上周二,苹果宣布将与 IBM 合作,打造企业版的 iOS 。


微软是一家强调为用户带来强大生产力的软件公司,如果要在微软的众多产品服务中挑出一款最具代表性的产品,我们想这款 […]


德州南区检方上周宣布与28岁的黑客Fidel Salinas达成了认罪协议,Salinas承认了运行脚本尝试暴力破解Hidalgo县网站的管理账号,在尝试了14000次错误密码后,系统将真正的管理员给踢了出去。

Whole lotta lyrics: Google starts showing lyrics for certain songs in search

Sorry, lyrics websites; but the fat lady is singingGoogle has started displaying the lyrics for select songs in search, potentially cutting off much of the search traffic to the dozens of lyrics websites online. The option is not available for all songs,

採用藍寶石玻璃!Oppo R1C 或最快於 1 月 14 日發表

昨日我們曾報導過 Oppo 將會在 1 月 14 日舉行發表會,並會發表配備 4 倍光學變焦鏡頭的 Oppo U3。不過屆時可能會有多一款新機同時登場,因為今日網上流傳出一部名為 Oppo R1C 的實機圖,而這款新機更會用上藍寶石玻璃。


尽管现在已经出现了许多有关苹果创世人史蒂夫•乔布斯的个人传记、纪录片、电影——改编自沃尔特•艾萨克森所著《乔布斯传》的电影《史蒂夫•乔布斯》将于今年 10 月上映,但多数人依然会觉得对这位天才还了解得不够透彻。

《君临天下》开启半月更 第七集《北有高楼》6月16开播

上海2015年6月16日电 /美通社/ -- 杭州玄机科技信息技术有限公司今日宣布,由其出品的中国首部3D武侠动画剧《秦时明月》第五部《君临天下》将于本月开始半月更,第七集《北有高楼》于6月16日9:00登陆土豆优酷。

印度政府转嫁责任给ISP 后者仍不敢解禁色情网站




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