Snoop Dogg surprises guests at multiple blockchain parties

The Dogg is in the house, and you better believe he's hodling. With NYC's Blockchain Week in high gear, the rapper best known (these days, anyway) for smoking weed and kicking it with Martha Stewart took a little detour into the heart of cryptocounty. And boy did he get around. SEE ALSO:

Spotify seriously needs to add a blocking feature

Algorithms don't understand when you break up with a band.Calling it quits on an musician you once loved, or just ridding your life of a song or artist you've come to completely loathe should be easy, right? Not on Spotify.Listening passively to terrestrial radio is rare these days.

Morgan Freeman will now be the voice of the Vancouver transit system

If you've always wanted the voice of God to spice up your daily commute, you're in luck. Morgan Freeman might not actually be God, but he's the closest mouthpiece we've got. Freeman has a new gig as a the voice of Vancouver, Canada's TransLink. SEE ALSO:

This drone raised more than $3M on Indiegogo, but you can pick it up at its lowest price yet

When a creative crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal, that usually means that people find the prototype promising enough to part with their hard earned money and donate to the project. But when a startup raises 3000 times more than its goal?

'Overwatch' pro team forces players to train to an unhealthy degree

The Shanghai Dragons have yet to win a single game in the first season of Overwatch League, and to appease fans who may be wondering what exactly is going on behind the scenes, the team's manager revealed the Dragons' practice schedule.

Mark Zuckerberg testified before the EU Parliament, but the hearing's format left MEPs with no answe

Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on May 22nd to discuss data protection. The hearing's format had all the EU lawmakers asking him questions for about an hour straight, leaving Mark Zuckerberg with only a few minutes to answer all of them.

It's the end of the road for Uber's self-driving cars in Arizona

Uber is shutting down its self-driving car program in Arizona. The move comes in the wake of a fatality that occurred in March, when an Uber vehicle in autonomous mode struck and killed a woman crossing a street.

The NFL's new anthem rules are here and, yep, they're terrible

After a few seasons of pearl-clutching and horror over players expressing their First Amendment right, the NFL has approved new rules for behavior during the playing of the national anthem which solve absolutely nothing.SEE ALSO: Colin Kaepernick may be exiled from the NFL,

Facebook's adding new features to Stories to complete its Snapchat domination

For Facebook, the future is all about Stories. At F8, the company shared the surprising revelation that the Stories format is growing faster than feeds.But if the company wants to maintain that pace, it needs to juice Stories' growth in the main Facebook app, not just Instagram and WhatsApp. Now,

This woman could become the first Native American governor in US history

The list of Native American governors in American history is depressingly short. It's zero, to be exact.That's why Idaho Democrat Paulette Jordan's Tuesday primary win for governor was so significant. If Jordan wins the general election,

Spotify still features R. Kelly merch, despite new policies against sex offenders

Earlier this month, Spotify announced a set of new policies implemented in an effort to quell the outrage against offenders with numerous violent or sexual misconduct allegations — like R. Kelly, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault, and is allegedly running a sex cult.

'I'm On Trial for Being a Dwarf'

This story contains several spoilers for this week's episode of Game of Thrones. Please wait to read until you've finished the episode, or don't say we didn't warn you.This week everyone's favorite Lannister stands trial for the death of everyone's least favorite Lannister.

Apple Unveils Mac OS X 10.10 at WWDC

Apple finally took the wraps off its updated version its desktop operating system Mac OS X 10.10 on Monday, now officially known as Yosemite.In the run-up to the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC),

Over 250 new emoji to arrive with Unicode 7.0

Get ready for an explosion of new expressive emoji on your mobile device soon – not to mention some downright weird and rude ones.Read more:

Tim Cook 正在为苹果董事会积极寻找新成员

来自华尔街日报的消息,苹果 CEO Tim Cook 继续按照自己的想法塑造公司。消息称 Tim Cook 正在很积极的为苹果董事会寻找新成员,希望有新面孔加入苹果董事会。

松下确认投资特斯拉超级电池厂 总金额10亿美元


New Car Heads-Up Display To Be Controlled By Hand Gestures, Voice Commands

Lucas123 (935744) writes "A new company has just opened a crowdsourcing campaign for a heads-up display that plugs into your car's OBD II port and works with iPhones and Android OS-enabled mobile devices via Bluetooth to project a 5.

Fitbit: We Do Not Currently Have Plans to Integrate With HealthKit

With HealthKit finally rolling out on iOS 8 , users are anxiously anticipating which devices will sync with the health tracking app. Those who use Fitbit's wide range of products are out of luck, as the company announced it will not integrate with Apple's ecosystem, but rather,

26个创业团队登场天使湾秋季Demo Day,涉及内容、社交、O2O、智能硬件、在线教育、在线旅游等

12月5日,天使湾在杭州海创基地举办了第5次Demo Day(天使湾相关信息戳这里),来自北京、杭州、深圳、上海、南京以及成都的26支创业团队展示了他们开发的产品。



The LHC is Back in Business. But What is it Really Going to Tell Us?

After two years of upgrades, the world’s largest particle accelerator is back in business. And it’s already bashing subatomic particles together at higher energies than ever before to probe the most fundamental questions about the nature of the universe.Read more...

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