Snoop Dogg surprises guests at multiple blockchain parties

The Dogg is in the house, and you better believe he's hodling. With NYC's Blockchain Week in high gear, the rapper best known (these days, anyway) for smoking weed and kicking it with Martha Stewart took a little detour into the heart of cryptocounty. And boy did he get around. SEE ALSO:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry find inner peace in this 'anti-bad vibes' circle

It's been an understandably busy few days for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are in the midst of their first overseas visit.On Friday, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dropped by Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia, the chia seed-laden suburb that's known for its bohemia and totally chill vibes,

Tesla just announced a slightly less expensive Model 3

Nothing says "for the people" like a $45,000 car. Tesla has once again changed the game, this time with the release of a slightly less expensive version of its Model 3. Announced by Elon Musk via Twitter, the new mid-range sedan is available for order now in black, midnight silver metallic,

We watched the feature length Jake Paul docu-series finale so you don't have to

"I want a whole cake after all this is over," Shane Dawson says when Jake Paul and his girlfriend Erika Costell stroll up to his house holding baby pink cake pops shortly before their last interview. Honestly, us too, Shane. Welcome to Inside the Mind of Jake Paul,

Twitter shuts down spambots spreading pro-Saudi hashtags related to Khashoggi disappearance

Saudi leader Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is receiving some unexpected help from erectile dysfunction pill spammers.There's been an intense online campaign playing out over Twitter in the past week to control the narrative surrounding the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

How LGBTQ people are breaking down barriers to take on the great outdoors

Up until approximately, mmm, yesterday, there's been a enduring stereotype of "outdoorsy" people: They're white, cis, straight, and love granola and/or semi-automatic rifles.Of course, there have always been people who love nature and don't fall into any of those categories.

Is Apple dropping a major hint with its iPad event invitation designs?

Apple just sent out invitations for its next big hardware event. Naturally, the speculation has kicked into high gear.This year's invitations featured a colorful Apple logo, along with the tagline "there's more in the making." SEE ALSO: Apple sends invites to Oct. 30 event,

Google Maps for iOS now lets you share your ETA

For the chronically late among us, your days of lying about being "5 minutes away" are numbered. Google released its "share your real-time location" feature for the Google Maps iOS app on Thursday. It lets you send ETAs to friends and family based on satellite data — not empty promises. 

Facebook's adding new features to Stories to complete its Snapchat domination

For Facebook, the future is all about Stories. At F8, the company shared the surprising revelation that the Stories format is growing faster than feeds.But if the company wants to maintain that pace, it needs to juice Stories' growth in the main Facebook app, not just Instagram and WhatsApp. Now,

This woman could become the first Native American governor in US history

The list of Native American governors in American history is depressingly short. It's zero, to be exact.That's why Idaho Democrat Paulette Jordan's Tuesday primary win for governor was so significant. If Jordan wins the general election,

Spotify still features R. Kelly merch, despite new policies against sex offenders

Earlier this month, Spotify announced a set of new policies implemented in an effort to quell the outrage against offenders with numerous violent or sexual misconduct allegations — like R. Kelly, who has been accused by multiple women of sexual assault, and is allegedly running a sex cult.


威智网 3 月 17 日消息,从 Windows Phone 7 时代起,微软 Windows Phone 系统中的消息就开始各种卖萌,使用各种不同表情的动态磁贴来显示当前的状态。根据国内媒体的最新报道,在 Windows Phone 8.

This Could Be Our First Look at Mozilla's Chromecast Competitor

Ever since Chromecast and Roku hit the market, rumor has said that Mozilla was working on a more open, tinkerer-friendly type of streaming dongle. This week, Mozilla developer Christian Heilmann tweeted a photo that sure looks like a nearly-finalized product,





Bit.ly短链接不再受阻 指责谷歌安全浏览机制存在问题



获中华人民共和国科学技术部予以肯定香港科技园公司成为“香港国家集成电路高新技术产业化(伙伴)基地” 优势互补、资源共享,全力提升内地及香港集成电路产业的创新和发展 香港2014年12月5日电 /美通社/ -- 12月4日,香港科技园公司(“科技园公司”)举行一项揭牌仪式,宣布已获中华人民共和国科学技术部(“国家科技部”)确认为“香港国家集成电路高新技术产业化(伙伴)基地”,科技园公司将继续全力推动内地和香港集成电路产业的创新和发展,为相关企业在亚洲以至全球市场开创更多机遇。

即使身在臭水沟,也要仰望星空!15 年第 4 周,你不可错过的 7 款新品

本周 NEXT 新产品数量在400个左右,巨头在增强现实、操作系统、资讯阅读、通信、电子读物几个领域动静较大,其他创业者则在垂直社区、即时通讯、办公效率、分期付款、O2O 上门服务等领域表现出较大活力。

失望 ! Apple Watch 健康功能被移除

Apple Watch 正式推出的日子越來越近,也有更多的消息透露這個新產品的開發過程。 原先 Apple Watch 的設計中有些功能,因為效果不理想,被 Apple 移走。繼續閱讀了解更多。

TheVerge 做了个表,显示新 MacBook 正在如何追赶 PC 厂商

MacBook Air 和 Pro 漫长的更新(这里指突破性更新)周期做过去的几年里给了 PC 厂商很大的机会。今年 CES 亮相的 Dell XPS 13 甚至让坊间人称 iVerge 的 TheVerge 给出了“Dell 让我们看到了未来 PC 方向”的评价。



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