Teen masterfully pranks live TV report on illegal marijuana grow

Local news reporters are pros at dealing with the unexpected while on duty. And, as displayed in this clip, sometimes they're too good.KMTV journalist Cameron Tucker was reporting on an illegal cannabis grow in a quiet neighborhood in Kent, UK,

Will the White House sinkhole keep growing?

This week, reporters strolling by the White House lawn noticed a growing depression in the well-manicured grass. The White House called it a sinkhole and after surrounding it with caution tape and cones, covered the small pit with a slab of green plywood. 

Last night's primaries proved that LGBTQ candidates are coming to kick ass and take names

Tuesday night was a record night for LGBTQ politicians seeking elected office. You just need to know where to look.Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez won last night's Democratic primary for Texas governor.

Spotify seriously needs to add a blocking feature

Algorithms don't understand when you break up with a band.Calling it quits on an musician you once loved, or just ridding your life of a song or artist you've come to completely loathe should be easy, right? Not on Spotify.Listening passively to terrestrial radio is rare these days.

Morgan Freeman will now be the voice of the Vancouver transit system

If you've always wanted the voice of God to spice up your daily commute, you're in luck. Morgan Freeman might not actually be God, but he's the closest mouthpiece we've got. Freeman has a new gig as a the voice of Vancouver, Canada's TransLink. SEE ALSO:

This drone raised more than $3M on Indiegogo, but you can pick it up at its lowest price yet

When a creative crowdfunding campaign reaches its goal, that usually means that people find the prototype promising enough to part with their hard earned money and donate to the project. But when a startup raises 3000 times more than its goal?

'Overwatch' pro team forces players to train to an unhealthy degree

The Shanghai Dragons have yet to win a single game in the first season of Overwatch League, and to appease fans who may be wondering what exactly is going on behind the scenes, the team's manager revealed the Dragons' practice schedule.

Mark Zuckerberg testified before the EU Parliament, but the hearing's format left MEPs with no answe

Mark Zuckerberg appeared before Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) on May 22nd to discuss data protection. The hearing's format had all the EU lawmakers asking him questions for about an hour straight, leaving Mark Zuckerberg with only a few minutes to answer all of them.

Yanny or Laurel? We asked around the office and fights almost broke out.

The internet is divided over this auditory illusion. We went around the office to find out what our colleagues thought...and things got a bit heated.  Read more...More about Facebook, Twitter, Science, Memes, and Viral

Google Wifi to show which devices have bad connection

Google has announced that it's adding a new feature to Google Wifi that will allow you to measure how well each device on your network is performing. SEE ALSO: Apple officially kills its AirPort routerIn the next few weeks,

Emilia Clarke says she was always paid equally on 'Game of Thrones'

It shouldn't be that hard to pay women the same amount as men for equal work, but Hollywood – and, you know, every other industry – continues to struggle with itMashable first noted the lack of pay gap on Game of Thrones in 2017,







'Ant-Man' Stars Go Marching First at Marvel's Comic-Con Panel

Marvel Studios kicked off its Saturday night panel with Ant Man, bringing Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas and new director Peyton Reed to the Hall H stage.SEE ALSO: 'Batman v Superman' Teaser: Warner Bros. Blows Up Comic-ConAnt-men: Michael Douglas walks out to greet Paul Rudd at #Marvel #SSCC https://t.

How to Be a Highly Competitive Mobile Developer

The demand for mobile software developers is red hot, and the demand for Android developers is even hotterSince Americans are consumed by their smartphones alone for about an hour per day (a figure that doesn't even account for tablet/other electronic media usage),

SwiftKey Shows Off Its iOS 8 Keyboard For The First Time

SwiftKey, the predictive keyboard startup that was embedded on more than 100 million Android devices last year, and more than 200 million cumulatively, has demoed its software working on iOS 8 for the first time here at TechCrunch Disrupt SF.

通过jquery-qrcode在线生成二维码 - 量衡天下



如果你缺少一个写游记或者讲述故事的工具,那么你或许可以试试微软全新正式发布的数字内容展示工具 Sway。 今天 […]

外媒评全球青少年近视率攀升:不爱看电视 紧盯电脑

参考消息网9月5日报道 外媒称,电视机似乎越来越便宜、越来越大、越来越薄。但据爱立信公司的最新报告,Z一代已不再爱看电视。


可以展示照片的数字相框(Digital Picture Frames)已经火过了一段时间,它的缺点是屏幕尺寸和分辨率都太低。不过现在,一家名为Depict的旧金山初创企业,推出了一款50英寸的4K级“画框显示器”。

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