Former YouTube exec unveils Next 10 Ventures, a $50M fund to back online creators - 云聚网

Former YouTube exec unveils Next 10 Ventures, a $50M fund to back online creators

Next 10 Ventures is a new firm that’s raised $50 million to invest in new digital content, and also in new tools and services for the creators of that content. The firm was founded by Benjamin Grubbs, previously global director of top creator partnerships at YouTube,

The tech angle in dogs, mac and cheese and working out

Welcome back to TechCrunch Mixtape, the podcast where Megan Rose Dickey and I, Henry Oliver Pickavet, talk about some of the stories of the week that we feel like talking about. This week it was dogs, working out and mac and cheese. BarkBox creators Bark and Co. decided that Nashville, Tenn.

Distributed teams are rewriting the rules of office(less) politics

When we think about designing our dream home, we don’t think of having a thousand roommates in the same room with no doors or walls. Yet in today’s workplace where we spend most of our day,

Global unicorn exits hit multi-year high in 2018

Unicorn exits are taking flight. With the IPO window wide open, an apparent record number of venture-backed companies privately valued over $1 billion have launched public offerings this year.

Gaming in Asia may be crypto’s killer dApp

As money and talent flows into the crypto and blockchain worlds, a persistent question keeps coming up: what is going to be the “killer app” that drives adoption for these nascent technologies? The answer may well be quite simple: gaming in Asia. That’s the theory for Cryptokitties,

Only 48 hours left: Apply to Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Berlin

The action you take within the next 48 hours could change your life. That’s how much time you have left to apply to TechCrunch Startup Battlefield, our world-renowned pitch competition, which takes place at Disrupt Berlin 2018 on November 29-30.

The overlooked opportunity in tackling public finance

If you’re a certain age, it’s likely that you’ve never given a second thought to buying a municipal bond or the process of bond buying, even if you’ve intuited, rightly, that’s it’s an intentionally opaque business. Yet there could be a big opportunity for startups,

It’s Friday so relax and watch a hard drive defrag forever on Twitch

It's been a while since I defragged — years, probably, because these days for a number of reasons computers don't really need to. But perhaps it is we who need to defrag.

Google acquires Cask Data to beef up its tools for building and running big data analytics

Google is pushing hard on its efforts to build out a deeper enterprise business around Google Cloud, which continues to trail behind Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure when it comes to revenues and usage among organizations. In the latest development, Google has picked up Cask Data,

This jolly little robot gets goosebumps

Cornell researchers have made a little robot that can express its emotions through touch, sending out little spikes when its scared or even getting goosebumps to express delight or excitement. The prototype, a cute smiling creature with rubber skin,

Bannon and Cambridge Analytica planned suppression of black voters, whistleblower tells Senate

Appearing before the Senate Judiciary committee today as part of the ongoing investigation of Cambridge Analytica and various forms of meddling in the 2016 elections,




根据国外媒体的报道,谷歌公司最新的Project Tango项目即将前往国际空间站施展自己的能力, Project Tango项目正在研发支持3D 环境感应技术的智能手机,有望实时建立3D环境结构图。

OS X 10.10是否会扁平化?苹果或早已暗示


Android Wear出现Bug:无法安装付费应用

搭载Android Wear的智能手表开始陆续出货了,然而开发者在准备对应用收费时发现,付费应用居然无法安装到智能手表上。国外媒体认为,导致这个问题的原因很有可能是,谷歌在Play Store引入的付费应用加密所导致。


随着中国政府对微软这家全球最大的软件公司反垄断调查的进一步升级,有消息称微软现任CEO Satya Nadel […]

Pizza Hut and Pet Store Promotional Sign: 'Buy 10 Large Pizzas Get Free Small Animal'

SYDNEY — An Australian pet store has denied planning to give away animals, after a sign at a Pizza Hut franchise in Melbourne, Victoria, caused mass outrage on social media.Australian animal rights group Oscar's Law, who are against the sale of animals in pet stores,


三星想大家知道 Galaxy Note 4 并不像别家手机一样容易弯曲,所以就做了一个测试来证明一下。在测试视频中可以看到有多种压力测试来对待手机,内容大概就像早年曾经对 S3 和 Note 2...



Who Do You Want To Give A Crunchies Award To Next Year?

It’s the holiday season, and in the spirit of giving, the Crunchies Monkey made a visit to the TechCrunch office during our annual holiday party. He celebrated the year by exchanging gifts with a few of our TechCrunch staffers,

Sir Ivan的汉普顿斯活动反对欺凌

纽约2015年8月4日电 /美通社/ -- 唱片艺术家Sir Ivan将举办其一年一度的汉普顿斯盛大表演活动,来庆祝其最新Billboard单曲《Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye》的成功,该作品由Paul Oakenfold制作,Taylor Dayne(泰勒-戴恩)倾情演绎。

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