Find peace in the skies with airline's in-flight mediation program

Unless you're lucky enough to be flying in first or business class, plane travel can be a stressful experience.To combat this, Australian airline Qantas has introduced a series of meditation videos in its in-flight entertainment systems so you can zone out mid-flight.SEE ALSO:

Tributes pour in for late Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's death has prompted heartfelt tributes from tech luminaries, but he's also been lauded for his work in sports and philanthropy.Allen passed away on Monday, his family confirmed, after complications from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.SEE ALSO:

The 'Same Energy' meme oddly makes perfect sense

You know when you see two vastly different photos that just ...give off the same energy?It's been a year for describing things by their vibes, from BDE to horse girl energy. The latest: comparing images that inexplicably give off the same energy. SEE ALSO:

Jeff Bezos is totally cool with governments investigating Amazon

The world's richest man is spending a billion dollars a year helping to launch the human race into space. Next to that goal, the threat of a government antitrust investigation into his trillion-dollar company is no big deal. 

Facebook cracks down on voter suppression ahead of U.S. midterm elections

Facebook is expanding its fight against fake news and tackling the most direct way it affects elections: voter suppression.In a post titled "Expanding Our Policies on Voter Suppression,

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has died from cancer

Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft, passed away Monday. He was 65.His death was confirmed by a statement from his company, Vulcan Inc, reports CNBC, and was the result of complications stemming from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.SEE ALSO:

Chrissy Teigen's 9 best viral moments

Chrissy Teigen has proved countless times over that she's a social media genius. She's become known for her quick-witted remarks, pointed clap backs, and endless roasts of her  husband, John Legend.

Everything is not 'awesome' at Facebook, says Instagram co-founder

Everything may be awesome and cool when you're part of a team, as The LEGO Movie taught us. But apparently that doesn't apply to the team at Facebook.

Here's why the Senate's vote for net neutrality is a really big deal

There's a glimmer of hope for net neutrality yet.That's the takeaway from today's victory in the Senate, where 52 Senators, including three Republicans, voted in support of a resolution that would reverse last year's FCC ruling to end net neutrality.

What Yanny vs. Laurel taught us: We yearn to be divided

Remember the optical illusion known simply as the dress? Sure you do. Black and blue or white and gold? This was the question that divided the internet back in the more innocent time of February 2015. The fault lines ran through marriages and  friendships:

Teen masterfully pranks live TV report on illegal marijuana grow

Local news reporters are pros at dealing with the unexpected while on duty. And, as displayed in this clip, sometimes they're too good.KMTV journalist Cameron Tucker was reporting on an illegal cannabis grow in a quiet neighborhood in Kent, UK,

22天:Google Project Loon气球将破环游地球纪录

在 Ibis-167 之前,Google 的气球可以以 2 节到 75 节的速度在平流层运动。这次 Ibis-167 将第二次试飞。经过此前的飞行经验,加上 Google 的计算机模拟数据,预计 Ibis-167 将达到更快的速度。




在 2006 年,六名藝術家包括 Jerry Burchfield、Mark Chamberlain、Jacques Garnier、Rob Johnson、Douglas McCulloh 及 Clayton Spada,聯合過百名義工,合力拍攝了一張面積為 34 x 9.8 m 的照片「The Great Picture」,沒有經過閱讀全文

c++ 概念及学习/c++ concept&learning(三) - 跑男

这一篇继续说说程序设计中的基本语句:控制块一 if类控制语句ifif elseif , else if ,

Travelzoo:2014年Q2 Travelzoo收入3690万美元 同比下降11%


The Guardian's First Redesign in Years Actually Reads Like the Internet

The internet changes fast, but The Guardian's website hasn't budged in recent years. Today, it sheds the old cluttered look for a badly needed design refresh that'll make its front page easier to read across mobile devices and your desktop.Read more...

LOUDNESS SOUNDS BETTER. It’s Also Ruining Music.

LET’S TALK ABOUT LOUDNESS! Yelling is loud! That fashionable guy on the train blasting music into his ears? His headphones are loud! Loudness sounds good and feels good, and unfortunately, it’s ruining recorded music. Read more...

Malaysia and Indonesia to offer temporary shelter to migrants

In a potential breakthrough in Southeast Asia's humanitarian crisis, Indonesia and Malaysia offered Wednesday to provide temporary shelter to thousands of migrants stranded at sea after weeks of saying they weren't welcome.But they appealed for international help, saying the crisis was a global,


一、前言 概况: 体验产品:网易游戏CC语音 系统环境:window7 64位 体验时间:2015年9月7日 ...

Tim Cook参与扣扣熊《午夜秀》节目录制:现场展示iPhone 6s

由史蒂芬·科尔伯特(Stephen Colbert)担纲主持的《深夜秀》(The Late Show)节目已开播一周。

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