Mobile app of the day: OverHeard

Use OverHeard to save and share sound clips of stuff that matters to you – plus the app has plenty of extras to help add meaning to what you’re sharing.Read more:

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Mobile app of the day: OverHeard

Use OverHeard to save and share sound clips of stuff that matters to you – plus the app has plenty of extras to help add meaning to what you’re sharing.Read more:

Our Favorite Android, iOS, and Windows Phone Apps of the Week

Hey have you heard? Summer officially starts tomorrow. That means tomorrow's the longest day of the year, which means you'll spend even more daylight hours staring furtively at your smartphone. At least give your app folder a breath of fresh air with these, our favorite new apps this week.

The Troubling, Still-Unsolved Case of the 1977 Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders

The bare-bones facts would be disturbing enough on their own: in June 1977, three Girl Scouts—ages 8, 9, and 10—sharing the most remote tent at summer camp were found raped and brutally murdered. It’s the stuff of nightmares and horror movies. But the story got even worse.Read more...

Kevin Rose Is Competing With His Own Investment

On September 4th, Kevin Rose, the Digg founder turned partner at Google Ventures, sent out a series of texts to the folks who were beta testing his new photo-sharing app, Tiiny. People were curious about the similarities between Tiiny and another photo-sharing app, Cap,

The World's Most Futuristic Cruise Ship Made Me Miss the Past

I woke up in a strange place. The bed felt plush, and when I rolled over onto my side, there was water, an ocean full of it. I felt slightly sick. I'd just spent my first night on the world's most advanced cruise ship, but a billion dollars worth of technology is no match for the Atlantic Ocean.

East of Palo Alto’s Eden

What if Silicon Valley had emerged from a racially integrated community? Would the technology industry be different?  Would we? And what can the technology industry do now to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past?

Box moves Europe HQ to London

Expanded Old Street office opens in show of support for the capital.

UK government failing to boost STEM skills

NAO report highlights shortcomings when it comes to STEM training.

Half a million Chrome users hit by malicious extensions

Four Chrome extensions detected as using unsafe JavaScript, security experts warn.

Oracle issues patch for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

Release comes with 237 security fixes for a number of Oracle products.

Google launches program to train entry-level IT support professionals

Google and Coursera will offer a number of courses on a wide variety of IT topics.

Fake accounts dominate the cyber-crime landscape

More than one in nine of all new accounts opened in 2017 were fake.

Kaspersky reveals 'most advanced' Android spyware

Skygofree malware reportedly allows attackers to steal WhatsApp messages from unsuspecting victims.

Academic says big data "not a cure-all" for healthcare

Big data is not a “magic weapon” that can solve all our healthcare problems, a senior lecturer at the Kent School of Computing has claimed.Read more:

Data breach stories: Top 10

Security breaches happen all the time but it's the biggest ones that hit the headlines and send ripples through the IT community. Let's look at the top ten breaches.Read more:

How to watch Argentina vs Belgium and Holland vs Costa Rica live online and on TV

It's on to the second set of quarter finals later today and our guide has all the information you need to be able to watch the games free of charge.Read more:


无论苹果如何把Siri描绘成人机交互的未来,我得说,它在iPhone中一直是一个理念和实际应用不那么相符的存在 […]

【再探backbone04】单页应用的基石-路由处理 - 叶小钗






Lumia 830新机已抵达印度 确证代号为Tesla

威智网 8 月 24 日消息,根据外媒 NPU 最新报道称,日前在印度进出口网站 Zauba 的资料库中出现了一批新机信息,该信息显示数量为 6000 台的 Lumia 830 模型日前已经到达印度,而且首次证实了 Lumia 830 智能手机的代号就是 Tesla。  

又多一部說再見:Fujifilm 將停產 GF670 中片幅菲林相機

除了菲林之外,近年不斷變成歷史的還有菲林相機。最近又有一部菲林相機停產,今次是 Fujifilm 的 GF670 中片幅菲林相機,實在令人婉惜。繼續閱讀了解更多。

从3人到16人:Zapier 如何招聘和组建的远程团队



美国劳工权益组织“中国劳工观察”(China Labor Watch)周三宣布,又发现新的证据表明,三星供应商海格国利电子(HEG Electronics)雇佣了成都城市建设技工学校的童工和学生工。

星戰迷注意!Death Star 無線藍牙喇叭啟動時識得發光

科幻電影《星球大戰》的熱潮到現時依然是歷久不衰,而一直以來市面上都推出過大量相關產品。最近就有人參照電影中著名的太空要塞 Death Star 的外型,打造出一個超有型的無線藍牙喇叭,相信一眾星戰迷應該會很想入手吧?



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