How to watch Colombia vs Brazil and France vs Germany live online and on TV

Excited about the first set of quarter-finals of the World Cup later today? We’ve got all the details on where to head to watch a live stream of the big matches.Read more:

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How to watch Colombia vs Brazil and France vs Germany live online and on TV

Excited about the first set of quarter-finals of the World Cup later today? We’ve got all the details on where to head to watch a live stream of the big matches.Read more:

How to watch Djokovic vs Dimitrov and Federer vs Raonic live online and on TV

Want to keep up to date with all the latest Wimbledon action? Here's how to watch the Men's Semi-Finals live online and on your TV when things kick off at 13:00 today.Read more:

How to watch Andy Murray vs Kevin Anderson live on TV and online

Want to watch today’s big match? We’ll show you where to head online, and indeed what channel and time you want for the TV, too.Read more:

How to watch Argentina vs Belgium and Holland vs Costa Rica live online and on TV

It's on to the second set of quarter finals later today and our guide has all the information you need to be able to watch the games free of charge.Read more:

How to watch Argentina vs Holland live online and on TV

Want to know which side will join host-conquering Germany in Sunday’s final in Rio de Janeiro? Read our guide to find out how to watch it for free in the UK.Read more:

How to watch Brazil vs Germany live online and on TV

It’s getting towards the business end of the World Cup and we’ve got all the details of when and how to catch all the action live online and on TV.Read more:

You Can Now Reserve An Apple Watch To Buy In-Store

Apple Watch has been severely supply constrained since launch, but you can now finally get one in a physical Apple retail store. The Apple Store website now supports online reservations of the Watch,

#Love: Meeting My Real-Life Husband In Virtual Vegas

Tinder,, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid. With dozens of internet dating sites available today, it seems that much of the younger generation is comfortable with the concept of meeting their significant others online. But as a divorcee and mother of two,

Seven ways to make your Windows 10 and Xbox avatar more festive this holiday season

One of the most fun things to do on Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, besides playing games and watching movies and TV shows, is customizing the animated avatars to reflect the owner’s...

Got Titanfall? Here are tips and tricks to get your game on

Last night Titanfall launched for both Xbox One and PC, at least in the US. You may have heard about it -- it got a bit of press. Now Microsoft is already looking to help out customers of the latest title, as the company has released a new video filled with tips and tricks for gamers.

Security worries rise as IoT devices become more common

Four in ten global households have an IoT device, but how secure are they?

The challenges of localisation: top mistakes retailers make when expanding overseas

Several factors need to be considered when expanding globally, including companies failing to consider culture, language, payment and purchasing habits.

The three biggest buzzwords of 2019, and what they really mean for business

Here are some of the biggest buzzwords you really can’t ignore this year and why they’re significant.

Why upskilling with practical experience can close the cyber skills gap

As it becomes increasingly challenging and expensive to recruit new team members, one of the most effective approaches to improving security capabilities is to focus on upskilling your existing team instead.

The South West’s top five surprising tech hubs

Nick Orme, CEO at ITEC, explores some lesser-known centres of tech excellence in the South West, and discusses the innovation and creativity taking root there.

How ERP can drive sustainability in the supply chain

How ERP can bolster the sustainability and reduce the emissions of any supply chain.

Samsung tells users to check their smart TV security

Security experts are baffled.

Smart cities have to be built around an opt-in model

ITProPortal spoke to Rashik Parmar about the increasingly pressing topic of smart cities, and why the next generation of urban connectivity will have to be built on opt-in models.Read more:

Embarrassed EC: Right to be forgotten not a right to "Photoshop your life"

Google has been criticised for removing a BBC article from its search results under the “right to be forgotten” ruling by the very people who brought in the ruling – the European Commission.Read more: http://www.itproportal.

Microsoft readies 6 security updates for July Patch Tuesday

Get ready for a barrage of bulletins in this month's round of Microsoft Patch Tuesday updates, each designed to protect Windows systems from security threats.Read more:


威锋网讯,今天的 WWDC 大家都没有等到新的 iPhone,而目前为止 iPhone 都一直被认为有两个尺寸版本,相信大家再也熟悉不过了。早前的报道都称 5.5 英寸的 iPhone 版本由于电池的问题将会延迟到明年发布。

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ADI ADA4805系列放大器采用动态功耗调节技术,可为便携式、电池供电和高密度数据采集设备提供首屈一指的失调漂移、压摆率、噪声和失真性能 北京2014年9月24日电 /美通社/ -- Analog Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:

Dr. Evil is frickin' pissed about North Korea's Sony hack

Of course Dr. Evil is friends with Kim Jong-unMike Myers stopped by Saturday Night Live to reprise his villainous character from the Austin Powers seriesNaturally, Dr. Evil is frickin' pissed about the massive Sony hack,

博客搬家——从CSDN到博客园 - 邹琼俊




Be Relieved You Can't Buy This Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge in the U.S.

Resplendent in red and gold, this is Samsung’s attempt to bring together its Marvel tie-ins with its latest slightly weird S6 Edge handset . The result is...probably not the phone Tony Stark would choose?Read more...


小米将于7月27日召开新品发布会,此次的主角除了传言已久的小米笔记本外还有红米系列的新旗舰手机。从之前官方透露的一系列信息来看,这款红米新机将被命名为红米Pro。今天,红米手机官微放出一段颇有意味的视频, ... ...

华为发布麒麟 960 芯片

这两天密集的国产品牌发布期里,华为的活动占了两场,继昨天的荣耀 6X 之后,真正的重头戏今天开演,就在刚才,新一代的海思旗舰芯片 — 麒麟 960 已经正式登场亮相了。这款处理器是以台积电的 16nm FinFET+ 制程打造,采用了四颗 Cortext-A73(2.4GHz)加四颗 A53 核心(1.8GHz)的架构,CPU 的能效比提升据称达到了 15%。而在 GPU 的部份,华为这次选择了 Mali-G71(MP8),性能和能效比分别加强了 180。值得一提的是,麒麟 960 还全面支持 ...

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