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The smart way to ease the smart meter rollout

By the end of 2020, the UK government envisages that 50 million homes should have a smart meter installed.

CoinCorner on why Google’s ban on cryptocurrency ads is a good thing

By banning ads for cryptocurrency, Google forced businesses in the space to find new ways to reach potential customers.

IoT devices could be putting your home at risk

New research reveals that cyber criminals are targeting IoT devices for cryptojacking.

Only half of UK firms feel confident in their in-house cybersecurity

Continued investment and activity are the key to staying ahead in the cyber arms race.

Advanced manufacturing for a more efficient aerospace industry

3D printing and other emerging technologies offer a number of benefits that will help the aerospace industry improve its production process.

Fax machines could be the weak link in your company's security

The ageing technology could be used to compromise your corporate network.

Automation breakthrough: A new age for date prediction

Automation and machine learning have the potential to completely transform the world of asset management.

The battle for business buy-in: Three ways to justify your IT security spend

As businesses turn to the cloud and handle even more data, IT security spending has never been more important.

Moving on from maintenance modelling

There’s a growing realisation that maintenance alone cannot solve the unexpected asset breakdown problem.

Improving productivity through manufacturing skills and technology

How can the UK's engineering and manufacturing industries prevent falling victim to a skills shortage?

European digital transactions bombarded with cyberattacks

The increase in cyberattacks have led consumers to turn to mobile as the more secure channel.

I Wouldn't Be Here Without the 1982 World's Fair

On a recent trip home to Knoxville, Tennessee, I had a flashback. Not an acid flashback (I don't think). We were weaving through the hilly streets of downtown in the shadow of the Sunsphere, a discoball of a monument built for the 1982 World's Fair, and suddenly I was there in the crowd,


北京2014年4月29日电 /美通社/ -- 香格里拉酒店集团近日宣布,经过两年半大规模翻新升级的前仰光盛贸饭店,已重张开业,并更名为仰光司雷香格里拉大酒店。

PC蛋蛋胡广伟:坚持游戏品质 以个性化定制突围

【IT商业新闻网讯】随着手游市场的爆发,大家都看到了移动互联网市场上的大蛋糕并陷入前赴后继的争抢。其中,以体验营销为主题的网络媒体PC蛋蛋并没有走手游研发或发行的老路,而是成为了国内第一家推出游戏试玩概 ...



I wanna get drunk on this Mondrian art-inspired Homer Simpson wine

PSFK reports on quite possibly the best idea since "Simpson and Son's Revitalizing Tonic." A wine inspired by two of the 20th century's most profile cultural icons. Homer Simpson and Pieter Mondrian. Read more...


第一点禁忌:元素禁忌 元素禁忌,其实是文化(宗教)禁忌。由于各国文化差异,每个国家与地区,都有某些特定禁忌,如日本忌荷花,忌数字9和4,韩国也忌4,美国人忌数字13,加拿大和英国忌白百合。

Messaging App And Voice Calling Provider Viber Is Now Blocked In China

According to a number of reports out this morning, the latest service to become blocked in China is Viber, the free service that lets users make calls, text and share photos with friends, family and others. When reached for comment,



壕: 苹果去年花费258亿美元购买半导体芯片

威锋网讯,根据 Gartner 的调查显示,苹果 2014 年的半导体元件订单相比前一年增长了 10%。总价值为 258 亿美元的半导体订单让苹果成为半导体元件的第二大买家,位居三星之后。  

机器学习基石笔记10——机器可以怎样学习(2) - 杜少

Logistic Regression罗杰斯特回归(最常见到的翻译:Logistic回归)。

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