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Data management in the era of GDPR and digital transformation

By adopting a comprehensive data strategy businesses can keep their data safe without slowing their digital transformation efforts.

CoinCorner on why Google’s ban on cryptocurrency ads is a good thing

By banning ads for cryptocurrency, Google forced businesses in the space to find new ways to reach potential customers.

IoT devices could be putting your home at risk

New research reveals that cyber criminals are targeting IoT devices for cryptojacking.

Only half of UK firms feel confident in their in-house cybersecurity

Continued investment and activity are the key to staying ahead in the cyber arms race.

Advanced manufacturing for a more efficient aerospace industry

3D printing and other emerging technologies offer a number of benefits that will help the aerospace industry improve its production process.

Fax machines could be the weak link in your company's security

The ageing technology could be used to compromise your corporate network.

Automation breakthrough: A new age for date prediction

Automation and machine learning have the potential to completely transform the world of asset management.

The battle for business buy-in: Three ways to justify your IT security spend

As businesses turn to the cloud and handle even more data, IT security spending has never been more important.

Ten tips for delivering a good customer experience

In an effort to help others on their own journey, we’ve taken some of the key pieces of advice that we’ve read over the past year and a half and put them all together in bite size chunks.

Using the blockchain to transform data management

As we increasingly use data in new ways, we need systems that can not only keep up, but which can offer capabilities to further innovation.

The smart way to ease the smart meter rollout

By the end of 2020, the UK government envisages that 50 million homes should have a smart meter installed.



网站高并发,老出问题,真烦,我来研究研究 - bananaplan



诺基亚向来喜爱有意无意中开发各种火星黑科技,从 4100 万像素的摄像头、核弹炸不烂的机身再到成功用闪电充电的 […]


关于快播,或许很多圈外人不知道周鸿祎与快播的亲密关系。   2007年曾创办过一家P2P技术公司——深圳点石软件技术有限公司的王欣二次创业,继续利用P2P技术做视频,创办快播。

Discover the secretive Pyongyang in this exclusive 22-minute GoPro tour

Aram Pram—a Singapore-based virtual tour photographer—says that he got special permission from the North Korean government to produce this exclusive 22-minute GoPro tour of Pyongyang. After seeing the entire thing, it kind of looks like any nondescript American city.Read more...



Connected Cars May Eventually Inspire Place-Specific Radio Ads

Chevrolet is rolling out what it calls the "largest deployment of vehicles with built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi in the market this summer," and the move will help open up opportunities for advertisers in the in-car services market, experts say.



C#单元测试 - 鑫鑫博客


英特尔发布14纳米Xeon D处理器

创见干货:英特尔近期发布了采用了 Broadwell 架构的 Xeon D 处理器,采用 14 纳米工艺制程,采用 SoC 设计,将面向高密度服务器和刀片服务器。

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