20 Secrets the Internet Wants You to Know

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what people were thinking? The anonymous posting app Secret offers a platform through which you can unload your confessions and tap into what others are thinking and feeling. As the old rhyme goes, "Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone.

20 Secrets the Internet Wants You to Know

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what people were thinking? The anonymous posting app Secret offers a platform through which you can unload your confessions and tap into what others are thinking and feeling. As the old rhyme goes, "Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone.

20 Private Thoughts From the Backseat of an Uber Car

At the end of an exhausting day, it's comforting to know that with just a few taps on your smartphone, a car will be on its way to pick you up and deliver you to your front door.Some of the best thinking gets done while seated in the back of an Uber car. Groundbreaking thoughts like:

Brazilian Judge Wants to Ban Secret App, Wipe It From Phones

A Brazilian judge wants to ban popular app Secret from Apple's App Store and Google Play, arguing it promotes anonymous bullying.In a preliminary injunction,

Secret Will Now Show You Posts From Facebook Friends

Anonymous message-sharing app Secret may be all about hiding your identity, but the network just added two new features that make it easier to view popular secrets and posts shared by your friends.The company announced it was adding a Facebook login option to its iOS and Android apps.

Welcome to White Noise, Where Everyone Is a Reporter

We are thrilled to be re-launching White Noise as a vertical within Gizmodo, giving our community a platform all its own. We want you to join us in our ongoing mission to write, record, debate, and review our fast-evolving world. We know how plugged in you are,

Scientists To Sequence Lil Bub's Genome

A team of geneticists is ready to unlock the secrets behind Internet celebrity cat Lil Bub’s unique appearance.Read more...

The Only Truly Intimate Online Experience Left

The internet has long promised a certain kind of connection between people, one that is now close to being fulfilled: We can reach anyone, at any time, anywhere! But while the web was born in plain text in IRC chat rooms and messageboards, our online conversations were supposed to multimedia,

The Most Important Security Settings to Change on Your Router

Your router is the first line of defense against hackers trying to access all the internet-connected devices in your home. Sadly, many of the top Wi-Fi routers are easy to hack. You should be concerned—and also make sure your router is set up properly.Read more...

My Brief and Curious Life As a Mechanical Turk

As accomplished as modern-day computers are, there are some very basic things even the smartest machines have yet to master: tough judgment calls, advanced image recognition, making goofy faces, conducting psychological surveys. These are an assortment of tasks we humans can still claim as our own.

All The Important Stuff From TechCrunch Disrupt NY

So what happened at Disrupt NY? With 25 panels, 27 startup demos, and a hackathon, TechCrunch's annual gathering in New York produced plents of news, insight, and controversy. Even if you were there in person it was a lot to process, so we've compiled a cliff notes for the conference. Read More

'Iron Fist' Season 2 is all about Colleen at Comic-Con

Iron Fist is very much the Danny Rand show. But you wouldn't necessarily know it from the show's Season 2 panel at Comic-Con.Based on the footage shown in San Diego on Thursday, you might guess this was the Colleen Wing show, or even a Daughters of the Dragon show. And honestly, we're not mad.

Deepak Chopra guides Jimmy Fallon through two-minute meditation (and you can do it too)

Mindfulness can be found in the strangest places, even on The Tonight Show.Promoting his latest book, The Healing Self, iconic New Age and mindfulness author Deepak Chopra guided Jimmy Fallon and The Roots through a two-minute meditation on Thursday night.

Another 'Breaking Bad' character is coming to 'Better Call Saul'... kinda

Better Call Saul is calling in another Breaking Bad character next season — but one that not even the most hardcore fans are bound to recognize. As announced during the Better Call Saul Comic-Con panel Thursday, Tony Dalton will show up in Season 4 as Lalo,

Stephen Colbert stages a 'presidential intervention' for Trump

Stephen Colbert has held a "presidential intervention" after the week's hootenanny of events featuring Donald Trump and Russian president Vladimir Putin.After brutally roasting Trump’s 'double negative' defense on Wednesday after that press conference,

'The Predator' doubles down on the monsters in exclusive Comic-Con footage

What's scarier than a Predator?How about two Predators, one of which is even bigger and meaner than the Predator we already know and love to fear?That's apparently the premise of The Predator, as revealed in exclusive footage shown at Comic-Con Thursday. SEE ALSO:

Danny Rand and his glowing hand are back in the first look at 'Iron Fist' Season 2

At Comic-Con Thursday, Netflix unveiled our first look at the second season of its fourth Marvel series, Iron Fist.  Finn Jones is back as Danny Rand, who thankfully seems to have calmed down a bit since his bizarre and off-putting introduction in Iron Fist Season 1.

This robotic vacuum's camera could let hackers spy on you

Be careful: Hackers might be watching through your vacuum. Well, they could if you own the Diqee Camera Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, which is made and sold in China. It touts features like an HD 360-degree camera, night vision, and anti-collision sound wave technology.  

Don’t Bring Home a Moose

Want a pet? Here's a tip: don't get a moose, however cute it may beIn the latest installment of Mashable Minute, Elliott discovers a strange trend of Alaskans keeping baby moose for pets and why that’s a terrible idea.On Friday, Elliott looked at some really cool beach hacks Read more...

A Beginner's Guide to Navigating Office Politics

Executives often complain to me about the new generation of employees — they aren't as committed, sophisticated or knowledgeable as more experienced employees would like them to be. They get bored or disillusioned quickly. Turnover is a problem, and so on. Just as often,

20 Animals That Will Dance Your Post-3-Day-Weekend Blues Away

After all those hot dogs, boozy cocktails and explosions in the sky, it's time to head back to the office and slog through another weekDon't fret, it's not all bad. These GIFs of dancing animals won't turn back time, but they'll start the week off right. With their cheerfulness and enthusiasm,


在SXSW 2014大会上,朱利安 阿桑奇通过Skype向数千观众发表了演讲,他表示“国家安全记者是新型难民”。



苹果在App Store推出 “最佳更新游戏” 版块

威锋网讯 6 月 27 日消息,我们刚刚在 App Store 当中看到,苹果推出了一个名为“最佳更新游戏”的版块,其中列出了最近更新过后的一些推荐游戏,每一个地区的“最佳更新游戏”列表都会有所不同。


在电子商务火热之前,很多人都对其持保留意见,也有很多企业都觉得电子商务没有前途的,核心还是线下门店。但随着近些 […]


香港2014年11月4日电 /美通社/ -- 文华东方酒店集团 (Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group) 宣布签订了一份协议,以文华东方酒店管理式住宅品牌打造和管理146间豪华住宅。




2014即将结束,显然对于投资者来说2014在投资的项目数量上都获得了不小的收获。我根据有限的资讯整理了一下, […]

Amazon App for Windows Phone gets bug fixes and performance improvements in latest update

If you love to shop via Amazon.com and you own a Windows Phone device, you are likely using the official Amazon App. This app was just updated to version and adds bug fixes and performance improvements throughout the app, which normally is considered a minor update,

SpaceLife 太空外套,平凡的你也能成為太空人

從古以來人類就對無邊無際的宇宙充滿興趣,希望能多了解一點那未知的領域,而能與神秘宇宙做第一線接觸的人,就非太空人莫屬了~ 當阿姆斯壯踏上月球時,全人類都高興歡呼,因為這代表了人類科技的一大進步,更是歷史上重要的里程碑,因此許多人也夢想能成為太空人,到外太空去看那迷人的景色!閱讀全文


腾讯太空讯,据国外媒体报道,科学家认为黑洞可吸积物质,落入黑洞中的物质丢失了自己的信息,但一项新的研究认为落入黑洞中的物质并没有丢失信息,这些信息仍然保留在黑洞中。物理常识告诉我们,物质无法彻底消 ... .

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