Virality: How Does It Work and Why Do We Share?

We share things online every day — a cool DIY project, something that made us laugh, or a picture of a cute animal. We propel our ideas into the vast space known as the Internet, and become one tiny factor of a much larger process known as viralityWhy are we compelled to do this?

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Viral Video Recap: Soccer Cats, Drone Fireworks and More

Even though the U.S. is out of the World Cup, this week's viral video recap keeps the soccer spirit alive and kickingWe start off with Gertie and Tofu, two cats who desperately want to achieve athletic stardom. Unfortunately,

Viral Video Recap: Morgan Freeman on Helium, Adult Toddlers and More

Cats, Morgan Freeman and toddler etiquette: This week's viral video recap is the perfect recipe for Internet funLucky cats Cole and Marmalade received the greatest gift ever from their human servant, Chris: a box castle. Complete with a cat nap dungeon,

Viral Video Recap: Grandma Rides Roller Coaster for the First Time and More

This week’s viral video recap features some epic firsts that — luckily for us — were captured on videoWatch a 78-year-old granny ride — and love — a roller coaster for the first time. Then, on the other end of the spectrum,

Virality: How Does It Work and Why Do We Share?

We share things online every day — a cool DIY project, something that made us laugh, or a picture of a cute animal. We propel our ideas into the vast space known as the Internet, and become one tiny factor of a much larger process known as viralityWhy are we compelled to do this?

Viral Video Recap: The Glorious Return of Keyboard Cat and More

One of the Internet's favorite cats is back in this week's viral video recap.Keyboard Cat makes a return, playing "96 Tears" by Question Mark and the Mysterians. While this isn't the same as the original magical cat, which first gained popularity in 2009, it still has all the charm of the original.

The top 10 viral ads for October

October is the spookiest month of them all, filled with candy, costumes tricks and treats.

Viral Video Recap: Talking Cats, Flying Dogs and More

This week's viral video recap has all the makings of an online hit, including talking cats, flying dogs and a 5 -year-old boy dealing with his many loves.Let's begin with Mac, a cougar that has resided in the Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, Florida, since 1998. Cougars are the largest cats that can purr,

Viral Video Recap: 'Twilight' Parody, BASE Jumpers and More

In this week's viral video recap, we see moments of inspiration, extreme adventure, silly animals and yet another parody of Twilight.One cat realizes he can tease another by dangling a piece of bait attached to a fishing rod. Posted on April 19, the 30-second clip has already attracted 1.

Viral Video Recap: Purr-kour, Planet of the Pugs and More

Cats are back on top this week in our round-up of viral videos, thanks largely to their unlikely Purrkour skillsSure, felines are known for their incredible jumping skills, but coupled with some clever editing and pumped-up theme music, one YouTube user takes it to a whole another level.

The Top 10 Viral Ads of August

It's no surprise that August's most viral advertisement centered on August's most viral charity stunt: the ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeFox's Simpsons-themed contribution to the massively successful charitable campaign garnered more than 17 million views and counting since it was posted on Aug.

The best UK dating sites for women looking to make a connection

The online world can be tough place for women particularly when it comes to trolling and misogyny on social media Navigating online dating presents a whole different set of challenges. Finding the right dating site can be a mission. Naturally,

Podcasts were my friends when I had none

Welcome to No Shame November! This week we're diving into the pop culture we love that society tells us we shouldn't.Alone in my apartment, chewing on cheap takeout lo mein, rocking the same sweatpants for a fifth day in a row—again. Six months after finishing my bachelor’s degree,

Get the Apple iPad on sale for $89 off at Walmart (with code), 3 days ahead of Black Friday

After all these years, the Apple iPad is the best tablet experience and the gold standard for just about anyone. Believe it or not, even some Android smartphone users seem to gravitate to the ease-of-use of the iPad. Luckily, Walmart has the Apple device now on sale for just $349.99,

One of the best early Black Friday gaming deals: Get an Xbox One S Minecraft bundle for $199 at Walm

Black Friday delivers plenty of choices when it comes to deals, and that's especially true in gaming. From discounts on games and accessories to consoles and laptops, you should have no problem finding a great deal for the gamer in your life.

Best pre-Black Friday deals for Nov. 19: Nikon and Sony DSLR cameras, GoPro drones, Roomba, Fire TV

Don't wait until Black Friday to do your shopping when there are a ton of great deals you can take advantage of right now. We've rounded up the best deals on all sorts of cameras, kitchen and home products, and Amazon devices, while we also have deals on dog DNA kits from Embark, CBD oil,

Watch this adorable little pika sing along to Queen

Someone needs to sign this extremely talented pika to a label ASAP.This adorable creature known as a pika is a species native to North America and Asia and is known for making the easily one most adorable squeaks ever. In this case, having the flawless ability to cover Queen. This video,

'Once Upon a Deadpool' trailer has a charity tie-in

What's better than a Deadpool sequel? Two sequels, with different ratings, out in the same year! Once Upon A Deadpool will revisit Deadpool 2 "filtered through the prism of childlike innocence" – a.k.a. edited to fit a PG-13 rating.

15 Minimalist Illustrations of Iconic Cars in Film

From Herbie to the DeLorean to the Griswold family Truckster, iconic vehicles in film are timeless and instantly recognizable.Artist Jesús Prudencio has created a series of awesomely accurate minimalist posters called "Cars and Films."See also:

20 Secrets the Internet Wants You to Know

Have you ever wanted to know exactly what people were thinking? The anonymous posting app Secret offers a platform through which you can unload your confessions and tap into what others are thinking and feeling. As the old rhyme goes, "Secrets, secrets are no fun, unless you share with everyone.

Don’t Bring Home a Moose

Want a pet? Here's a tip: don't get a moose, however cute it may beIn the latest installment of Mashable Minute, Elliott discovers a strange trend of Alaskans keeping baby moose for pets and why that’s a terrible idea.On Friday, Elliott looked at some really cool beach hacks Read more...

预播美剧《Halt and Catch Fire》:一个逆向IBM PC的架空故事

IBM公司于1981年推出首款个人电脑,也就是IBM PC,而这部预播美剧 《Halt and Catch F […]

Tech Blogger Tries To Cancel Comcast Service, Hilarity Ensues

If there’s one guy in the world who knows whether or not he wants to cancel his Comcast service, it’s Ryan Block. The former head of Engadget, founder of GDGT, and now product dude at AOL, Block probably knows exactly why he wants to cancel his Comcast service and, presumably,

Deliberation Could Fix Tech’s Immigration Problem

2014 did not bring the immigration reforms the tech lobby pushed for.Hopes of reform that would benefit high-skilled workers were initially dashed when the Republican-controlled House of Representatives blocked the Senate immigration bill.


一句话回答:题主应该去仔细学习领会一下波恩-奥本海默近似(Bohn-Oppenheimer Approximation)。

Riding Motorcycles And Ostriches In Vietnam's Mountains

Want to see the mountains, forests and farms of the “real” Vietnam? Get away from the tourist hoards, get on a motorcycle and go. I just did that, and even got to ride an ostrich. Here’s how you can too. Read more...



Get Hypnotized By This Animation Of London's Daily Air Traffic

Five airports with over 1.2 million arrivals and departures every year. Welcome to London, where planes fly in giant circles!Read more...

A high-octane Instagram tour of the most famous racetrack in the world

Promoted by Forza Motorsport 6 You're crammed inside what feels like a shrunken-down version of a fighter jet cockpit, sitting on a finely tuned, 650-horsepower engine that's capable of catapulting you to 100 mph in less than three seconds. As the starting grid roars to life in unison,

Java 8 vs. Scala之Lambda表达式

2014年3月份众人期待已久的Java 8发布了,新版本从语言、编译器、类库和工具等方面对Java进行了诸多改进与提升,一时间风光无限;而JVM体系的另一门语言Scala则因为融合了函数式编程语言与面向对象编程语言的优点,从诞生以来就一直备受瞩目,迅速赢得了社区的强烈支持。


北京时间1月6日凌晨4点,美国当地时间1月5日中午12点,高通在拉斯维加斯召开了此次CES2016的发布会,发布会上高通着重讲到了针对车联网、物联网、无人机推出的全新SoC芯片和LTE Modem芯片。并且也如期携手乐视推出了首款搭载骁龙820 SoC芯片的商用智能手机乐Max Pro。  之前消费者都在猜测谁将是首款搭载骁龙820 SoC芯片的智能手机,今天高通CES2016的发布会上为我们给出了答案——乐Max Pro。但此次发布会上乐Max Pro作为最大的明星出场时间仅为几分钟。

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