How to solve big growth problems in fintech development, part three

As companies scale transaction volumes and integrate with more and more third party software, they get a growing inflow of data and services. This increases the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

UK firms can't tell if their IoT is secure

Research reports raises more questions about the overall security of IoT user data.

Microsoft secures huge Department of Defence contract

It will be bringing home almost $2 billion over five years.

Intel to go 'non-traditional' in search of CEO

Computing giant may bring in someone from outside the company.

Cutting through the AI hype: Explainable AI and a flexible workforce

Preparing the c-suite for the future workplace.

Top web hosting services have major security flaws

Roughly seven million users could have had their accounts exposed.

Smart transport needs data sharing

Across the globe, technology companies and multi-stakeholder, cross-industry groups are investing money and time into exploring an innovation that is rapidly approaching usability.

Payment innovations: A look back and predictions for the year ahead

For invisible payments and the technologies that enable them, we will no doubt see a continuation in the focus on consumer security and control.

Empowering developers to embrace Linux

The open source nature of Linux allows developers to avoid being constrained by a closed ecosystem.

Writing the future of machine learning and invention

June’s NAACL conference saw machine learning specialists from technology company Iprova present a paper introducing a new and effective method for the unsupervised training of machine learning algorithms to infer sentence embeddings.

ICO fines Bible Society for user data breach

Religious organisation hit with £100,000 fine after data of 417,000 users was affected.



Community Will Get Its Sixth Season… On Yahoo.

Look out, Netflix: Yahoo just played a card that you probably should have*. They’re bringing back Community.After its sudden cancellation crushed fans back in May, whispers started going around that Community would turn to the web for its sixth season. Sure enough… Read More


北京2014年7月31日电 /美通社/ -- 北京怡和嘉业医疗科技有限公司(以下简称“怡和嘉业”)于今日宣布了一项无效瑞思迈专利的全球战略。

创梦天地(乐逗母公司)财报:2014年Q2创梦营收3020万美元 环比增长7.5%

乐逗游戏母公司创梦天地(iDreamSky Technology)周五向美国证券交易委员会(SEC)提交了最新的IPO(首次公开招股)招股书更新文件,提供了更多的第二季度业绩数据。


涉及行业:基金行业 事件属性:募集设立 1000000万 美元 卡塔尔中信美元基金募集完毕,目标规模100亿美元,由卡塔尔投资局负责管理。 欢迎加入Ezcapital官方微信 ... ...



千万别让熊孩子看到!超炫酷儿童跑车Broon F8

Henes是一家专注于儿童电动车制作的韩国公司,日前该公司推出了最新款跑车 Broon F8。这辆电动跑车配备四轮驱动、LED 车灯、全触屏控制和娱乐系统还有智能驾驶辅助工具,甚至还能远程控制,配置功能齐全令人咋舌。  

China Cuts Off Some VPNs

jaa101 writes The Register (UK) and the Global Times (China) report that foreign VPN services are unavailable in China. A quote sourced to "one of the founders of an overseas website which monitors the Internet in China" claimed 'The Great Firewall is blocking the VPN on the protocol level.





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