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Protecting network availability for GDPR compliance

Securing your network and the data stored on it is a key step to complying with the new regulation.

Mozilla removes 23 Firefox add-ons in security clampdown

Firefox add-ons found to be tracking users web activity and sending data back to remote servers.

Disruption or evolution? Why blockchain is the future of global lending

Blockchain and its distributed ledger technology is poised to change the way banks lend to customers on a global scale.

Data collection: good for your health?

When it comes to healthcare, data collection is all about providing useful information on a patient's well being.

It’s electrifying… what does the future spell for the auto industry?

Car manufacturers must adapt their current technologies to ensure their brands survive.

Trump relaxes rules on US cyberattacks

Obama's 'Directive 20' is no more as current administration prepares for cyberwar.

Google employees speak up against 'censored search engine for China'

"We need a seat at the table", employees told the company in an open letter.

US targeted by Chinese hackers

American companies, as well as government agencies, were targeted by Chinese hackers recently, security experts claim.

How to solve big growth problems in fintech development, part three

As companies scale transaction volumes and integrate with more and more third party software, they get a growing inflow of data and services. This increases the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Empowering developers to embrace Linux

The open source nature of Linux allows developers to avoid being constrained by a closed ecosystem.

Writing the future of machine learning and invention

June’s NAACL conference saw machine learning specialists from technology company Iprova present a paper introducing a new and effective method for the unsupervised training of machine learning algorithms to infer sentence embeddings.



AccuWeather app for Windows Phone receives minute-by-minute precipitation forecast in latest update

The official AccuWeather app for Windows Phone has received a much needed update to version In this update, the app now features minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts based on your location. How cool is that?


“严肃婚恋网站”世纪佳缘今年上半年宣布要推出情侣手环Miss U。上周,他们在微博上宣布将会于9月8日中秋节当天在京东上首发这款智能可穿戴设备,价格为一对998元。

截图对比苹果Watch OS谷歌Android Wear





无锡2014年11月10日电 /美通社/ -- 福寿之家厂价团购连锁机构(简称“福寿之家”)是由香港亿美投资国际集团有限公司进行战略投资,首批注资6.6亿元人民币打造的终端连锁企业。

Windows 10:“操作中心”已更名“安全与维护”

相信熟悉 Windows 平台的用户应该都知道,桌面任务栏中一直存在的那面旗帜图标所代表的就是系统的“操作中心”,它是一个查看警报和执行操作的中心位置,主要列出需要用户注意的安全和维护设置等重要消息,可以帮助保持 Windows 系统的稳定运行。

Common rejected as university commencement speaker after police protest

UNION, N.J. — New Jersey's Kean University has cancelled hip-hop artist Common as commencement speaker after police voiced concerns over a song about a woman convicted of killing a police officer as an accomplice who fled to Cuba.

Boomerang Commerce Launches A/B Testing Platform For Pricing

Boomerang Commerce, a startup that helps online retailers optimize their pricing and a 2014 Disrupt NY Startup Battlefield finalist, today announced the launch of its A/B testing service for pricing. Marketers love A/B testing to see which message works best, but when it comes to pricing,

Join Major Nelson for an after hours gaming event this Wednesday in San Francisco

The annual Microsoft Build Conference is fun for all, but some of the fun is saved for those who are in the San Francisco area. Yes,

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