How to build a smart multi-tenant office

If you can't build your smart offering around the needs of one tenant, how can landlords of multi-tenant offices still provide an intelligent experience?

Don't Be a Server Hugger! (Video)

Curtis Peterson says admins who hang onto their servers instead of moving into the cloud are 'Server Huggers,' a term he makes sound like 'Horse Huggers,

Google warned by US courts over Huawei link

Partnership with the Chinese smartphone maker dubbed a security threat.

TSMC to invest $25bn in 5nm chip development

Next generation of chips will be slimmer than ever, and TSMC is leading the way.

What are the key considerations for NetOps with the evolution of next-gen IT?

NetOps needs to support network connectivity in hybrid environments, which can feel somewhat like being stuck between a business group, cloud strategist, and cloud provider.

Using innovative technology to meet regulation

Technology is the smartest, most efficient way to ensure your firm is compliant with all regulations.

Innovation at the expense of security

All companies are now software companies. It’s also why organisations around the world are increasingly embracing a concept called DevOps.

Symantec reveals China cyberattack that targeted satellites

Chinese hacker group 'Thrip' targeted servers responsible for satellite operations.

Microsoft Azure suffers major outage

Azure users in North Europe saw downtime of roughly eleven hours earlier today.

Protecting network availability for GDPR compliance

Securing your network and the data stored on it is a key step to complying with the new regulation.

How to solve big growth problems in fintech development, part three

As companies scale transaction volumes and integrate with more and more third party software, they get a growing inflow of data and services. This increases the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks.

Empowering developers to embrace Linux

The open source nature of Linux allows developers to avoid being constrained by a closed ecosystem.

HTC One(M8)正式发布,实现 Lytro 光场相机的袖珍化

伦敦,纽约,HTC 董事长王雪红和 CEO 周永明分别在大洋彼岸的两个城市,揭开了 HTC 新一代旗舰——HTC One(M8)。

PS4 still outselling Xbox One: Sony hits 7 million mark

The PlayStation 4 has sold over seven million units as of April, according to a Sony statement, two and a half million more than rival console the Xbox One. Read more:

Aereo Lands On Chromecast

Aereo, the streaming TV service that lets you tune into live television and watch it from any device, has today expanded its support to Chromecast, Google’s $35 smartTV dongle, via the Android app. Aereo has been available on Android since last year,

Rendor Turns Your Single-Camera Smartphone Into A Real 3D Scanner

Using a piece of paper with a specially printed grid and a regular smartphone, Rendor may have just cracked the 3D scanning code. The system allows you to create a 3D scan of almost any object simply by taking video of it from every angle.

没有 Google Glass?不怕,我们有开源的智能眼镜

对于从业人员来说,Google Glass 之所以吸引人,是它提出了一种新的获取信息的方式,相比起 Google Glass 的外形、交互,这个方式的价值可能更加重要,因此引起了许多人讨论的兴趣。

Michelle Obama Dances to 'Turn Down for What' While Holding a Turnip

How hip is first lady Michelle Obama? Hip enough to dance to DJ Snake and Lil Jon's "Turn Down for What" inside the White House — with a turnip clenched in her right hand.#TurnipForWhat? During a Twitter Q&A,

Chris Rock jokes about Boston marathon and 9/11 in 'SNL' monologue

Chris Rock is a comedian who pushes boundaries, and that was certainly true when he returned to "Saturday Night Live" as host this weekend.See also: SNL star Michael Che doesn't understand street harassmentIn his opening monologue,

FCC May Permit Robocalls To Cell Phones -- If They a Calling a Wrong Number

An anonymous reader writes There have been plenty of false rumors about cell phones being opened up to telemarketers, but now the FCC is actually considering it. From the article: "Consumers have long had the support of government to try to control these calls,





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