IBM Cloud announces major new global expansion

IBM unveils plans to launch 18 new availability zones across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

IBM becomes primary cloud provider for SAP’s business critical apps

SAP and IBM have announced a major partnership, with IBM to pave the cloudy way for the likes of SAP HANA and SAP Business Suite, promoting security and scalability.Read more:

Top tech icons: The women breaking gender boundaries

In honour of international Girls in ICT Day, ITProPortal has put together a definitive list of women who have climbed to the top of multinational companies and changed the face of the tech world.Read more:

Hackers that tried to steal $100m arrested, group dismantled

Law enforcement agencies from multiple European countries, together with the US, found the group using the GozNym malware.

Russian government leaked info on more than two million citizens

The data is 'legal to disclose', watchdog says.

Sony announces share buyback, new Microsoft partnership

The company's stock surged.

Three steps to a successful API initiative

How can you ensure that your API doesn’t fall victim to lazy design?

Collaboration is key to marketing creativity

All marketers know the challenge of really understanding your customers.

What you need to know about migrating Oracle enterprise applications to the cloud

To effectively leverage innovative technologies such as AI and IoT, a cloud platform must be a part of your infrastructure. If your business is not part of the 80 percent of businesses using the cloud, your strategy could be impeding company growth and cost savings.

Biometric technology industry: Trend of innovation arrives, implementation for national security gai

Innovation in biometric technology to transform the conventional ways.

ZTE CEO apologises to customers as company gets three-strike warning

Chinese tech giant has one more chance according to the US trade adviser.

How to build a smart multi-tenant office

If you can't build your smart offering around the needs of one tenant, how can landlords of multi-tenant offices still provide an intelligent experience?

Protecting network availability for GDPR compliance

Securing your network and the data stored on it is a key step to complying with the new regulation.


俄罗斯设计师Basil Tsedik的一件作品,为Miller啤酒名为“New You”的新广告活动设计的3D户外广告牌,他的作品站点:以下是实际效果。







钻石小鸟力推“玲珑”钻戒 诠释东情西韵

上海2014年4月16日电 /美通社/ -- 春意渐暖,褪去厚重的冬衣,来到女性展现玲珑身段的时节。钻石小鸟本季推出了宠爱系列之“玲珑”婚戒。

BioWare Announces Dragon Age Inquisition For October 7th

An anonymous reader writes "Today BioWare announced a new game in its popular Dragon Age RPG series titled Inquisition. The game will follow the story of an Inquisitor trying to rally the world against the magic-laden forces spewing from rifts opening to another place. The game's creative director,

分析:iPad仍然主宰平板电脑市场 份额微跌


Death and Revenge: Jerusalem After the Teen Killings

Palestinians and Israeli security forces clashed on the streets of Jerusalem on Wednesday, following several tense days in both Jerusalem and the West Bank that followed the discovery of three dead Israeli teenagers and, subsequently,

【Python③】python基本数据类型,变量和常量 - 网络爬虫_小正

基本数据类型Python中,能直接处理的数据类型有以下几种:整数Python可以处理任意大小的整数,包括负整数,程序中的写法和数学上的一样,例如:6,-666,8888……计算机使用二进制,所以,有时候用十六进制表示整数比较方便,十六进制用0x前缀和0-9,a-f表示,如>>> 0xaa664362.

App Store应用僵尸化:没品质没资本的必然走向

App Store上存在着百万僵尸应用,尽管如此,开发者还是孜孜不倦地开发着更多不具备可用性的应用去抢占市场。除了金字塔尖的少数宠儿,本文详细论述了那些“普通应用”是如何一步步被人遗忘的。

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