The next generation of trade finance

With the application of artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics - the antiquated process of trade finance is finally being transformed.

High Frequency Trading and Finance's Race To Irrelevance

hype7 (239530) writes 'The Harvard Business Review is running a fascinating article on how finance is increasingly abstracting itself — and the gains it makes — away from the creation of value in the real world, and how High Frequency Trading is the most extreme version of this phenomenon yet.

Facebook Stock Slides In After Hour Trading Following Acquisition Of Oculus Rift

Wall Street doesn’t like what it sees. Facebook’s stock price (NASDAQ:FB) is dropping in after hour trading after the company announced its purchase of virtual reality start-up, Oculus Rift. The stock which closed up on the day is now under its open price of 64.25, resulting in a loss of 1.

Robinhood Gives Zero-Fee Stock Trading To Other Apps

What Stripe did for easy payments, Robinhood is doing for free stock trading. This week the brokerage startup launched its platform so developers can bake its zero-commission stock trading into their products. Stop for a second and think about how big a deal this is. Before now,

Stock Trading Was Expensive And Ugly. Robinhood’s App Makes It Free And Pretty

Robinhood steals stock trading from rich guys in suits and gives it to normal people who couldn’t afford to pay $7 per transaction. The zero-fee stock trading app is bonafide hit. Less than a year after launch it has hundreds of thousands of users, over $1 billion in transactions,

A Closer Look At The Silicon Valley Vs. Wall Street Talent War

Gordon Gekko is but a distant blip in the rear-view mirror for this generation’s best and brightest. In lieu of Wall Street, today’s top graduates are flocking to Silicon Valley and other top technology hubs in droves,

Intel Dips After Its Weak Q1 Guidance Overshadows Strong Q4 Results

Intel reported its fourth-quarter financial performance today, including revenue of $14.72 billion and profit per share of $0.74. Both figures beat expectations: The street had expected $14.70 billion in revenue and $0.66 in profit.But neither the company’s narrow profit beat,

Yahoo Beats In Q3 With Revenue Of $1.09B, EPS Of $0.52

With all eyes on what Yahoo will do with its $5 billion+ in Alibaba cash, Yahoo today reported its Q3 earnings after the close of trading, with sales of $1.09 billion excluding traffic acquisition costs and non-GAAP earnings per share of $0.52. Revenues including acquisition costs were $1.

Adobe Picks Up 517K Creative Cloud Subscribers In Its FQ1

In its most recent financial period, Adobe picked up 517,000 net new subscribers to its Creative Cloud product, helping the company generate $1.11 billion in revenue, and adjusted profit of $0.44 per share. Using normal accounting methods (GAAP), Adobe ended the period with a slimmer $0.

There’s Something Going On In L.A.

It’s the new refrain I hear from investors and even entrepreneurs these days. I hear it right after people decide to come by for a few days to “check out what all the fuss is about.” I hear it when I visit LPs (the people who invest in VCs) all across the country, “Yeah,

Startup Financial Services Companies Come Of Age

With one eye on businesses abandoned in the wake of the financial crisis and the other on a new generation of investors, startup companies are now raising significant sums to challenge the hegemony of big banks and investment firms. Read More

UK firms can't tell if their IoT is secure

Research reports raises more questions about the overall security of IoT user data.

Microsoft secures huge Department of Defence contract

It will be bringing home almost $2 billion over five years.

Intel to go 'non-traditional' in search of CEO

Computing giant may bring in someone from outside the company.

Cutting through the AI hype: Explainable AI and a flexible workforce

Preparing the c-suite for the future workplace.

Top web hosting services have major security flaws

Roughly seven million users could have had their accounts exposed.

Smart transport needs data sharing

Across the globe, technology companies and multi-stakeholder, cross-industry groups are investing money and time into exploring an innovation that is rapidly approaching usability.

Payment innovations: A look back and predictions for the year ahead

For invisible payments and the technologies that enable them, we will no doubt see a continuation in the focus on consumer security and control.

IBM Cloud announces major new global expansion

IBM unveils plans to launch 18 new availability zones across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

ZTE CEO apologises to customers as company gets three-strike warning

Chinese tech giant has one more chance according to the US trade adviser.

How to build a smart multi-tenant office

If you can't build your smart offering around the needs of one tenant, how can landlords of multi-tenant offices still provide an intelligent experience?



Veteran Apple Designer Greg Christie Departs As Jony Ive’s Role Grows

Apple has confirmed the exit of long-time iOS designer Greg Christie, who was a Vice President in Apple's design department. Read More

Steve Ballmer In Talks To Buy Los Angeles Clippers

SmartAboutThings (1951032) writes "According to rumors circulating, the wife of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling has reportedly met billionaire former Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer on Sunday and they discussed the selling of the club. Previously,

Colbert Weighs In On Yo, Asking Y?

Last night I had a dream. In it, everyone in the world used just one word: Yo. “Yo” for hello, “Yo” for yes and no, “Yo” for I’m hungry. “Yo” for everything. So imagine my surprise this morning when I wake up to see that Colbert has turned my nightmare into a reality.

'The Leftovers' Pilot Recap: After the Pope and Gary Busey Go 'Poof'

The 140 million people who disappear without a trace in HBO’s Rapture-themed drama The Leftovers include a hilariously random assortment of celebrities: Pope Benedict XVI, Condoleezza Rice, J.Lo, Anthony Bourdain, Bonnie Raitt,

未来社交网站:15秒内让你闻名全球 虚拟现实与社交网络融合

2014年8月1日很早以前,悉尼社交媒体专家、战略公司L&A Social Media创办人吉娜·雷德尼亚克(Gina Lednyak)就开始关注社交媒体的进化,看着它们的缔造者将其从简单想法变成巨额财富和媒体帝国。


随着 Windows Phone 8.1 Update1 预览版已于本月初完成推送,微软官方也在上周正式发布了 WP8.1 Update1 OEM 技术文档。

AWS re:Invent 2014大会上发布的新服务:企业级数据库服务Aurora开放预览,兼容MySQL

2014年11月12日,美国拉斯维加斯,AWS re:Invent 2014大会官方日程的第二天。第一场主题演讲由AWS资深副总裁Andy Jassy主讲,一个半小时的主题演讲主要由两条主线贯穿:AWS现状与客户案例,以及新服务发布。

Android手机将标配USB-C接口 日后必成主流

安锋网 3 月 12 日报道 今天对于谷歌粉丝有一大好消息,谷歌官方现已确认,未来将把 USB Type-C 接口引入到自家的生态系统中,包括 Chrome OS 和 Android 硬件设备。  

实力传播:2015 年Q1全球广告市场预测报告

乌克兰冲突严重影响了其国内经济;美国和欧盟对俄罗斯的制裁,俄罗斯反制裁的措施,以及 国际资本的撤离,严重影响着俄罗斯的经济。石油占俄罗斯出口量的 70%,石油价格下跌、货 币贬值更是雪上加霜。

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