Email attacks still biggest threat to UK businesses

Growing cost of email attacks linked to increasing risk of employee behaviour.

Full Ashley Madison Hacked Data Apparently Dumped On Tor

Hacked data from online extramarital affairs website Ashley Madison has apparently been leaked online, after a threat by a group of hackers to do so earlier this summer if the service did not shut down (which it has not). Read More

Confessions Of A US Navy Blue Angel

They are one of the most iconic performance groups in existence, amazing millions yearly. Their shows feature seemingly super-human levels of precision. Now, one of them is going to tell you what it's like to don the blue flight suit as part of the elite of the elite,

Hackers that tried to steal $100m arrested, group dismantled

Law enforcement agencies from multiple European countries, together with the US, found the group using the GozNym malware.

Russian government leaked info on more than two million citizens

The data is 'legal to disclose', watchdog says.

Sony announces share buyback, new Microsoft partnership

The company's stock surged.

Three steps to a successful API initiative

How can you ensure that your API doesn’t fall victim to lazy design?

Collaboration is key to marketing creativity

All marketers know the challenge of really understanding your customers.

What you need to know about migrating Oracle enterprise applications to the cloud

To effectively leverage innovative technologies such as AI and IoT, a cloud platform must be a part of your infrastructure. If your business is not part of the 80 percent of businesses using the cloud, your strategy could be impeding company growth and cost savings.

Biometric technology industry: Trend of innovation arrives, implementation for national security gai

Innovation in biometric technology to transform the conventional ways.

Microsoft kills support forums for Windows 7 and 8

Users can still access the forums, but don't expect any Microsoft employees to respond.

Net neutrality officially dead

New legislation means that consumer may see big changes in their internet services.

5G is coming this year amid mobile data explosion

Europe might fall behind North America in 5G adoption within half a decade.

携程只是支付漏洞——你将PCI DSS规范置于何地?

携程银行卡信息泄露事件持续发酵,引发众多消费者对用卡安全的担忧。携程官方回应称,“此漏洞是携程的技术开发人员为排查系统疑问,留下了临时日志,因疏忽未及时删除,目前,这些信息已被全部删除。” ... .

This Tri-Fold Smartphone Could Be the Near-Future of Foldable Tech

Folding technology is long-promised but slow to arrive. This kind of tri-fold hardware, though, might just be the how the sci-fi dream pans out over the next few years.Read more...

配备指纹识别,OPPO N3再曝新功能

OPPO N3将于10月29日在北京发布,正当大家还沉浸在OPPO创意VR邀请函中,OPPO官方今天又透露了N3的进一步信息。根据之前的信息,OPPO N3将采用1600W摄像头,并且配备了1/2.

微软:桌面用户更爱Windows 10了 统计显示占41%

Windows 10 技术预览版从 10 月 1 日开始正式提供第一个测试版下载,那时微软表示已经有超过 100 万用户下载了 Windows 10。随后一个月不到时间里,Windows 10 升级到了 Build 9860 版本。



任天堂:2014年Amiibo手办销量创纪录灰 达260万份


记一次随机字符串生成算法的随机概率与性能的提升 - 陌城



2015福布斯·上交会创业菁英年会:“90后企业家”正当时 上海2015年5月4日电 /美通社/ -- 当越来越多的年轻人开始创业之路,会创造怎样别开生面的商业世界?

没机会降回来了!iOS 8.4 确认已关闭验证

iOS 8.4 可以说是目前的最佳版本,进可攻退可守,越狱了的可以用 Cydia Impactor 恢复,没越狱的也可以用工具越狱。话说盘古何时才舍得放出 iOS 8.4.1 越狱?在本月 14 日发布 iOS 8.4.1 后,苹果今天正式关闭了 iOS 8.

TUV 南德广州工控产品实验室顺利通过CNAS现场评审

广州2015年8月25日电 /美通社/ -- 近日,TUV南德意志集团(以下简称“TUV SUD”)广州分公司工控产品实验室顺利通过中国合格评定国家认可委员会(以下简称 “CNAS”)组织的专家现场评审。

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