E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 remake is coming to Xbox One on January 25

A little more than 20 years after its release on the original PlayStation, a complete remake Resident Evil 2 will make launch on next gen consoles on January 25, 2019.

Google Chrome could be getting a dark mode on macOS, no word on Windows just yet

While Microsoft’s Windows 10 has had a system-wide light/dark theme switch for sometime, Apple recently added it to macOS Mojave. It appears that Apple’s attempt at a system-wide dark mode is pushing Google to implement an official dark theme to Google Chrome.

Vodaphone demos holographic phone call using HoloLens and low latency 5G network

Microsoft's HoloLens has done some pretty cool things before, and in the latest, Vodafone is showcasing how the headset can be used for holographic phone calls on a 5G network

Microsoft begins counting some LinkedIn revenues under “Commercial Cloud”

Microsoft is defining the portions of "commercial" LinkedIn as LinkedIn Recruiter, Sales Navigator, Premium business subscriptions and "other."

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers brings Spongebob and more to the Xbox One

Nickelodeon: Kart Racers is finally available to digitally pre-order on the Xbox One. The game brings together an impressive number of characters from popular cartoon series such as Ninja Turtles, Spongebob Squarepants,

Ghost Recon Wildlands & Super Bomberman R now free to play on Xbox One

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands and Super Bomberman R are now free to play on Xbox One consoles for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. This free play period will run from today until September 23rd and, like in previous free play weekend campaigns,

Plex for Xbox One adds chapter select and preview thumbnails

The Plex for Xbox has updated with a variety of bug fixes and new features. Amongst some of the cooler new additions are new chapter titles, preview thumbnails, and a new music mini player. Here’s the full release notes for this latest Plex for Xbox update:

Amazon announces new Echo and Skype integration

Company executives announced that its opening up its communications API to their party apps. First, among the Amazon's high profile new integrations is Microsoft's Skype.

E3 2018: We Happy Few Xbox One pre-orders open but game gets banned in Australia

Since its reveal two years ago, We Happy Few has been heavily promoted by Microsoft due to its unique concept and visual flair but mostly due to the fact that it’s an Xbox One console exclusive title, i.e. one that won’t be available on rival consoles like the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

E3 2018: Just Cause 4 trailer, release date, and Xbox One pre-order bonuses revealed

Just Cause 4 was officially announced during E3 2018 and it’s now up for digital pre-order on Xbox One consoles in a Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Gold Edition. The Standard Edition comes with the base game while the Digital Deluxe Edition features the game, the Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet,

E3 2018: Xbox One & Windows 10 digital pre-orders for Forza Horizon 4 are now live

After its official reveal during Microsoft’s E3 presentation this week, Forza Horizon 4 is now available for digital pre-order on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Watch The Live Stream Of Edward Snowden’s SXSW Talk Here

Edward Snowden is set to give his SXSW talk at 12:00 EDT. Thanks to the Texas Tribune, the interview will also be live streamed and the video is embedded below. Christopher Soghoian, the principal technologist of the American Civil Liberties Union,

Even More Free Amazon App Credit, Apple Everything, Surface Pro 3

Since Amazon Coins are so in vogue right now, here's another way to score some freebies. Amazon is giving away $10 in Appstore credit with the purchase of select gift cards. Options include Subway, Starbucks, cinema chains, Whole Foods, and a ton more,


威锋网讯 苹果长期以来都在全球招聘工程师,以改善苹果地图的体验。通常来说,不在总部的职位一般是地图质量分析师和负责提交地图地面更正的实况经理。

甲骨文后埃里森时代 价格策略变革比技术更关键


乐购发出邀请函 10月3日举行Hudl 2发布会

英国大型连锁超市乐购(Tesco),即将于下月初推出其廉价平板设备Hudl的下一代产品。目前乐购已经向数家媒体发出邀请函,邀请参加其在10月3日举行的主题为“Let's Hudl”的第二代Hudl发布活动。

【iShout】对普通人来说,HoloLens 意味着什么

编者注:本文作者为杨青山,重度科技爱好者,关注新硬件。现运营微信公众号“Niu科技”。 前沿中的前沿。Alex Kipman “闭关”七年带来的 HoloLens ,对普通人意味着什么? “HoloLens 完全是魔法。2015年,微软将科幻变成现实。

[安卓] 13、安卓蓝牙定位(一)——如何周期性获得蓝牙节点信号强度? - beautifulzzzz




Portal 跨进传送门变成了弹珠台游戏,将于 25 日在多平台推出

虽然《传送门(Portal)》的第三代作品目前还没有更多进一步消息,但游戏商既然都有了"光圈科学手持传送门设备(Aperture Science Heuristic Portal Pinball Device)"这样的好东西,所以在新作推出之前把这款游戏给变成弹珠台似乎也无可厚非啊(逻辑是?

唐言無忌:Uber 和古樹

手起刀落只需幾小時,百年古樹就一下子消失。有 80 年歷史的灣仔地標同德大押,亦因為發展而清拆。似乎香港對於那些一點一滴建構歷史的舊物並沒有太過留戀,亦不太珍惜。

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