Select Alpha-ring Xbox Insiders can now opt into the new Skip Ahead option

Enrollment in the Xbox Alpha Skip Ahead Ring is now officially open and it is soon set to give Xbox Insiders early access to new features and Redstone 5 releases.

Microsoft’s new developer analytics tool Clarity takes aim at Google Optimize and others

Microsoft will soon be rolling out a new analytics tool designed to aid developers in scaling human purchasing, engagement, consumption and other behaviors.

Microsoft starts testing splitting Search and Cortana in two

Some testers previously found a way to separate Cortana from Windows Search using special software, but the change is now live for some Fast Ring Insiders running the latest build 18298.

Switzerland’s largest bank to move some data to Microsoft cloud services as soon as next year

The proposed transition is slated to occur sometime next year and reported to be worth "hundreds of millions of Swiss francs" for Microsoft.

Microsoft may be planning a consumer version of its Microsoft 365 bundle

Microsoft is apparently working on a consumer version of Microsoft 365, the enterprise bundle that includes Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Monster Hunter World is free to play on Xbox One this week

The folks at Capcom are running a trial period for Monster Hunter World this week for anyone with either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The trial gives access to virtually the whole game to anyone for free, including most of the game's story, quests, gear, and upgrades up to Hunter Rank 4.

Microsoft’s GroupMe iOS app updates with fixes and improvements

Microsoft has updated its GroupMe app for iOS devices today, which includes a fix for an issue with inline Instagram messages, improvements to the camera when selecting an avatar, as well a fix when previewing images on iPhone models from 6 though 8.

Join the Microsoft Teams AMA session this morning at 9AM PST

From 9AM to 10AM PST, members of the product engineering team will try to answer all questions from the audience.

E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 remake is coming to Xbox One on January 25

A little more than 20 years after its release on the original PlayStation, a complete remake Resident Evil 2 will make launch on next gen consoles on January 25, 2019.

E3 2018: We Happy Few Xbox One pre-orders open but game gets banned in Australia

Since its reveal two years ago, We Happy Few has been heavily promoted by Microsoft due to its unique concept and visual flair but mostly due to the fact that it’s an Xbox One console exclusive title, i.e. one that won’t be available on rival consoles like the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

E3 2018: Just Cause 4 trailer, release date, and Xbox One pre-order bonuses revealed

Just Cause 4 was officially announced during E3 2018 and it’s now up for digital pre-order on Xbox One consoles in a Standard, Digital Deluxe, and Gold Edition. The Standard Edition comes with the base game while the Digital Deluxe Edition features the game, the Black Hand Stealth Micro Jet,

Don't Freak Out About the Facebook Messenger App

You might hate being forced to use Facebook Messenger — but that doesn't mean the app is invading your privacy or part of some vast conspiracy to track all of your actions.

Android Wear设备今年将不会兼容苹果设备

威锋网 10 月 30 日消息,外媒报道表示,Android Wear 项目经理人表示,目前还没有让 Android Wear 兼容 iOS 的计划,另外他们会继续评估其他平台,因为他们希望能有更多人用上 Wear 设备。

Watching these ultra fast robots arranging batteries is mesmerizing

These industrial robots—by FANUC America Corporation—pick and arrange batteries at ultra-fast speed. Watching these two guys work is mesmerizing. Pro tip: Mute the utterly boring voice over and play this instead. It works like magic. Read more...


正在巴塞罗那召开的全球移动通信大会上黑莓正式推出了“Blackberry Leap”智能手机,这是一款定位中低端的全触控设备。该机是已经发售的Z3进化版本,整机尺寸为144*72.8*9.5mm,重170g,该机装备分辨率为1280*720的5.

受美元升值影响 苹果调整全球多国地区的产品售价

尽管在发布会结束之后苹果美国地区的Apple TV价格下调至$69,但是受美元走强影响苹果产品在全球多国地区的售价呈现不同程度的上涨,其中涉及iPhone、iPad、iPod Touch、Macbook Air/Pro和Thunderbolt显示器,目前加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰、法国、丹麦、瑞典、芬兰、葡萄牙等受美元升值影响较大的地区售价最为昂贵。

供应链数据显示 Apple Watch 销量低于分析师预测

相信大家都对 Apple Watch 的销量数字非常感兴趣,不过苹果选择不公布 Apple Watch 销量,我们只能了解分析师预测的数字。根据华尔街日报的消息,分析师 Mark Li 分享了 ASE 公司提供的数据。

感谢 iPhone 大卖,三星 7 个季度以来首次实现利润上涨

三星于昨日发布三季度财报,财报显示,三星七个季度以来首次出现利润上涨。其中,三季度三星, 总营收 51.68 万亿韩元(约合 456 亿美元),同比增长 8.9%; 运营利润 7.39 万亿韩元(约合 64.2 亿美元),较去年同期的 4.


11月3日,京东向工商总局实名举报,状告淘宝行业垄断,双十一来了; 苏宁一大波“老板若是真的强,头条何须老板娘 ...



MySQL 变量和条件 - pursuer.chen

概述 变量在存储过程中会经常被使用,变量的使用方法是一个重要的知识点,特别是在定义条件这块比较重要。 mysql版本:5.6 变量定义和赋值 #创建数据库 DROP DATABASE IF EXISTS Dpro; CREATE DATABASE Dpro CHARACTER SET utf8 ;

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