HoloLens V2 codenamed “Sydney” reportedly coming in early 2019

The next-gen HoloLens is already in the works with a targetted release by Q1 of 2019.

Microsoft’s new developer analytics tool Clarity takes aim at Google Optimize and others

Microsoft will soon be rolling out a new analytics tool designed to aid developers in scaling human purchasing, engagement, consumption and other behaviors.

Microsoft starts testing splitting Search and Cortana in two

Some testers previously found a way to separate Cortana from Windows Search using special software, but the change is now live for some Fast Ring Insiders running the latest build 18298.

Switzerland’s largest bank to move some data to Microsoft cloud services as soon as next year

The proposed transition is slated to occur sometime next year and reported to be worth "hundreds of millions of Swiss francs" for Microsoft.

Microsoft may be planning a consumer version of its Microsoft 365 bundle

Microsoft is apparently working on a consumer version of Microsoft 365, the enterprise bundle that includes Windows 10, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Monster Hunter World is free to play on Xbox One this week

The folks at Capcom are running a trial period for Monster Hunter World this week for anyone with either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4. The trial gives access to virtually the whole game to anyone for free, including most of the game's story, quests, gear, and upgrades up to Hunter Rank 4.

Microsoft’s GroupMe iOS app updates with fixes and improvements

Microsoft has updated its GroupMe app for iOS devices today, which includes a fix for an issue with inline Instagram messages, improvements to the camera when selecting an avatar, as well a fix when previewing images on iPhone models from 6 though 8.

Join the Microsoft Teams AMA session this morning at 9AM PST

From 9AM to 10AM PST, members of the product engineering team will try to answer all questions from the audience.

Select Alpha-ring Xbox Insiders can now opt into the new Skip Ahead option

Enrollment in the Xbox Alpha Skip Ahead Ring is now officially open and it is soon set to give Xbox Insiders early access to new features and Redstone 5 releases.

E3 2018: Resident Evil 2 remake is coming to Xbox One on January 25

A little more than 20 years after its release on the original PlayStation, a complete remake Resident Evil 2 will make launch on next gen consoles on January 25, 2019.

E3 2018: We Happy Few Xbox One pre-orders open but game gets banned in Australia

Since its reveal two years ago, We Happy Few has been heavily promoted by Microsoft due to its unique concept and visual flair but mostly due to the fact that it’s an Xbox One console exclusive title, i.e. one that won’t be available on rival consoles like the PS4 or Nintendo Switch.

Microsoft's Tony Bates and Tami Reller rumored to be leaving the company

Some internal shuffling is reportedly happening at Microsoft right now, as a new report suggests Tony Bates and Tami Reller are set to leave the company. Eric Rudder, EVP of advanced strategy, is reportedly taking over Bates' position. 

Why We Can’t Forget About Dre

The potential acquisition of Beats by Apple has captured the public imagination. Though it is not yet official, we’ve spent all weekend making jokes about it on Twitter, shocked at Andre Romelle Young’s uncharacteristic confirmation of the buy,

These Kids are 3D-Printing Their Education

A group of junior high and high school students in Cambridge, Mass.,are part of an experimental education program that aims to prove they’re capable of solving real-world problems early with the help of 3D printers, Arduino and group collaboration. Co-founders Saeed Arida,

The Lessons Learned After Spending 13 Years Making One Game

What happens when you spend literally half your life working on one game? This burden was carried by one developer as he spent 13 years trying to develop "the game he had always wanted to make."Adam Butcher started working on his game Tobias and the Dark Sceptres when he was 14 years old.



The End (Of Hardware Alley Submissions) Is Nigh

We need you at Hardware Alley. But we’re about to shut down submissions. You need to get cracking. We want you there. So maybe get a ticket? Or ask me for a free one if you’re bootstrapping? Either way, let’s do this thing. Remember: It’s a great time.

iWatch’s Killer Feature Could Be Two-Factor Authentication For Payments

How will Apple make us desperate to buy its smartwatch? By taking the risk and clumsiness out of mobile payments.Imagine if your iWatch could recognize that your iPhone is within range as a pre-payment security check.

Java 基础:hashCode方法 - BYSocket

Writer:BYSocket(泥沙砖瓦浆木匠)微博:BYSocket豆瓣:BYSocket一、前言 泥瓦匠最近被项目搞的天昏地暗。发现有些要给自己一些目标,关于技术的目标:专注很重要。

'Star Wars: Battlefront' trailer takes an early look at 'The Force Awakens'

Our latest look at Star Wars: Battlefront pays a visit to the desert planet Jakku, 29 years before the Millennium Falcon races through the wreckage of a crashed Star Destroyer in The Force Awakens.

javascript希尔排序 - 都市烟火

希尔排序是以它的创造者(Donald Shell)命名的,他是在插入排序基础上的一个高级排序。插入排序的原理是在已经排好的序列中,逐个比较相邻元素,然后在现有序列中找到自己应该插入的位置,然后插入就好了。而希尔排序的原理是:先将整个待排元素序列通过一定的间隔(序列中元素的间隔)分割成若干个子序列,对...

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