Create the store of the future today

By incorporating AR and other new technologies into their shopping experience, retailers can keep up with their online competition.

George Lucas, Ken Williams And The Practical Magic Of Pragmatic Visionaries

Popular Science was one of my favorite magazines as a teenager. I was amazed by the inventions of mere mortals, and wondered if there was some sort of genetic mutation that allowed a select few to see the future more clearly than the rest of us. Secretly, I hoped to be a visionary someday.

Imoji For iPhone Lets You Turn Any Image Into A Custom Emoji

With the rise of smartphones and messaging apps, emoji and stickers have also grown in popularity, and are now a part of our everyday conversations. But the standard set of emoji that come pre-installed on the iPhone can be limiting. Today,

Apple unveils OS X Yosemite complete with Today view and expanded iOS convergence

The new version of its personal computer OS has been completely updated with refreshed versions of Safari and Mail coming as part of the package.Read more:

Apple unveils OS X Yosemite at WWDC 2014, complete with Today view and expanded iOS convergence

The new version of its personal computer OS has been completely updated with refreshed versions of Safari and Mail coming as part of the package.Read more:

Microsoft details Windows Phone 8.1 app submission changes, Dev Center improvements

The Windows Phone Dev Center is now accepting submissions for Windows Phone 8.1 apps, along with Universal Apps, following the release of Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview. Along with this announcement,

Enabling Makers To Create “The Next Big Thing”

Makers have long been known as hobbyists or tinkers. However, with increased access to professional-grade tools, the maker movement is transforming business as usual. Through collaboration and connectivity, makers are inspiring innovation on a daily basis with the creation of smart gadgets,

OneNote updated for iOS and Android, single app for iPhone and iPad

The OneNote Team announced new updates today for OneNote on both iOS and Android which brings new features and makes OneNote on iOS a universal app by consolidating the iPhone and iPad versions.

In Five Years, iBeacon/Bluetooth Low Energy Device Market To Reach 60 Million Devices

We’ve been hearing a lot about iBeacon and Bluetooth Low Energy-powered devices in the retail sector, where stores are beginning to roll out support for beacons in order to better communicate with customers via apps, allowing them to share offers, send alerts, and advertise to consumers.

Augmented Reality Has An Image Problem

To date, Augmented Reality has been referred to as “the biggest technological advancement of our lifetime,” a mere “gimmick” or, worst yet, the next iteration of the QR code. The divisive term was introduced more than 25 years ago,

Straws latest updated brings Bing Image integration for visually dynamic surveys

The fast-paced iteration of polling app Straw continues. Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen Straw jump from being Windows Phone exclusive to a multiplatform app. Straw has also gained features and performance fixes...

Google warned by US courts over Huawei link

Partnership with the Chinese smartphone maker dubbed a security threat.

TSMC to invest $25bn in 5nm chip development

Next generation of chips will be slimmer than ever, and TSMC is leading the way.

What are the key considerations for NetOps with the evolution of next-gen IT?

NetOps needs to support network connectivity in hybrid environments, which can feel somewhat like being stuck between a business group, cloud strategist, and cloud provider.

Using innovative technology to meet regulation

Technology is the smartest, most efficient way to ensure your firm is compliant with all regulations.

Innovation at the expense of security

All companies are now software companies. It’s also why organisations around the world are increasingly embracing a concept called DevOps.

Symantec reveals China cyberattack that targeted satellites

Chinese hacker group 'Thrip' targeted servers responsible for satellite operations.

Microsoft Azure suffers major outage

Azure users in North Europe saw downtime of roughly eleven hours earlier today.

Is the internet getting safer?

Two-factor authentication offers consumers a reliable method of securing their data online.

Leveling the playing field: Cloud as the enabler of limitless innovation in financial services

Financial services are being disrupted by players that are rethinking and transforming the way the industry works and are enhancing the value they provide to their customers.

Off-chain payments: the key breakthrough in the Ethereum scaling debate?

It has become evident that as the Ethereum ecosystem has expanded, there are serious limitations on the ability of the Ethereum blockchain to cope effectively and efficiently under high transaction demand.

Climbing Grand Teton Without A Rope

Rising 7,000 feet above the town of Jackson Hole in Wyoming, the Teton Mountain Range, while only about 40 miles long, is a dramatic sight. Standing out among the peaks is Grand Teton, towering at 13,770 feet. I set out with five friends in an attempt to free solo it.Read more...

苹果渠道管控不力 iPhone 6提前现身中关村

因为iPhone 6的正式发售是在9月19日,因此中关村的这些货源并不是从苹果的直营渠道取得,主要是从苹果的各大代理渠道流出。iPhone 6低配版价格在13000-14000元左右,高配版在20000元左右。   


Shawn the R0ck 写道 "新闻调查中心(The Centre for Investigative Journalism,简称CIJ)近日以创作共享协议(Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0))发布了记者信息安全手册,目前的v1.01版本可以在这里下载。


10月11日 一些事 晚报 | 汇总今日最热资讯   1.【中国大学生就业十大苦处 真心不容易】大学生就业压力大,是目前普遍存在的问题。

Audi breaks world speed record for a self-driving car

The German car manufacturer claims that its RS7 vehicle reached speeds of 149mph, taking just over two minutes to complete a lap of the German Grand Prix racetrack.Read more:

Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?

An anonymous reader writes The better question may be whether it will ever be ready for the road at all? The car has fewer capabilities than most people seem to be aware of. The notion that it will be widely available any time soon is a stretch. From the article:

Beats Music消息: 有喜有忧究竟会何去何从

威锋网讯,根据分析公司 AppAnnie 报道,Pandora 和 Spotify 这两个音乐流应用在音乐相关应用下载排行中分列第一和第二,这并没有太大的意外。

Hadoop开发20期——ZooKeeper系列(八) - sunddenly

Observer:让ZooKeeper更具有伸缩性一、ZooKeeper中Observer1.1 ZooKeeper角色经过前面的介绍,我想大家都已经知道了在ZooKeeper集群当中有两种角色Leader和Follower。Leader可以接受client请求,也接收其他Server转发的写请求,...

Hootsuite :改变企业社交媒体使用方式的五大趋势

杜克大学最近发表的一份关于社交媒体的研究令许多企业管理者挠头。该报告显示,许多企业的社交媒体支出约占企业营销预 […]


据美国科技网站The Information报道,有多名熟知内情的消息人士透露,谷歌接近于对埃隆·马斯克(Elon Musk)麾下私人太空探索公司SpaceX进行一项重大投资,这项投资对SpaceX的估值在100亿美元以上。

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