The age of cyber maturity

Employees are one of the biggest contributors to cyber-threats.

Courts Ill-Equipped To Police Cyber Threats And Cyberbullying In The Anonymous Age

Anonymous messaging apps, including Yik Yak, Whisper and Secret, have become a disturbing element of the cyber landscape. These anonymizing apps are quickly becoming a fact of life for schools, parents, children and many other groups in our present day social media scene. Read More

Confessions Of A US Navy EA-18G Growler Electronic Warfare Officer

Electronic warfare is one of the most important yet misunderstood components of modern air combat. Today, US Navy and Marine electronic attack squadrons are the masters of this shadowy domain. One of their most experienced Electronic Warfare Officers is here to tell you about this critical mission,

Nvidia Shield Tablet Review: A Gaming Beast, But So Much More

Nvidia's Shield tablet was made for playing games. That's what it's best at. But it's also much more. In fact, it should probably be your next Android tablet no matter how much button-mashing you do.Read more...

The Ultimate Guide To 2015's Science Fiction And Fantasy TV

This is going to be a huge year for science fiction and fantasy television, including some major A-list creators (Jonathan Nolan, Chris Miller and Phil Lord!) coming to the small screen to make beautiful love your eyes and faces. This is your year,

Google warned by US courts over Huawei link

Partnership with the Chinese smartphone maker dubbed a security threat.

TSMC to invest $25bn in 5nm chip development

Next generation of chips will be slimmer than ever, and TSMC is leading the way.

What are the key considerations for NetOps with the evolution of next-gen IT?

NetOps needs to support network connectivity in hybrid environments, which can feel somewhat like being stuck between a business group, cloud strategist, and cloud provider.

Using innovative technology to meet regulation

Technology is the smartest, most efficient way to ensure your firm is compliant with all regulations.

Innovation at the expense of security

All companies are now software companies. It’s also why organisations around the world are increasingly embracing a concept called DevOps.

Symantec reveals China cyberattack that targeted satellites

Chinese hacker group 'Thrip' targeted servers responsible for satellite operations.

Microsoft Azure suffers major outage

Azure users in North Europe saw downtime of roughly eleven hours earlier today.

Google signs deal to sell groceries online

The deal marks Google's first venture into fresh food sales.

BT builds the world's first "unhackable" network

BT and partners develop an “ultra-secure” quantum connection.

Netskope - Why security doesn’t need to be a negative

Netskope CEO explains why cloud security needs to be front of mind for businesses of all sizes.

阿里巴巴资产分析报告: 淘宝和天猫谁更赚钱?


Video: Two airliners almost crashed at Barcelona airport's runway

A Boeing 767-300 had to abort its landing at Barcelona airport when an Airbus A340 suddenly crossed the runway as it was a few feet from touch down. It would have been a disaster comparable to that one of Los Rodeos, in Tenerife, when two 747s collided on the runway killing 583 people.Read more...


最终幻想14好玩吗?  骑士,减伤技能很多,防御型T,简单实用的好T,能T单也能T群,就2.

Misfit Launches An SDK For Its Sleep And Activity Tracking, Including Shine Enterprise Partners

Activity tracking and wellness startup Misfit continues to diversify its operation away from being a straightforward hardware play, with a new software development kit announced today.



Lena Dunham in 'rage spiral' over suggestion that she abused her sister

Lena Dunham is on a self-described "rage spiral" after right-wing blogs interpreted a passage from her book as describing sexual abuse of her sister as a child.National Review columnist Kevin D. Williamson published a scathing review of Dunham's new memoir Not That Kind of Girl on Wednesday,

空气净化器噱头多:关键部件无一德国造 却称德国工艺



《原子科学家公报》决定将末日之钟(Doomsday Clock)向前拨两分钟,距离午夜还有3分钟。

Windows Insiders负责人:Windows 10 Mobile仍有小问题待解决

相比于PC版接连有新版本放出、测试进展顺利,Windows 10在手机上可谓坎坷不断,迄今只进行了两次公测,但都极为不顺,问题多多,而且设备支持也颇为诟病。

加密消息应用 Telegram 遭到 DDoS 攻击

近几日,Telegram 在亚洲接连遭遇打击——Telegram 是由“俄罗斯版 Facebook” 联合创始人、前首席执行官帕维尔·杜洛夫(Pavel Durov)创建的加密消息应用。

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