The age of cyber maturity

Employees are one of the biggest contributors to cyber-threats.

Courts Ill-Equipped To Police Cyber Threats And Cyberbullying In The Anonymous Age

Anonymous messaging apps, including Yik Yak, Whisper and Secret, have become a disturbing element of the cyber landscape. These anonymizing apps are quickly becoming a fact of life for schools, parents, children and many other groups in our present day social media scene. Read More

Confessions Of A US Navy EA-18G Growler Electronic Warfare Officer

Electronic warfare is one of the most important yet misunderstood components of modern air combat. Today, US Navy and Marine electronic attack squadrons are the masters of this shadowy domain. One of their most experienced Electronic Warfare Officers is here to tell you about this critical mission,

Nvidia Shield Tablet Review: A Gaming Beast, But So Much More

Nvidia's Shield tablet was made for playing games. That's what it's best at. But it's also much more. In fact, it should probably be your next Android tablet no matter how much button-mashing you do.Read more...

The Ultimate Guide To 2015's Science Fiction And Fantasy TV

This is going to be a huge year for science fiction and fantasy television, including some major A-list creators (Jonathan Nolan, Chris Miller and Phil Lord!) coming to the small screen to make beautiful love your eyes and faces. This is your year,

UK firms can't tell if their IoT is secure

Research reports raises more questions about the overall security of IoT user data.

Microsoft secures huge Department of Defence contract

It will be bringing home almost $2 billion over five years.

Intel to go 'non-traditional' in search of CEO

Computing giant may bring in someone from outside the company.

Cutting through the AI hype: Explainable AI and a flexible workforce

Preparing the c-suite for the future workplace.

Top web hosting services have major security flaws

Roughly seven million users could have had their accounts exposed.

Smart transport needs data sharing

Across the globe, technology companies and multi-stakeholder, cross-industry groups are investing money and time into exploring an innovation that is rapidly approaching usability.

Payment innovations: A look back and predictions for the year ahead

For invisible payments and the technologies that enable them, we will no doubt see a continuation in the focus on consumer security and control.

Google signs deal to sell groceries online

The deal marks Google's first venture into fresh food sales.

BT builds the world's first "unhackable" network

BT and partners develop an “ultra-secure” quantum connection.

Netskope - Why security doesn’t need to be a negative

Netskope CEO explains why cloud security needs to be front of mind for businesses of all sizes.



Tux3 File System Could Finally Make It Into the Mainline Linux Kernel

An anonymous reader writes "The Tux3 file-system that's been in development since 2008 as the public replacement to the patent-blocked Tux2 file-system is now under review for inclusion into the Linux kernel. Tux3 tries to act as a 'light, tight, modern file-system.

Hands-on With Samsung's Gear S Smartwatch: Still Too Big, But Smartest Yet

BERLIN — After Samsung announced its Gear S smartwatch late last month, members of the press finally got their hands on the company's third-generation smartwatch this week at its Unpacked 2 event in New York, Beijing and Berlin.The Gear S, which runs on Samsung's Tizen operating system,

Apple Pay推出三个月 移动支付普及正在破冰

据《华尔街日报》报道,现在距离苹果推出Apple Pay已经过去了三个月,它现在正在努力实现其他移动钱包没能实现的目标:说服人们使用移动支付服务。

Effective Java - 慎用tagged class - Kavlez

作者的原标题是,即用类层次优于tagged class。我不知道有没有tagged class这么一说,其实作者指的tagged class的是一个类描述了多种抽象,可以根据某个field决定不同的实例。


先说明对艺术品投资一窍不通,题目有些标题党的嫌疑。不过文中会用艺术品投资作一个类比,也算沾边:)。前一阵时间得知在有的市场期权交易已经实现了自动做市(automatic market making),当时感到吃惊。

Report: Chinese hackers breached top U.S. officials' private emails

Chinese hackers have been reading "many" private emails of top U.S. officials since at least 2010, according to a new report.The breach, initially known as "Dancing Panda," was first detected in April 2010 and remains ongoing, a senior U.S. intelligence official told NBC News.


Imgix每秒处理的图像数目超过10万个,以最快的速度、最少的成本提供了质量最好的图像,这对于维持网页精简至关重要。近日,Imgix的首席产品官Kelly Sutton向我们揭秘了Imgix的技术栈。 By 张天雷

Slain Oregon militiaman tried to speed away from police

Law enforcement officials knew that leaders of the Oregon militia were driving out to a meeting on Tuesday, all of them packed into two cars. The cars would have to cross a lonely stretch of highway, and the FBI and Oregon State Police decided to set up a traffic stop in the areaOne car complied,

Galaxy S7 Hands-On: The Six Things You Need to Know

Samsung revealed its new flagship smartphone—the Galaxy S7—today at Mobile World Congress (MWC), and we were lucky enough to get our hands on the device for a short demo. After spending a few minutes testing the device, it became clear that Samsung can still makes a great Android phone.Read more...

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