Spotify releases the 'Queer Eye' men's playlists to ring in the new season

You can now travel deep into the psyche of the Queer Eye guys — all by examining their Spotify playlists.To celebrate Pride month and the show's new season, Spotify has released a new plug-in that allows users to tune into their favorite Queer Eye characters' playlists. 

Robert Irwin let three mischievous African serval kittens run over Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon invited The Tonight Show regular and Animal Planet host Robert Irwin back on the show, with his usual assortment of cute baby animals.The 15-year-old son of the late Steve Irwin,

Stephen Colbert breaks down where we're at with Trump's State of the Union address

Nobody's quite sure whether or not we're going to have a State of the Union address, but at the very least, Stephen Colbert has broken down where we're at.The Late Show host detailed the situation,

Microsoft's Bing blocked in China

Microsoft-owned search engine Bing has been blocked in China."We’ve confirmed that Bing is currently inaccessible in China and are engaged to determine next steps," a Microsoft spokesperson told Mashable.The news was first reported by the Financial Times.

NYC might actually eventually allow e-scooters

New York City has been a holdout in the electric scooter craze, but after a city council hearing Wednesday, that could finally change.The city's Committee on Transportation introduced four bills concerning e-scooters and electric bicycles.

Chris Hemsworth launches his own fitness app Centr

Want to work out like Thor? Marvel star Chris Hemsworth is releasing his own fitness app.Dubbed Centr, the app will be available for iPhone and Apple Watch starting Feb. 4, and features workouts, meal plans, and mindfulness exercises all helmed by the Australian actor.SEE ALSO:

Uber Rewards rolled out to more cities and we aren’t that impressed

On my way home from the gym Tuesday evening, I was pleasantly surprised to see an invite to join Uber Rewards on the ride-hailing app. I'm in San Francisco and the loyalty program hadn't made it there yet — or so I thought. As of this week,

Best headphones for every situation

There are literally thousands of different headphones, earphones, and earbuds out there to choose from. All have the same idea at heart — to provide you with music without having to play it out loud for everyone to hear. But some achieve this result so much better than others. Sure,

15 Mister Rogers quotes for when you need a friendly neighbor

Won't You Be My Neighbor?,the recently released Mister Rogers biopic, has everyone weeping with a nostalgic, foreign emotion: joy.Between the #MeToo movement and a president who plucks babies away from their parents, it's hard to think of men in contemporary public life who inspire admiration.

Mom has lunch in same restaurant as Andrew Garfield, boldly asks him to record video for her son

Next time your mother tells you she'd do anything for you, believe her! This mother did what many of us would be far too nervous to do had we found ourselves seated next to Andrew Garfield at lunch. She asked him to record a video for her son. SEE ALSO:

John Boyega tweets about 'Star Wars' fan harassment, Mark Hamill wades in

John Boyega and Mark Hamill aren't just forces for good in the Star Wars universe, you know. They're also pretty great on Twitter.SEE ALSO: Mark Hamill dropped the best truth about his 'Star Wars' mom, Natalie Portman,

专访Uri Sarid: Anypoint for APIs

MuleSoft近期发布了Anypoint platform for APIs 的重要更新,对API设计、协作及API管理特性进行整合。为深入报道,InfoQ就Anypoint平台走访了MuleSoft的CTO——Uri Sarid。By Saul Caganoff By Saul Caganoff Translated by 刘君

云计算到底是什么? - 番茄酱



刚入行互联网的时候,读到对我影响颇大的一本书,名为:《网络价值——用户决定规则的时代》。读完我才知道,那是麦肯 […]

Angry Ram Hates Your Stupid Drone

Rams don't care how much you paid for the drone that's zipping through the woods. To them, it's just a buzzing annoyance interfering with casual grazing.Remember this badass ram the next time you fly your quadricopter toward some poor animal's face.

传说中的 Nexus 6 大概就是长这样的吧

到现在为止,传闻中的 6 吋 Nexus 新机大家多少已经有一点概念了吧?而在今天,退休后时不时仍会露一小脸的 @evleaks 大神又耐不住「寂寞」了。不久前他在网络上放出了一张据称是 Nexus 6...




人类要多久才能确认外星生命的存在?这个问题我们都不知道,但肯定都会认为那是遥不可及的未来。如果 NASA 没有吹牛,那么那一天来得会比我们想象中的要快得多。

Mother's Day brings sadness, deep conversations in 'Orange Is the New Black' Season 3 premiere

Warning: This article contains spoilers from the first episode of Orange Is the New Black Season 3. Read with caution. So,

360私有化背后:周鸿祎谋智能手机 业务再分拆



在此请允许我提一个暴露年龄的问题:你是否知道 80-90 年代的时候,苹果公司推出了各种带有苹果 logo 的衣服产品和配件产品。现在回过头去看那些苹果衣服广告,是不是觉得尴尬满屏,因为在很多人的观念中,除了科技产品之外,苹果在其他方面好像和时尚没有什么联系。  此前一组苹果于 1986 年拍摄的旗下时尚服饰宣传照被曝光。从这一组照片中可以看到,苹果旗下的服装产品线还是挺多的,男装、女装和童装均有,还包括了帽子、腰带等一些配饰产品;服装风格上以运动休闲为主,也有部分适合上班的 OL 装。  如果是你,你会想要买这双苹果运动鞋吗?  然而更为天雷滚滚的是,我们发现苹果公司还曾经出过运动鞋。

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