Here’s what today’s Windows 10 Mobile update did on your Windows phone

Windows phones running Windows 10 Mobile received a small update today referred to as KB4316692. Since Microsoft is winding down development on the Windows 10 Mobile platform, this update didn’t see the addition of any exciting new features.

Here’s What Is Next For Windows 10

Microsoft has a big Windows 10 boost out today. The company is calling it the “first major update” to Windows 10 for both normal PCs, and tablets. At its most basic, Microsoft wants to better position Windows 10 — its new operating system — for both consumers and enterprise clients.

Microsoft Updates OneDrive Apps, Makes Play For Android Prosumers With Business Partitions

OneDrive, Microsoft’s rebranded cloud-based storage and file sharing service that competes against Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud, Box and Dropbox, is issuing an update to its mobile apps today,

Fitbit for Windows Phone gets Cortana integration, lets you easily track activities and food

Microsoft gets slapped in the face thanks to Windows 8, will Windows 10 be a fix?

What is Project Spartan, and how is it different from Internet Explorer on Windows 10?

When we first heard of Project Spartan, there was speculation about what it was, its purpose, and its significance to Microsoft. Was it a Windows App or a Windows desktop application? Was it simply a rebranded Internet Explorer?

Windows 10 Review: So good, Microsoft skipped Windows 9!

Windows 10 is here, and it’s one big love letter to traditional desktop and laptop users all across the world. Gone is the touch first, full-screen experience that was Windows 8, and back is the familiar, desktop first,

Lumia 730 and 830 Hands-On: Windows Phone on a Budget

The flagship Nokia 930, known as the Icon in the U.S.,ticks off a lot of must-haves in a smartphone: great camera, great screen, great performance. But the $599 price might be somewhat atmospheric for some of us. That's where the Lumia 830 comes in.Read more...

OS X Yosemite Review: Apple’s Mac OS Gets A New Look And Killer Mobile Crossover Features

Apple’s new desktop operating system is out today, and the final version of the major software update includes lots of changes for your Mac. It’s still OS X, though – Yosemite hasn’t gone so far afield that people used to Mavericks or Mountain Lion will feel adrift,

HTC One M8 for Windows Review: It's No Lumia, But That's Just Fine

Until recently, buying a Windows Phone probably meant buying a Nokia phone. But it doesn't need to be that way. HTC has just turned its flagship Android smartphone, the HTC One (M8), into the best all-purpose Windows Phone you can buy.Read more...

Security for the 'Internet of Things' (Video)

What happens when your oven is on the Internet? A malicious hacker might be able to set it to broil while you're on vacation, and get it so hot that it could start a fire. Or a prankster might set your alarm to wake you up at 3 a.m.

PSA: Xbox Live maintenance on February 20 will impact Xbox 360 backward compatible titles

Xbox’s Major Nelson has just announced that Microsoft is planning an Xbox Live maintenance tomorrow that will affect Xbox 360 titles and services.

Make your comments stand out with Disqus formatting, now available

We’ve used Disqus, the online commenting system, for years. With built in spam protection, a nice interface, and storage of your comments in the cloud and not on our server, Disqus has made it easy to manage and store comments, and hopefully it’s made it easy for our readers to comment as well.

Microsoft embracing Open Source internally, pushing “Inner Source” initiatives

Back in November of 2018 a job listing more or less confirmed Microsoft's new approach as the company was seeking a person to spearhead efforts to integrate inner source practices within the company.

The beautiful Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 Bundle is currently $100 off

Microsoft is once again discounting select Xbox One bundles for a limited time, and you can currently get the beautiful Xbox One X Robot White Special Edition Fallout 76 bundle for just $399 ($100 off).

How to Enable Remaining Time Battery Life indicator in Windows 10

Since the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update, Microsoft disabled the ability to see the amount of battery life time  remaining on a Windows 10 laptop. After some simple edits in the Registry Editor, there is a way to re-enable the time left indicator on your Windows 10 PC.

Skype desktop Insiders get side by side chat and conversation list

Addressing feedback from users, Microsoft’s Skype team is working to bring back In-call chat panels with its latest Skype Insider Preview. According to a new post from Microsoft employee and Skype forum owner Karah,

Minecraft just had its best year on mobile with over $110 million in revenue in 2018

2018 was Minecraft’s most profitable year on mobile with the iOS and Android versions bringing more than $110 million in revenue for Microsoft.

Steam ending support for Windows XP and Vista users in January 2019

Valve has announced that their Steam gaming platform will discontinue support for Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs on January 1st next year.

E3 2018: Minecraft is getting Nintendo Switch & Xbox One crossplay this month

Minecraft wasn’t mentioned in the Xbox conference at all this E3 but it was given several seconds during Nintendo’s and this blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance confirmed that the new version of the popular video game would be coming to Nintendo Switch consoles on June 21st.

The official Xbox clothing and merch store is now online

There have been teases of the Xbox Official Gear online store for a few days now but it’s finally online and ready for business.

Stanford Bioengineer Develops a 50-cent Paper Microscope

An anonymous reader writes "Scope: A Stanford bioengineer has developed an ultra-low-cost print-and-fold microscope and is now showing others how to make one themselves. The 50-cent lightweight, paper 'Foldscope' — which 'can be assembled in minutes,

Jony Ive谈设计哲学、乔布斯和苹果的未来

苹果设计副总裁Jony Ive在日前接受Sunday Times采访时谈到自己的设计哲学,苹果前CEO乔布斯,还从新产品分类的方向探讨了苹果未来的发展趋势。

2014 TFM&A & ECE演讲嘉宾阵容新鲜出炉

上海2014年4月21日电 /美通社/ -- 由中国最大的商业会展举办方博闻中国(UBM China)联合上海市信息服务行业协会及中国服装网主办的2014营销广告创新技术与电子商务解决方案展(以下简称:2014 TFM&A & ECE)将于2014年5月15-16日在上海国际贵都大酒店举办。

Game of Thrones Recap: Winterfell's Moon Door

This recap contains spoilers from this week's episode of Game of Thrones. Don't read unless you're all caught up, and don't say we didn't we warn you.If you didn't think that Petyr Baelish was the most evil character in Westeros before,

消息称苹果将关闭流媒体音乐服务Beats Music

据科技博客TechCrunch报道,消息人士称,苹果计划关闭今年5月收购而来的流媒体音乐服务Beats Music。包括苹果和Beats员工在内的5位消息人士称,很多Beats Music工程师已经不再开发这一产品,转而为苹果开发其它项目,包括iTunes。

Bowers & Wilkins' First Bluetooth Speaker Is a Stunner

If you're going to dive head first into an already crowded market like the world of Bluetooth speakers, you better do something to make your product instantly stand out.

Now on Xbox One: LA Cops and Jet Car Stunts

Some new titles have made their way on to the Xbox One store, and are available for sale, including a racing title called Jet Car Stunts to test your driving skills alongside a crime fighting game called LA Cops. The former carries a budget-friendly $4.99 price tag, while LA Cops costs $14.


【导读】晚清的时候有这么一句话“师夷长技以制夷”,腾讯的抄袭策略也让它背负骂名;不过从产品上来说,腾讯抄的产品 ...


其实,我更想把名字改成:产品狗们是如何分分钟逼死强迫症的。  老板说,要有用户量,于是产品狗们加班加点做产品,想方设法圈用户。

5 ways to help you know if joining a startup is worth the risk

No matter what stage you're at in your career or where you're working, the startup world is one of extraordinary promise: getting in on the ground floor, making an impact, putting your stamp on the business, being free of corporate structure and politics,

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